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Before Stonewall The First Gay Cookbook Was Published

Gay History – 1964: Four Years Before Stonewall The First Gay Cookbook Was Published

Four years before the Stonewall riots The Gay Cookbook by Lou Rand Hogan, a  280-page book “for that very special man in your life or for the jaded hostess whose soufflés no longer stand on their own.” was published and it that made no apologies in presenting an image of happy (if not campy) men cooking elaborate meals for their lovers.  

The book cover has a colorful illustration of a blonde man in a flower-covered apron, grilling steaks, while the back features a very hairy man in a red cocktail dress. 

Stephen Vider, an assistant professor at Cornell University who actually wrote an academic study of The Gay Cookbook states:

The line drawings by the freelance artist David Costain further contributed to the camping (sometimes purely silly) tone of the book. In an illustration for French dressing, Costain depicted Hogan dancing with two men in European corsets and skirts. Next to a paragraph about choosing beef grades, Costain drew Hogan as a matador taming a wild bull. In another the chef literally netted a muscular man in a bathing suit…

The book also overflowed with double entendres and sexual innuendos: “seafood” (sailors), “quickie,” “frenching,” “browning,” “chicken queens,” “crabs,” and “loose ends.” He titled one chapter “what to do with a tough piece of meat,” and warned against soggy canapés: “As you all know too damn well, a limp delicacy is neither pretty nor tasty.”

The Gay Cookbook is filled with the jokes and innuendo of the timeEven on the frontispiece, in the book’s first pages, a line reads “All rights reserved, Mary.” 

For it’s time of 1964, The Gay Cookbook received unprecedented publicity and was picked up by two mainstream publishers selling an estimated 10,000–12,000 copies.

The Gay Cookbook is still available today on Amazon.com

Homo Appétit!

The Gay Cookbook 02

Gay History – September 14, 1989: ACT UP Protests the NYSE, Crashes Trading Floor [Video]

On September 14, 1989, ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) led a noon protest of 350 people in front of the New York Stock Exchange, targeting Burroughs Wellcome and other companies that it felt were profiteering from the epidemic by their high pricing of the AIDS drug AZT, which was unaffordable to most people living with HIV.

The demonstration was planned to coincide with those held in San Francisco and London that day.

Separate from the noon rally, ACT UP members Peter Staley, Lee Arsensault, Greg Bordowitz, Scott Robbe, James McGrath, and two other members who served as photographers infiltrated the Stock Exchange that morning. Chaining themselves to the VIP balcony, they dropped fake $100 bills onto the trading floor and disrupted the opening bell for the first time in history. Their miniature foghorns drown out the opening bell, as they unfurled  a banner above the trading floor demanding “SELL WELLCOME” . Their photographs were given to the Associated Press and the story went national.

As a result of these demonstrations, Burroughs Wellcome lowered the price of AZT by 20 percent four days later.

You can see Michelangelo Signorile, Bill Bahlman (holding video camera), and Vincent Gagliostro in the crowd. Seen first in the perp line is Scott Robbe, followed by , Robert Hilferty (RIP). Then you’ll see the late and great Lee Arsenault (with mustache), and Gregg Bordowitz is shown in front of Lee. Unfortunately, the clip ends before we see the last two of our seven-man team: James McGrath and Richard Elovitch. September 14, 1989 — probably the most thrilling day of my life.” – Peter Staley

#FlashbackFriday Disco Classic! - Donna Summer Performs "McArthur Park" [1978]

#FlashbackFriday Disco Classic! – Donna Summer Performs “McArthur Park” [1978]

MacArthur Park was written by singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb that was originally recorded actor and singer Richard Harris in 1968. Harris’s version peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number four on the UK Singles Chart. “MacArthur Park” was subsequently covered by numerous artists, including a 1969 Grammy-winning version by country music singer Waylon Jennings and the premier disco a number one Billboard Hot 100 cover by Donna Summer in 1978.

Italian music producer Giorgio Moroder would recall that he and his collaborator Pete Bellotte had been interested in the concept of either remixing a track – as yet undecided on – which had been a hit in the 1960s or else remaking a 1960s hit as a dance track: Moroder – “I remember that I was driving in … on the Hollywood Freeway, and I heard the original song [i.e. “MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris] on the radio. I thought: ‘That’s it – that’s the song we’ve been looking for almost a year.’

And the rest is disc-tory!

