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American Family Association Goes Fruit Loops That Tony the Tiger (Kelloggs) Sponsored Atlanta Pride



The ever crazy right-wing extremist American Family Association hate group is going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over the fact that Kellogg’s took out an ad in last month’s Atlanta Pride magazine featuring Tony the Tiger.

CNS News :

Kellogg’s was a sponsor of the Atlanta Gay Pride March and festival last month. Apparently, Tony the Tiger wants to make sure you and your kids “wear your stripes with pride,” gay pride that is.

According to the American Family Association’s (AFA) Facebook page, “[t]hey even put an ad in the ‘Pride Guide.’”

The Atlanta Gay Pride March ad reads as follows:


“At Kellogg, we’re an evolving culture that respects and accepts employees’ sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression so that all employees can be authentic and fully engaged.”

Also displayed on the ad is Human Rights Campaign (HRC), who considers Kellogg one of the “BEST PLACES TO WORK,” due to its support “for LGBT Equality.”

Worst of all, though, the “PRIDE” ad didn’t even get the pun right. Tigers don’t belong in “prides,” let alone pride parades.


Between Kellogg’s, Apple and Disney, what are good Christian parents supposed to tell their children about why they can’t have cereal, an iPhone or ever go to Disneyland.

Honey Maid Pushes Back At The “Wholesome” Commercial Haters – BEST RESPONSE EVER! – Video

Honey Maid won’t back down to the hater who say that Satan runs their company after they filed a gay family inclusive commercial. While most companies  try to ignore or downplay the negative reactions NOT Honey Maid not only did they go full steam ahead they made one of the best and boldest messages you’ve ever seen in reply.

Stoli Donates $300K of Blood-money To The Los Angeles LGBT Center


“The responses to the attacks on LGBT rights in Russia show that our lives are global and interconnected. Some responded to the attacks on LGBT rights in Russia by boycotting Stoli. It’s worth clarifying that SPI Group, which is in no way affiliated with the Russian government, has been the owner of the Stolichnaya brand outside of Russia since 1997. The Stolichnaya made in Russia for the local market is owned by a state-controlled entity. We feel it is important to raise our voice again and let the LGBT community know we share the same desire for justice and equality. And we are invested in achieving a brighter tomorrow for all. We are proud to be working with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center to make our joint vision possible through the Leadership LAB, which empowers LGBT people to defeat prejudice locally, while developing leaders in LGBT communities in the U.S. and around the world. – SPI Group president John Esposito, in an Advocate op-ed announcing a $300,000 donation to the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center who of course accepted it.

Why donate to a Gay Center in California, a state where sexual minorities already enjoy equality?  How about the lives of LGBT Russians who have been raped, tortured, beaten, terrorized, imprisoned, silenced, or murdered because of the Nuremberg style laws.

If they were sincere and not just looking for free USA publicity to fight the backlash, Stoli should be donating that money to a Russian LGBT group.  And as for the L.A. LGBT Center.  We know you need the money but isn’t your integrity and the lives of LGBT Russians worth more than 300k?