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NOM’s Maggie Gallager Loves Santorum (With Fava Beans And A Nice Dry Chianti)

The National Organization For Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher Srivastav sure does love her some Rick Santorum!

Maggie during a break at a recent  Opus Dei meeting stood up for and tried to protect Little Ricky while praising him as a “decent and honorable man“.   (Opus Dei is a fundamentalistic sect which operates within the Catholic church based on the fascist ideology in Josemaria Escriva’s teachings)

“When the guy who has taken more hits than any other for standing up for life and marriage fights his way with nobody’s help from nowhere to, well, Tuesday night — you have to cheer. The left, which thought it had buried Santorum years ago, is going to go after him with a hatred unlike anyone else has yet generated in this race. They hate him with that special ire reserved for his virtues, not his vices. They will go after him not just to defeat him, but to smear his good name, to associate it with their own muck, to take a decent and honorable man and try literally to make his name mean mud. They will not succeed.”

Now THIS is what I truly call a “Match made in HELL!”

So I guess it’s official now.  Maggie Gallagher certainly does eats shit.