I do not claim ownership to this song or video. All rights reserved by copyright holders

NOTICE: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

Gay History - March 12: Happy Birthday Jack Kerouac the Bisexual King of the Beat Generation

Gay History – March 12: Happy Birthday Jack Kerouac the Bisexual King of the Beat Generation

“The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who… burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles.” – Jack Kerouac

JACK KEROUAC, (born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kéroua) was an American writer, novelist, poet and artist. Along with William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, he is among the best known of the writers (and friends) known as the Beat Generation.

Kerouac was never labeled homosexual, nor he did publicly self-identify as one. However it is believed that he had homosexual encounters although they were occasional. Kerouac in his letters exchanged with Allen Ginsberg questions his sexual identity, but at the same time he was not in a great favor of homosexuals. Kerouac, in his novel cites several instances of his road companion Neal Cassady’s bisexuality, and it is difficult to hide his attraction towards him. About Neal Cassady, he wrote: “With the coming of Neal there really began for me that part of my life you could call my life on the road…”

Kerouac had three wives in his life and preferred heterosexual relationships with female partners, but many of the letters shows that he had occasional homosexual encounters whether there were a intercourse or not. The famous story of Jack Kerouac had an intercourse with Gore Vidal, which insists Vidal, is an widely known story, although according to William Burroughs it is not true since Vidal was a ‘liar.’(Paul Maher Jr., , 2007).

Kerouac is recognized for his style of spontaneous prose. Thematically, his work covers topics such as his Catholic spirituality, jazz, promiscuity, Buddhism, drugs, poverty, and travel. He became an underground celebrity and, with other beats, a progenitor of the hippie movement, although he remained antagonistic toward some of its politically radical elements.

Jack Kerouac and his literary works had a major impact on the popular rock music of the 1960s. Artists including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Patti Smith, Tom Waits, The Grateful Dead, and The Doors all credit Kerouac as a signifi cant influence on their music and lifestyles. This is especially so with members of the band The Doors, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek who quote Jack Kerouac and his novel On the Road as one of the band’s greatest influences.

In 1969, at age 47, Kerouac died from an abdominal hemorrhage caused by a lifetime of heavy drinking. Since his death, Kerouac’s literary prestige has grown, and several previously unseen works have been published.


Gay History - January 16: 1901 - The Astonishing Story of NYC Politician Murray Hall Who Lived As A Man, But Was Born A Woman.

Gay History – January 16: 1901 – The Astonishing Story of NYC Politician Murray Hall Who Lived As A Man, But Was Born A Woman.

Tammany Hall politician Murray Hall lived a hard drinking, poker playing man for decades without his gender being questioned. Following Hall’s death, however, the New York Times reported that Hall’s “true sex” was revealed by the doctor as biologically female.

Hall was born Mary Anderson in Scotland and around age 16 began dressing as a male, taking the name John Anderson. Anderson married young, but had a roving eye and a jealous wife who disclosed Anderson’s gender to the police. Fearing arrest, Anderson fled to America in 1870 and assumed the name Murray H. Hall.

In 1872, Hall married Cecilia Lowe, a schoolteacher, and by 1874 Hall had established an employment agency, a Bail Bondsman business and had an active political career.

But on January 16, 1901 upon Heads death, the 30+ year secret was discovered:


New York Times, January 18, 1901:


Murray Hall Had Conducted an Employment Agency-Sex Revealed at Death

A peculiar case was brought to light yesterday when Dr. William C. Gallagher of 302 West Twelfth Street reported to the Coroner’s office the death of Murray Hall, sixty years old, who kept an employment agency at 145 Sixth Avenue. Death was caused by cancer of the breast. Although Murray Hall had passed for a man for a number of years it now turns out that the person was a woman.

Neighbors who were asked last night said that although Hall had always been considered a little peculiar, there was no thought that the person was other than a man. A woman who was understood to be Hall’s wife, died about two years ago. The only other member of the family is an adopted daughter. She refused to see any callers last night.


The New York Times said Hall had suffered from breast cancer for several years, and speculated that he had not sought medical advice due to fears of his secret becoming known.

He had, however, amassed a collection of medical books which he used to treat himself.

When Hall did consult a doctor, he only had a few days left to live.

After his death, every private moment, real or perceived, was twisted and turned and held up to the light, but in the end Murray Hall told no stories of his own but he shall be remembered.

Read more about the fascinating life and death of Murray Hill at History Matters and The Walks of New York,

Murray Hall: The New York politician who broke 19th Century gender rules -  BBC News

SO GAY: LGBT Weekly News Roundup 1/8/2022

Kenneth in the 212 brings the New Year heat and new meaning to “mustache ride” with his weekly hot Saturday Stash pics.

Matthew Rettumund of Boy Culture dives into a some very special and GAY Love Boat episodes. All aboard. He’s expecting you.

