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TWITTER: Social Media Site Now Only Valued At 1/3 Of What Elon Musk Paid For It.

TWITTER: Social Media Site Now Only Valued At 1/3 Of What Elon Musk Paid For It.

Seems that hate speech doesn’t pay. Eh, Elon?

According to Fidelity: Twitter is now worth just one-third of what Elon Musk paid for the social-media platform.

Twitter is now worth just one-third of what Elon Musk paid for the social-media platform, according to Fidelity, which recently marked down the value of its equity stake in the company.

Musk has acknowledged he overpaid for Twitter, which he bought for $44 billion, including $33.5 billion in equity. More recently, he said Twitter is worth less than half what he paid for it.

It’s unclear how Fidelity arrived at its new, lower valuation or whether it receives any non-public information from the company. Fidelity first reduced the value of its Twitter stake in November, to 44% of the purchase price. That was followed by further markdowns in December and February.


Twitter in reality was never “worth” $40 billion. Elon Musk grossly overpaid for a company that had no long-term strategy for making a profit except to allow hate speech and the expectation of millions of former right-wing hate mongers to return.

SOME came back. But only enough to make the social media site a dangerous place and forced more to leave than return.

*Beginning today, Back2Stonewall will no longer link to any Twitter posts unless it’s a last resort to verify a story.

Kirk Cameron: Public Schools Are Staffed with “Nefarious forces”

Kirk Cameron: Public Schools Are Staffed with “Nefarious forces” Who Indoctrinate Kids By “Killing God,” And Replacing Him With “Progressive, socialist, communist ideas.”

The massive cross cutout on the barn that looks like Cameron’s cross did a Wylie Coyote while running away from him is a red huge flag

Former child actor and current “Christian” and right wing extremist propagandist  Kirk Cameron is at it again this time attacking public schools.

In a recent interview on One America News Network the GOP operated news network. Cameron, who teaches evangelism methods through his The Way of the Master *snort* ministry, criticized public schools which are he said are staffed “nefarious forces” who aim to indoctrinate kids by “killing God”, replacing him with what he described as “progressive, socialist, communist ideas.”

Cameron who never attended a public school says it’\s all about the children. “The target is always children and that’s why God gave children to parents and not to governments and woke institutions that are staffed and manned by those who want to undermine the faith and values that made America great, that advanced the good.”

Cameron continued:: “So, we shouldn’t be surprised that nefarious forces and targeting children because the goal is ultimately the collapse of the family and the killing of God in America. What that does is that it destabilizes our moral and societal structures so they can then be replaced and reorganized with something different like progressive, socialist, communist ideas…and that has always been the plan.”

More importantly, what are Fox “news” analysts Scott Baio’s and Chuck Woolery’s thoughts and insights on this complex and thought-provoking issue?

Kirk Cameron… a true “Growing Pain”.


BREAKING NEWS: New York Grand Jury Votes To Indict Donald Trump

Until now, I didn’t know it was possible to feel overjoyed and pee-your-pants terrified at the same time.

Via The New York Times:

A Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Donald J. Trump on Thursday for his role in paying hush money to a porn star, according to four people with knowledge of the matter, a historic development that will shake up the 2024 presidential race and forever mark him as the nation’s first former president to face criminal charges.
The felony indictment, filed under seal by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, will likely be announced in the coming days. By then, prosecutors working for the district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, will have asked Mr. Trump to surrender and to face arraignment on charges that remain unknown for now.
Mr. Trump has for decades avoided criminal charges despite persistent scrutiny and repeated investigations, creating an aura of legal invincibility that the vote to indict now threatens to puncture. His actions surrounding his 2020 electoral defeat are now the focus of a separate federal investigation, and a Georgia prosecutor is in the final stages of an investigation into Mr. Trump’s attempts to reverse the election results in that state.

Alvin Bragg’s a clever fellow – kept everyone guessing, and since now it appears Weisselberg may have flipped, it explains the timing perfectly.

Motor City Moron Ted Nugent: “God Sent Me” To Do Battle For Trump and S%*t My Pants!

Motor City Moron Ted Nugent: “God Sent Me” To Do Battle For Trump and S%*t My Pants!

