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Hot Swiss Soldiers Lip Sync Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me”

Now these hot Swiss soldiers are getting in on the American troops action of (badly) lip syncing to Brittany.  But who cares if it they are bad. They are cuter than  baby Goudas!

The Local reports: “The four-minute video is performed by members of a sanitary division from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The SanBoys, as they call themselves, spiced up their stay at the camp by lip-synching to Britney while performing a series of choreographed moves.”

Switzerland’s military policies allow for gay men and lesbians to serve openly so look for the ones who know Brittany’s lyrics the best and theres a good chance they are “family”  LOL!

Celebrity Lip Sync Music Video – "Let It Be" Starring: Glenn Close, Huey Lewis, Katarina Witt, Jason Alexander and More – VERY Bizarre

Wow this is actually just a promo for a Norwegian television program called “Golden Times”. 

*Thanks to the always awesome Chris Hardwick at The Nerdist  for the heads up!

Who Exactly Is crgmorgan on YouTube? It’s Craigery Morgan! (And We Have Pictures!)

He’s buff, he’s handsome, and he’s a helluva lip syncher.  But who exactly is YouTube’s crgmorgan? 
Well he’s Orlando-based gay, drop dead gorgeous Craigery Morgan whose latest TouTube upload where he  lip synching to Saturday Night Live’s “Surprise Party” skit which we posted here yesterday in just two days has clocked nearly 700,000 views!  (Oh and for all you other sites out there I posted him first at 325 Views so he’s mine!  BACK OFF BITCHES!)
You can visit Craigery’s Blog here.  And his MySpace page here.