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George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Can "Fuck Off".

George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Can “Fuck Off”.

I don’t know weather to grasp my pearls or slap that bitch. Or BOTH.

Former drag performer Rep. George Santos (R-NY) flew into a foul-mouthed diatribe against “drag nuns” on Wednesday. “I don’t usually swear but… The ‘Drag nuns’ can FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF!” the serial liar lawmaker tweeted. “The mockery they cast on the Catholic faith is DAMN offensive and WRONG!” It’s unclear what prompted Santos’ outburst, though the decision to invite a member of the drag activist organization Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to a Pride Month celebration in the California Assembly sparked Republican protests this week.

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Madison Crawthorn Threatens Republicans and Americans. "It’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command."

CNN Host Pamela Brown RIPS GOP White Supremacist and Liar Madison Cawthorn On Election Lies [VIDEO]

CNN reports:

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina said Saturday that he accepts Joe Biden as president and that the 2020 election was not conducted fraudulently.

Cawthorn was one of more than 120 House GOP members who voted to sustain the objection to electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania earlier this month when Congress met to to certify President-elect Biden’s victory.

“Yes, I think I would say that the election was not fraudulent. You know, the Constitution allowed for us to be able to push back as much as we could and I did that to the amount of the constitutional limits that I had at my disposal. So now I would say that Joseph R. Biden is our president,” he added.

When pressed by CNN’s Pamela Brown to explain what evidence had motivated him to contest the election results in the first place, Cawthorn visibly struggled to string together a coherent sentence and argument.

That boy just ain’t right in the head.

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Lies & Garbage: Donald Trump: “I’ve done very well with that (LGBT) community”

Today Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade asked Donald Trump if he was okay with his administration’s recent steps to make it easier to discriminate against LGBT workers. 

His response:

Well, you know, I just got an award, or an endorsement yesterday from the exact group. You saw that? They gave me the endorsement yesterday. I’ve done very well with that community and some of my biggest supporters are of that community, and I talk to them a lot about it. I think I’ve done really very well with that community, as you know, Peter Thiel and so many others, they’re — they’re with me all the way, and I just got a big endorsement from the Log Cabin group.”