Transcript vis Guitar.com podcast”

If they wanna arrest President Trump, we need to not protest; we need to not put on rallies. Because Antifa, Black Lives Matter and these imported Chinese nationals and Somali nationals who are coming across our open border, as orchestrated by Biden Satan gang, they are ready to do battle.
Do not go into battle — yet. Remain peaceful and shine a positive, loving, patriotic light on the darkness, as perpetrated by this Satan Manhattan D.A., and let them show their cards, because if it all goes down as it’s already headed for, the trajectory is  we will win this election with this great President Trump in a landslide.
Because Satan has made his move; now Michael The Archangel can make ours. America, I have thought non-stop diligently. God has sent me for times like this. Put on the armor of the Lord. Remain peaceful. Remain strong. Remain spiritual.
Pray like you’ve never prayed before, and in a loving, supportive, civil manner, convince anybody in your life — family, friends, co-workers, people at church or school. Some churches are actually coming out for the Satanism of child molestation and drag queens, under the auspices of Church. So we are surrounded by pure evil.

Nugent the Trump supporting, God fearing American who shat his pants to get out of the Vietnam War has been as of late seen hawking fire pits emblazoned with machine guns and “Trump 2024.”

Honestly It is a national tragedy that mental illness is not taken seriously in this country.

#HaHa – Matt Gaetz Kicks Off Big Reelection Campaign To Crowds of 10’s

Matt Gaetz kicked off his reelection campaign on Saturday in Walnut Hill, Florida where a whopping crowd of less than 30 people showed up to hear him and Marjorie Taylor Greene speak.

 Northescambia.com reports: Walnut Hill is a small, unincorporated rural community that is almost as far as one can go to the northwest in Gaetz’s Northwest Florida district. Its population is but a tiny speck of the 800,000 or so people in Florida’s 1st Congressional District. It was his only stop Saturday in Escambia County and came after afternoon events in Crestview and Milton. Gaetz said he was proud to visit the far corner of the district to kick off his campaign even though, as he expected, the crowd was small.

Gaetz’s “adopted son” Nestor was not seen in the small group in attendance.


Trump White House Tells Agencies To Block Biden’s Transition Team

Via Washington Post reports:

The Trump White House on Monday instructed senior government leaders to block cooperation with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, escalating a standoff that threatens to impede the transfer of power and prompting the Biden team to consider legal action.

Officials at agencies across the government who had prepared briefing books and carved out office space for the incoming Biden team to use as soon as this week were told instead that the transition would not be recognized until the Democrat’s election was confirmed by the General Services Administration.

The team is evaluating its legal options and growing increasingly alarmed that the stalemate could drag on and impede its work. The campaign has prepared for weeks for the possibility that Trump would not move forward with a peaceful transfer of power.

Delaware GOP Chairman Forced To Resign After Posting Gay Slur on Facebook

Delaware GOP Chairman Forced To Resign After Posting Gay Slur on Facebook

Chris Rowe, the chair of the New Castle County Republican Committee in Delaware is being forced to resign his position after using a derogatory term for a gay man in a Facebook post. Rowe agreed to resign after GOP chairwoman Jane Brady called him Wednesday and asked him to step down from the appointed position.

Rowe has said that he making the decision “begrudgingly and only under duress.”

Rowe’s Facebook homophobic post about last Sunday’s Texas church shooting has been removed from his page.

“Faggots cannot handle reality,’’ Rowe had posted in response to a friend’s comment on his page.

After the post was discovered Rowe told the Delaware News Journal earlier that he wouldn’t apologize for using the slur. He called it “locker room talk” with a close friend and said he isn’t homophobic.

But after being told to resign he changed his story:

“I just got frustrated and used an improper word,’’ said Rowe “I made a mistake. God doesn’t create perfect people and I can verify that because I ain’t one.”

He said he never intended to offend gay people or anyone else.

“If the use of this word in any manner, injured or upset or really hit hard at the emotions of an individual and hurt them, really hurt them inside, I’m heartfully sorry,’’ Rowe said.

Regardless state GOP chair Jane Brady, a former Superior Court judge and attorney general who appointed Rowe, reiterated Friday that he had to step down.

Brady said she had spoken to many people within the party who were alarmed by the statement, and some who were not, before deciding her course of action.

