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Mexico’s Gay Marriages Must be Recognized Throughout The Country and Costa Rica’s Supreme Court Stops Civil Union Refferendum,

Well as the United States slowly sinks into its status of a third would christian fundamentalist country run by the Christian Taliban and it seems at least  the rest of the world is evolving nicely leaving us behind.

The Supreme Court of Mexico has rtuled that.same-sex marriages performed Mexico City are valid — and must be treated the same as hetero marriages — everywhere in the country and in Costa Rica, the Supreme Court won’t allow a public vote on basic rights

In Mexico:

Mexico’s supreme court has ruled that same-sex marriages in Mexico City must be recognised throughout the country.

The ruling does not mean other states have to allow gay weddings on their territory.

Two of the court’s 11 judges voted against the measure, arguing that it would damage the harmony of the federal system.

Last week the supreme court ruled that the law allowing gay marriages in the capital was constitutional.

The court will now consider the legality of allowing adoption by gay couples.

In Costa Rica:

Costa Rica’s top court has blocked the electoral tribunal from holding a referendum that would have let voters decide if same-sex civil unions should be allowed in the Central American country.

The Constitutional Court’s 5-2 decision released Tuesday says such a referendum would put a minority at a disadvantage in a largely Roman Catholic country. It also says gay civil unions is a legislative issue and not an electoral one.

The court says it considers homosexuals a group that is at a disadvantage and the target for discrimination, requiring government authorities to protect their rights

And here in the Unites Dtates?  Well you know the deal. 

Perhaps we should all dust off our High School Spanish books. 

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