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Happy HOMOween! – The Haunted Gay Carpe Diem Guesthouse in Provincetown, MA

Carpe Diem Guesthouse
12 Johnson St.  Provincetown, M.A.

Owned by partners Rainer Horn and Jürgen Herzog, the literary-themed bed & breakfast known as Carpe Diem in the past served as Provincetown’s funeral home.

Talk about getting stiff! 

Each guest room at the Carpe Diem is named after a famous writer, and the one named after William Shakespeare has also seen its share of strange occurrences. One employee often felt a watchful presence in this room, and a guest who spent the night there said she heard a voice telling her to “Get up and get out!” In the Eugene O’Neill suite, workers have seen an imprint of a body on the bed when no one was in the room. There have also been reports of disembodied voices and shadow figures in the basement and a female apparition sporting black, turn-of-the-century clothing and walking down the stairs

A housekeeper working alone in the basement heard someone whisper in his ear and then touch his back, but couldn’t see anyone when he turned around. His experience was later confirmed by a guest using the outdoor hot tub, which is near a basement window. The guest asked the desk manager about the man and woman walking around in the basement wearing Victorian clothing. When the manager descended into the basement to investigate he found no one there. A housekeeper who lived in the basement has also claimed he saw a shadowy figure walking into his room.

The owners of the guesthouse think one of the ghosts may be a former manager named Kevin, who liked working there so much he decided to stick around after death. They don’t know who the other ghosts are, but since the building was a 19th century funeral home. I am sure there are plenty of candidates.

All in all the ghosts at the Carpe Diem sound pretty mellow, no bleeding walls or glowing eyes staring in the window. Just perhaps a hot male ghost lying in your bed waiting for you at this clothing optional adult spa and guesthouse.

Boo baby! BOO!

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

A promotional campaign launched by the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce last week, at the start of Pride Month has come under fire by some in the LGBT community accusing it of straight-washing.

The two-minute advert, “Fall in love with Provincetown” spotlights  the town’s active nightlife.  It shows the candy shops with homemade taffy and highlights the artists who inhabit the small town at the tip of Cape Cod. But there is no mention of mention of the seaport town’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

 “I would have expected that a progressive town in a progressive state would go out of its way to highlight its diversity,” said  Megan Wulff, a frequent Provincetown visitor “I have been vacationing in Provincetown since I was a little girl, and this is the first time I will feel less than welcome there.”

 Candice Collins-Boden, the chamber’s executive director, said the organization didn’t intentionally misrepresent and that there were more videos to come.

We kind of made this video as more of a tease for basically the Fourth of July coming up,” she said. “There was no intention of leaving anybody out. We figured everybody is an American down here, and we are all under that flag.”

Collins-Boden, who has lived in P-town for 40 years, said she was shocked by the negative responses.

The chamber plans to put out a second video this summer with a focus on events like “Bear Week,” the Portuguese Festival, and Carnival, she said.

But many noticed that the video and the absence of the gay community of P-town.  The same community that changed it from a poor sleepy fishing village to the mecca it is today.

“I actually have never spent time in Provincetown. . . . And given the erasure of LGBTQ identities as well as people of color in this video, I don’t think I’m in any rush to do so now,” wrote Mason Dunn on the chambers Facebook page. “Going out of your way to exclude one of P-town’s largest, most well-known demographics, the people who help make the town what it is, is a bad reflection on the chamber.”

You can watch the video below.


The 31 Days of HOMO-ween! – Day 5: The Haunting of Hammond Castle

Hammond Castle


Hammond Castle  80 Hesperus Ave., Gloucester, MA

The medevil castle was constructed between 1926 and 1929 for inventor John Hays Hammond Jr as a wedding present for his new bride Irene. The two secretly married in 1926. Hammond is known as the “Father of Remote Control”. He held over 400 patents, more than anyone other than Thomas Edison. His home and laboratory contains his 15th, 16th and 18th Century collection of Roman, Medieval and Renaissance artifacts including the skull of one of Christopher Columbus’ crewman, an eighty-five foot tall pipe organ, and the tomb of a child from Ancient Rome. Irene died in 1959 and Hammond’s death came years later in 1965. Irene was buried in her family’s plot in the Gloucester’s Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Hammond was buried in the sepulcher until his body was moved in to the bronze vault inside the Cat Garden a few years ago.

Hammond and his wife were known Spiritualists and performed many seances with psychics. Also, if you’re wondering how to perform telekinesis, go to the website of psychics 4 today. You’ll see on their site the steps on how to move an object with the mind. During their experiments, did they invite spirits in their home who have never left.

