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Columbus, Ohio Hatefrau Linda Harvey Is Oh So Pissed At SCOTUS. Calls Them the “C” Word!

Linda Harvey evil harpy


Mission: America hate group leader Linda Harvey, (which actually has only 1 member and that’s Linda Harvey herself) took to the right-wing domestic terrorist website run by Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber twit-ily named  BarbWire to wring her gnarled banshee hands  over SCOTUS’ recent refusal to hear statewide appeals on same-sex marriage  bans being overturned.

“The liberal majority in the 2014 Roberts court will now be labeled with the ‘C’ word—for being cowards. These justices upended American civilization while standing on the sidelines. Millions of voters in five states were assaulted in the public square, disenfranchised by this court’s decision to not overturn erroneous lower court rulings validating same sex ‘marriage.’ Like Saul during the stoning of Stephen, they became bystanders, nodding their assent as terrible violence was committed. The ‘gay’ bullies got their way. Truth and morality were trampled but the black-robed bystanders will plead innocence. But let’s not just pick on certain lawyers because they do operate with some powerful constraints at times. What’s needed and totally possible is a firm stand by the GOP, no longer adopting the loaded lingo of the left, like denying being ‘anti-gay,’ which makes me want to scream.”

Hmmmmm.  Speaking of C words.


Mission America’s Linda Harvey: The “Gay-stapo” Are Coming For Our Children‏!

Linda Harvey

Columbus ,Ohio hausfrau and Mission: America hate group leader Linda Harpy Harvey let loose with a whole lot of gay hate craziness today in Matt Barber’s anti-gay “Christian” propaganda rag BarbWire.

Harvey claims that LGBT rights groups and “vicious homosexual bloggers” (like me!) are the real bullies, while Christian students are increasingly the victims of “troubled ‘gay’ adolescents whose destructive actions go unpunished.”

Harvey also goes on to screech say that schools are embracing bullying prevention programs from the “gay-stapo” who are “corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit ‘gay’ sexual messages” in their “mandated ‘LGBT’ indoctrination” courses.

“Using disruptive, anti-child advocacy, the Human Rights Campaign (promoters of the grade school gender confusion program, “Welcoming Schools”) and GLSEN (sponsor of the victim-posturing “Day of Silence,” held in April in public schools) are busy corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit “gay” sexual messages.

The real tragedy is that these groups in reality exploit vulnerable and fragile kids, all the while espousing great compassion and, disingenuously, “tolerance” as a motive. And let’s just be frank: there’s one type of bully in the current climate almost never held accountable: the verbally combative homosexual, lesbian or cross-dresser who taunts and insults others. In the adult world, this is personified by vicious homosexual bloggers who spread lies, distortions, and have called me and others vulgarities I’d never attribute to my worst enemy, but to them, it’s their daily bread. How these people have gotten any traction is beyond unbelievable. They’d never last two weeks in the corporate environment.

Then there are students who fall into this category. I know of several situations where life was made a living hell for peers by troubled “gay” adolescents whose destructive actions went unpunished.

But if anyone thinks these desperately discontented people will stop their assault at Christians, think again. First, they came for the Christians and the children…”

“Gay-stapo”.   Bet the bitch was up all night thinking that one up.