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Hate Group American Family Association: The Repeal of DADT Will Make The Axis of Evil Hate Us Even MORE!

The awesome site “Good As You” picked up on this current hyperbole from the hate group American Family Associationand its a doozey.

The same people who are so thrilled about this change are also the same ones who preach to us all about how our nation and military should be less offensive to these nations who are our enemies. These same people apologize for American ideals and actions on a regular basis and bow to foreign leaders. There is a complete lack of analysis of this new military policy in this context. If we are to be more sensitive and understanding of these other nations, then our nation’s recent actions certainly are not going to accomplish that goal. It is bemoaned regularly how we need to be politically correct and accommodating to those of Islam, but the same people who believe such things are now offending greatly those whom they say they want to be more sensitive.

As stated on the website of the Center for Military Readiness, “Conspicuously missing from the list of 25 gay-friendly militaries are potential adversaries China, North Korea, and Iran. Their combined forces (3.8 million, not counting reserves) are more than two times greater than active-duty forces of the 25 foreign countries with gays in their militaries (1.7 million).” Our nation is thought to be a Christian nation by many of our adversaries and what this new policy demonstrates is something that certainly is not Christian, but will bring even further persecution of Christians trying to exist in these nations. It will bring further hatred of whom they call “The Great Satan” and even further emboldening against our country. One thing that these nations are right about is that this new policy is not of God.

Ah ladies, gentlemen and everything in between what you arehopefully hearing is the death rattle of Christomaniac opprobrium on gay rights issus.

Rattle on, Christomaniacs, writhe in the last gasps of life for your formerly reliable gravy train.

And remember……..SATAN RULZE!

VIDEO – Tea Party SMACKDOWN! – GOProud v. The Concerned Women of America v. Tea Party Nation

It’s like a car wreck.  You can’t look away and you don’t want to. 

Between GOProud’s Chris Barron’s extremely crooked face, (Dude you should seriously have that looked at.  You’d be kinda handsome if you had it straightened out, and of course wasn’t so EVIL.) to the botoxed death mask of Penny Nance.  Watch as the fur, claws, flesh, blood, and incoherent statements fly as they all fight each other over Tea Party control and the issues that it should tackle.


Phelp’s Westboro Baptist Church Van Tires Slashed In Oklahoma, Locals REFUSE To Do Repairs

After picketing the funeral of a McAlester, Oklahoma soldier this weekend the cazies of The Westboro Baptist Church returned to thier van to find two of its tires slashed.  And every auto and tire repair shop in town refused to make any repairs.

As their minivan slowly hobbled away on two flat tires, with a McAlester police car following behind, the protesters were unable to find anyone in town who would repair their vehicle, according to police. The minivan finally pulled over several blocks away in a shopping center parking lot, where AAA was called. A flatbed service truck arrived and loaded up the minivan. Assistant Police Chief Darrell Miller said the minivan was taken to Walmart for repairs. Even before the protesters discovered their damaged tires, they faced off with a massive crowd of jeering and taunting counterprotesters at Third Street and Washington Avenue, two blocks from the First Baptist Church, where the soldier’s funeral was held. Miller estimated that crowd to number nearly 1,000 people, and they not only drowned out the Westboro protesters with jeers, but with raucous chants of “USA, USA.” A few motorcyclists interspersed among the crowd also revved up their engines to muffle the protests.

Can we please get the names and addresses of all the businesses that denied them service?

Because everyone of them should get a little hand written “Thank You” note!

BUSTED! – Ohio Tea Party Shows It’s Anti-Gay Roots In Email and Questionaire To Political Candidates

The Sandusky Register has unearthed an email  and questionaire sent out last week by a local Tea Party group called The Freedom Institute of Erie County to the representatives of candidates seeking office in the forthcoming elections. The email (pdf) seems to finally put to rest the claims that The Tea Party doesn’t care about isues or endore candidates because of thier veiws on topics of things not real;ted to financial issues.  In fact the candidtae questionaire contains questions about DADT, Gay Marriage,  and  Gay Adoption.

Question Number 3. Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, any other type of Union is not marriage.
Question Number 4. Children should not be placed into foster homes where the parents are homosexual, bisexual, or transgender
Question Number 10. I oppose the ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ policy of the military and believe that all same sex partners should be banned from combat duty in the military because of the propensity to transmit blood-borne diseases in the theatre of battle

The Freedom Institute of Erie County’s “Vision Statement”, states that it seeks: “A government that does not advocate and promote moral, spiritual, and religious decay”; “A government that does not provide for the common welfare but one that promotes the common welfare”; and “A government that treats all individuals equally through the erasure of diversity that divides us and the embrace of unity that unites us.” (Unless you are gay of course.) and the website also states that membership “shall be open to all who pledge to the Patriots Oath”, which was written by Colonel Oliver North of Iran Contra scandal fame and Dr James Dobson, of the anti-gay Focus on the Family.

Let the denials begin.

The National Organization For Marriage Supports Homophobe Delano Hunter "Who Beleives In Biblical Marriage" (What That Wives Are Nothing More Than Property And Obedient To Their Husbands?)

Ah the National Organization For Marriage is like a herpes, you are never truly rid of it.

In this edition of HATE ON PARADE The National Organization For Marriage is in supporting Black American  DC City Council candidate Delano Hunter, who “supports the Biblical definition of marriage.” which I suppose means that he supports the fact that married women were nothing more than the property of thier husband, were not allowed to leave the home of their husband, were not allowed to talk to strangers, and that a  man could marry (literally “become the master of the woman”) as often as he desired.

Gee I wonder if Delano Hunter also believes in the “Biblical definition and meaning of “slavery”? as well?