Ghost sightings  have often been been reported throughout Hammond Castle. Items disappear, reappear and move on their own. Voices are heard in the circular library as well as other rooms. A ghostly red-haired woman and other spirits appears among guests during weddings and disappears whenever anyone gets too close to them. A shadow figure is seen on the balcony above the organ.

Also Henry Davis Sleeper, the legendary designer of the castle had an unrequited love affair with his Red Roof neighbor, Abram Piatt Andrew Jr., and designed the inventor’s favorite spot, known as the “whisper room,” where people have heard disembodied voices.    Is it Sleeper calling for his love Andrew?  Only the castle knows.



MIT To Pay Extra Federal Taxes For Gay Employees In Same-Sex Marriages

MIT gay same sex marriage

Although same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for over nine years, the federal government imposes a tax on employees who extend health care coverage to a same-sex spouse due to the Defense of Marriage Act.  To offset this MIT will now pay an extra $125 per month to its employees who extend health care benefits to their same-sex spouses, to help offset these unfair federal taxes , university officials announced.

MIT officials said in a statement that the policy will be retroactive to January 1 of this year. The university will give these employees a supplemental payment of $125 a month, or $1,500 per year.

According to the statement, MIT’s Employee Benefits Oversight Committee recommended the policy, which Provost Chris Kaiser and Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz approved in February.

In April, Harvard University adopted the same policy for its employees. At the time of the policy change, Harvard Divinity School employee and past co-chair of the Harvard LGBT Faculty and Staff Committee Michael Goetz said in a statement that “this policy will help Harvard attract the best talent.”

“But what it comes down to for me is, it’s the right and just thing to do,” he added. “Harvard’s seen as a leader in the higher-education world, and it’s a place whose leaders are concerned with doing the right thing.”

The policy does not cover unmarried domestic partners.

Openly Gay Massachusetts State Rep Carl Sciortino Announces Run For U.S. House Seat

Carl Sciortino

Openly gay Massachusetts state Representative Carl Sciortino has announced that he will be running for the US Fifth Congressional House of Representatives seat currently held by Rep. Edward Markety, who is running for US Senate in a special election to replace Sen. John Kerry, who was recently appointed Secretary of State by President Barack Obama.

Here is Sciortino’s full announcement:

MEDFORD, MA – Today, Massachusetts State Representative Carl Sciortino (D – 34th Middlesex) announced his candidacy for the Commonwealth’s Fifth Congressional District.

“I am running to continue the strong progressive leadership that the families of the Fifth District have always counted on,” said Sciortino. “I look forward to bringing my record of accomplishment to Washington to fight for our progressive values.”

The Fifth Congressional District is currently represented by Rep. Edward Markey of Malden, the frontrunner in the special election to replace Sen. John Kerry, who was recently appointed Secretary of State by President Barack Obama.

“I am proud to call Ed Markey my Congressman and I am dedicated to helping elect him as our next U.S. Senator,” said Rep. Sciortino. “His record on behalf of Massachusetts families – fighting for jobs, consumers’ rights, and a healthier environment— is the kind of leadership Massachusetts needs in the Senate and it is a record I look forward to continuing in Congress.”

A leading progressive voice, Rep. Sciortino was first elected in 2004, upsetting a 14-year incumbent at age 25. One of the Commonwealth’s seven openly-gay legislators, Sciortino is the leading voice for LGBT rights on Beacon Hill, championing the fight for marriage equality and co-authoring the 2011 Transgender Equal Rights Bill. In 2007, Sciortino co-authored the bill which created the 35-foot buffer zone that protects the entrances to women’s reproductive health centers. He has led the fight to close corporate tax loopholes and make the state’s minimum wage the highest in the nation.

Rep. Sciortino, a graduate of Tufts University, represents the 34th Middlesex District, including parts of Medford and Somerville. He resides in Medford with his fiancé. To learn more or get involved, visit www.carlforcongress.com.

Sciortino a progressive Democrat has been an advocate for a range of issues related to social and economic justice, including raising the minimum wage, closing corporate tax loopholes, passing Massachusetts’ landmark universal healthcare law, pushing for improvements in education & testing policies, and increasing access to public transportation.  He has received numerous distinctions for his work including being awarded as the “Best of the New” by Boston Globe Magazine and “Legislator of the Year” by the National Association of Social Workers and the Mass Association of School Psychologists.

Sciortino has also served as Massachusetts State Director of the Young Elected Officials Network for two terms, and has been active in the Network since its inception in 2006.  Prior to serving in the legislature, Carl worked in the public health field in the area of HIV/AIDS research management.