“One of the people that called me said that they felt that this was a word that was used when they were in boot camp all the time, and I said, Well, what was the connotation then? It’s the same as the connotation now. It’s offensive.’ ”

Covington Catholic Schoolboy Nick Sandman's 250 Million Lawsuit Against The Washington Post Dismissed

Covington Catholic Schoolboy Nick Sandman’s $250 Million Lawsuit Against The Washington Post Dismissed

A $250 million lawsuit — filed by the lawyers for the family of the allegedy smug MAGA loving Covington Catholic schoolboy Nick Sandmann against The Washington Post — has been dismissed by a federal judge.

Sandmann, was the center of a controversy after his face was depicted across social media, along with Native American protester Nathan Phillips. The encounter happened in January, during a trip Sandmann and classmates from Covington Catholic High School made to an anti-abortion event.

At one point, Sandmann came face-to-face with a Native American man named Nathan Phillips. Some considered Sandmann’s reaction to Phillips disrespectful, or even worse, with thousands of people weighing in on social media

The lawsuit claimed that the Post “wrongfully targeted and bullied Nicholas because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ souvenir cap on a school field trip and added that the Post engaged in “a modern-day form of McCarthyism” and “ignored basic journalist standards.”

“They didn’t investigate it,” Wood said. “They got it wrong. They published the false narrative and did not publish the truth” and argued that The Post’s first story suggested that Nick had assaulted or physically intimidated Nathan Phillips and engaged in racist taunts

Eastern District Federal Judge William O. Bertelsman wrote that “this is not supported by the plain languages in the article, which states none of these things.”

As the Court explained at oral argument on this motion, in modern libel law there are many affirmative defenses, even for blames based on defamatory statements. These defenses are calculated to protect defendants, especially the press, from strict liability.

“The defense that a statement of opinion is not actionable protects freedom of speech and the press guaranteed by the First Amendment.

“The Court accepts Sandmann’s statement that, when he was standing motionless in the confrontation with Phillips, his intent was to calm the situation and not to impede or block anyone.“However Phillips did not see it that way. He concluded that he was being “blocked” and “not allowed to “retreat.” He passed those conclusions on to The Post They may have been erroneous, but, as discussed above, they are option protected by the First Amendment. And The Post is not liable for publishing those opinions . . “

Bertelsman added that it was irrelevant to the defamation case that Sandmann was scorned on social media.

Lawsuits against CNN and NBC are pending. In all, Sandmann sued for amounts totaling $750 million.

TUMBLR Loses Over 87 Million Users In 1 Month After Ban of Adult Pictures

TUMBLR Loses Over 87 Million Users In 1 Month After Ban of Adult Pictures

TUMBLR’s ban on adult content  has cost the sharing platform  over one-fifth of its users in its first month of being instituted.

Visits to the Tumblr website fell from 521 million in December to 437 million in January, according to data from various web analytics traffic sites.

The ban, which came into effect on December 17th, provoked a backlash from users who claimed it would penalize sex-positive, LGBT and NSFW art communities.

Tumblr’s decision to update its content policy on all adult contact after the discovery of  child sexual abuse imagery on a few of it’s accounts after it was reported.

The decision proved controversial among many users and prompted a movement known as the “log off” protest to encourage people to leave the site

In defending the ban Tumblr said it still wanted to still be a platform for LGBT conversations.

“Tumblr will always be a place to explore your identity,” it wrote. “Tumblr has always been home to marginalized communities and always will be,” Tumblr wrote.

“We fully recognize Tumblr’s special obligation to these communities and are committed to ensuring that our new policy on adult content does not silence the vital conversations that take place here every day.”

One online petition calling for the policy to be reversedreceiving more than 600,000 signatures.

“Let people post porn, it’s 90 per cent of the reason anybody is on the site in the first place,” the petition states.

Ain’t it the truth.

Trump Falls Like A Ton of Bricks, Caves To Democrats On Shutdown

Trump Falls Like A Ton of Bricks, Caves To Democrats On Shutdown

The Daily Beast reports:

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he would agree to a deal to fund the government without money for his much-desired border wall, effectively bringing an end to the longest shutdown in American history.

The framework of the arrangement remained unclear. But a Democratic Hill aide said—and Trump later confirmed—that it would extend funding for the government at current levels until February 15 and include a “vehicle” for lawmakers to begin discussions between the two congressional chambers over a larger bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security and border security specifically.The president presented the end result as a triumph for his administration, insisting that Democrats had come to his position on the need for a border barrier (they hadn’t).

And what was with that creepy fixation on duct tape?

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