Back2Stonewall endorses Carl Sciortino for Congress

Anti-Gay Hate Leader Scott Lively Asks Court To Drop His “Crimes Against Humanity” Charges

Lively bible

Scott Lively, who yesterday began standing trial for anti-gay crimes against humanity  at the federal courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts yesterday entered a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Sexual Minorities Uganda to U.S District Court Judge Michael Ponsor who is presiding over the case.

Ponsor said the lawsuit filed by Sexual Minorities Uganda against the Springfield minister poses a test of Lively’s free-speech protection and the rights of sexual minorities to equal protection under the law. But the judge said the plaintiffs needed to show a connection between Lively’s anti-gay advocacy in Uganda and illegal acts committed against gays in the country. “I’m frankly struggling to see what behavior beyond expressive behavior” of Lively violated federal law, the judge said during the hearing attended by about 150 people, including a prominent Ugandan activist.

The plaintiffs, the judge added, “needed to show a more concrete example of misbehavior to justify continuation of the lawsuit.” But the judge also expressed skepticism about Lively’s request to dismiss the case before trial, noting that the courts have set a high legal threshold for throwing out cases. The plaintiff’s lawyer, Pamela Spees, said that Lively both advised and encouraged homophobic activists in Uganda to deprive sexual minorities of their rights.

Lively arrived at the federal courthouse in Springfield clutching a bible and smiling as activists held a press conference outside and rally outside calling for justice..

Lively protestors

QUEER THE COURT! – Anti-Scott Lively Rally At Springfield MA Courthouse Before and During His Trial

Activists are making a call for everyone that can to join them at a rally and to and pack the court at against anti-gay “christian” extremist hate group leader Scott Lively, who will be standing trial for anti-gay crimes against humanity  tomorrow at the federal courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The lawsuit alleges that beginning in 2002, Mr. Lively conspired with religious and political leaders in Uganda to whip up anti-gay hysteria with warnings that homosexuals would sodomize African children and corrupt their culture. The Ugandan legislature considered a bill in 2009, proposed by one of Mr. Lively’s Ugandan contacts, that would have imposed the death sentence for homosexual behavior. That bill was at first withdrawn after an outcry from the United States and European nations that are among major aid donors to Uganda, but a revised bill was reintroduced last month. Mr. Lively is being sued by the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda under the alien tort statute, which allows foreigners to sue in American courts in situations alleging the violation of international law. The suit claims that Mr. Lively’s actions resulted in the persecution, arrest, torture and murder of homosexuals in Uganda.

From the Facebook event page:

WHAT: Pack the court for oral argument on Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss in SMUG v. Lively before Judge Michael A. Ponsor.

WHEN: You are advised to arrive at 9:00am. The hearing is at 11:00am, however, word is that Lively’s people have been advised to arrive at 9:30am. It also takes one hour in advance to allow time for going through courthouse security. After the argument, there will be a press conference and rally in front of the courthouse, organized by CCR and the Stop the Hate and Homophobia Coalition of Western Massachusetts.

This is about justice and public opinion through awareness. The more people who show up.  The more publicity there will be.

If you are in the Springfield MA area stand up and be heard.  Pack the court-house and go to the rally.  Help expose to the world the hatred of these supposed “Christian” right-wing monster’s and their culpability for crimes against humanity, and for inciting hate and  murder.



MA Progressive LGBT STR8 Ally DEM John Tierney Beats Whining Gay GOP HomoCON Richard Tisei

Despite the disappointing endorsement by the LGBT Victory Fund the Boston Globe is reporting gay GOP HonoCON Richard Tisei has been defeated by LGBT straight ally and top progressive incumbant Democrat John F. Tierney for the House seat from Massachusetts last night.

Tierney descended to the ballroom at Salem’s Hawthorne Hotel about 12:30 Wednesday morning to declare victory, holding his wife’s hand aloft and basking in the cheers of 100 remaining supporters. He made an elliptical reference to the family scandal that had dogged him throughout the campaign and provided ample fodder for challenger Richard R. Tisei…

…With all precincts reporting, Tierney held a nearly 4,000-vote lead, collecting 48.3 percent to Tisei’s 47.3 percent.

But Tisei in typical GOP homoCON crybaby fashion is not willing to concede the race at this point and is screaming about allegations of voter fraud and calling for an investigation.

Tisei team is testing the truth of Tierney’s win. Tisei’s campaign manager, Paul Moore, said he wasn’t able to speak to the town clerk of Lynn and believes there may have been foul play.

“I think at best we have a very incompetent official in Lynn…,” Moore said.

In a statement emailed to NECN News, Lynn city clerk and elections chief Mary Audley responded:

“The allegations made by Mr. Tisei’s campaign are unfounded.  We were in City Hall from 6:30 a.m. yesterday morning until 9:30 p.m.  Our phones were extremely busy, but nobody came into the office to make any complaints.  We received no calls from the Secretary of State’s Office regarding any such allegations and no voters were challenged. Other than that, I really have no comment as to what he believes other campaigns did or did not do.  We are committed to running every election to the letter of the law and to allege otherwise is quite offensive.”

Tisei needs to face the fact that he lost the Lynn vote by 3:1 because he would have caucused with the GOP and Tea Partiers and supported their policies, not the pro immigration reform, pro affordable health care and pro blue-collar positions Lynn residents desperately care about.

John Tierney on the other hand has been a stalwart defender of the Democratic and progressive movement and LGBT rights. Tisei would have hurt Massachusetts and the LGBT Community and helped empower a party that’s inhospitable to gay rights.

As for the Victory Fund they should be deeply ashamed for ever endorsing Richard Tisei and should no longer receive donations from the LGBt community until they adopt a pro LGBT equality mission statement before their current pro LGBT candidate mission statement.

Hot Team Ginger Joseph Patrick Kennedy III Considering To Run For Barney Franks Congressional Seat

Just two days after Barney Frank has announced that he will not run for re-election in 2012 there is hope on the horizon.

And that hope comes in the form of a smoking hot Team Ginger 31-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.  Joseph P Kennedy III.

J.P Kennedy, The Ginger Prince as I like to call him, told the Boston Globe yesterday that he is “seriously considering” a run next year for the 4th District congressional seat being vacated by the retiring Rep. Barney Frank.“I haven’t had an opportunity to give it a whole lot of thought, but I will give it some thought in the coming days and weeks,”  And in less than 18 hours of saying that  Democrat Ginger Lovers of America are standing forth and rallying around him!

Evan Mulvihill’s An Open Love Letter To JPK III over at Queerty.com sums it up nicely:

In the name of hot ginger pride, among other things, please consider this opportunity as strongly as possible. If you are elected, it’s very possible you could wrest the crown of hottest member of the House from 150% totally not-gay Aaron Schock. *cough*  We haven’t see you shirtless (yet), and Aaron’s body is pretty sick, but he is an evil Republican so we’re hoping you could maybe add some star power to the hotness factor of the Democratic party.

Plus, everybody knows that the Kennedy family is ca$h-money connected, and gettin’ the paper for your campaign will be as easy as tapping a drunk girl in a Red Sox cap at the Kettle-Ho.

And, hey, your politics are pretty awesome too. Says the Cape Cod Times:

Even though he’s a scion of a legendary political dynasty, he could also position himself as an outsider in an election year likely to be brutal to incumbents and career pols, the source said. He speaks fluent Spanish and spent two years in the Dominican Republic for the Peace Corps — big pluses in a district with a growing Latino population, the source told the Herald.

¡Dios mío, que caliente rojo!

And to top everything off he has a Superman curl too.

Spice up Congress!  Put some HOT GINGER in it!  Vote Joseph Patrick Kennedy III in 2012!

FOX News Witch-Hunt Outs Gay Teacher With Porn Past

Kevin Hogan was just another English teacher at Valley Regional Charter School in Massachusetts.  That is until FOX 25 News “investigative reporter” Mike Beaudet ambushed Hogan and announced to the school that in his past Hogan had starred in 3 gay porn films.

Does the school know that you’re a porn star?” Beaudet asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hogan said.

“Do your students know that you’ve been in these movies? Come on. This is you. You know what I’m talking about,” Beaudet said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hogan repeated.

“Do you really think it’s appropriate to be working with kids?” Beaudet asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Happy Thanksgiving,” Hogan replied.

Not only did FOX 25 and Mike Beaudet purposely invade Hogans privacy bringing up something from his past that’s legal for no other reason than sensationalist homophobia the piece insulated pedophilia in light of the Sandusky scandal at Penn State by pointing out numerously that Hogan was the school’s Crew Coach and asking parents if they they thought it was appropriate that Hogan be allowed to work with children.

I’m disturbed. I’m surprised,” said Stephanie Saponaro, whose son is coached by Hogan on the crew team. “The kids really love him. He’s been a great addition to the team. He’s a new coach this year. New head of the English department. This is scary.”

“What is my reaction? Oh my God!” said another parent. “Everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. I don’t like to judge people.”

Innocent until proven guilty?  Of what?  Doing something that’s 100 percent legal?

Mike Beaudet and FOX 25 ruined this mans life in 6 minutes Hogan is now on administrative leave

Mike Beaudet and FOX needs to be held accountable for this yellow homophobic witch-hunt journalism. 

You can contact FOX 25 at Main Phone Number: 781-467-2525
Or by using this CONTACT Page.