Washington Blade: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend events postponed AGAIN! Damn COVID is killing gay culture!!

ADVOCATE: South Carolina Man Convicted of Sodomy 20 Years Ago Sues Over Sex Offender Status.

TheOUTFront: Celebrates5 years online! (That’s like 30 in straight years) and sums up The Best of 2021! Check him out!

Q News: In 1968 on this day January 8th. Dr Eve Jones a Chicago psychologist with a syndicated parenting column, answered a query from a mother worried about her potentially ‘abnormal’ daughter.  Unfortunately Dr, Jones was a homophobic quack.

The Randy Report asks the (loaded) question: What Was Your First Boyfriend Like?

Joe My God reports on One Million Moms (aka 2 Dried Up Biddy’s With a Laptop) and it’s attack on LGBT friendly “Sin-Normalizing” Hilton Hotels.

For all things Boston this weekend check out BosGuy! He has a great listing of upcoming events, news, and history! (Hey BosGuy! That’s my gig! I don’t post about the VICTORY GARDENS.)

Remember Faith Cheltenham the disgraced former President of Bi-Net who grifted herself into the LGBT community and then went batshit crazy and wanted to charge everyone to use the Bi Pride Flag design? Well she singlehandedly destroyed that organization and was was later accused of stealing funds. Well when one scam blows up another appears.. NOW Cheltenham is posing as a Trumper extremist associated with the Walk Away Campaign. Something tells me this will not be as profitable for her.

Rainbow Staircase by Maratto in Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy

Gay Jersey City Board of Ed Member Wears Rainbow Flag As Religious Bigots Complain About LGBT History Curriculum

Gay Jersey City Board of Ed Member Wears Rainbow Flag As Religious Bigots Complain About LGBT History Curriculum

A debate over the state-mandated LGBT history curriculum has been at a center of a heated battle between the Jersey City Board of Education and the members of the Coptic Christian, Muslim, and Orthodox Jewish community prompting gay Board of Ed Trustee Gerald Lyons to drape an rainbow PRIDE flag over his shoulders in response to the extreme anti-gay rhetoric the religious groups have been using.

The groups argue that their freedom of religion and the First Amendment are being attacked.

Johnny Yacob, a Coptic Christian from Jersey City attacked a lesson on Harvey Milk claiming that Milk was a pedophile, “Basically, they are glorying him and creating an icon out of him and to be completely honest is that really who we want our kids to look up to?”

Elizor Richtor, a Hasidic Jew, said the schools are teaching children to be gay. “Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave that people think this is what he meant he said equality,

Board members have tried to repeatedly explain that the district will be teaching about LGBT members’ role in history to no avail.

Lyons while still wearing the rainbow flag draped over his shoulders called the comments hateful and said he was offended that Richtor used King’s name “to spread his message of hate.”

As Lyons spoke,a member of the Hasidic Jewish community walked up closer to the board and stared down Lyons.

“Do you have an issue? Do you want to sit back down?” Lyons said. “Did I sit while you were talking spewing your hatred? I did.”

New Jersey is only the second state in the nation after California to pass a law requiring LGBT curriculum, which will be determined by the board. The Department of Education sets academic standards, but does not write curriculum.

SAN DIEGO: Construction Begins on Historic Naval Vessel USNS Harvey Milk

SAN DIEGO: Construction Begins on Historic Naval Vessel USNS Harvey Milk

At a ceremony at the National Steel and Shipbuilding Company in San Diego on Friday, the “first cut” of steel was rendered for the Navy’s newest ship the USNS Harvey Milk named after the famous slain gay civil rights leader and San Francisco Supervisor in the 70s,  Harvey Milk was California’s first openly-gay politician. 

As a Navy diving instructor in the early 50’s, Milk was stationed briefly in San Diego. Less well known, is that when the Navy found out Harvey Milk was gay, he was forced out of the service for being gay.”

Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk’s nephew attended Friday’s event and said naming the ship — known as a fleet oiler — after his uncle sends a message to people around the world.

He told the gathering, “”For those who will be working on this ship, it’s important to note his legacy. If anyone asks, ‘did Harvey dream of this day,’ the answer is yes.  It’s what gave him the courage to face those bullets 41 years ago. He dreamed of all of us being included, and we would not be diminished because of that.  When we worked so hard to get rid of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy,’ it sent a message that the Armed Services weren’t going to discriminate against anyone.”

This “sends a global message of inclusion more powerful than simply ‘We’ll tolerate everyone,’ ” Milk said. “[It says,] we celebrate everyone.”

Bigoted Parents Pull 650 Kids From School District To Protest LGBT History Curriculum

Bigoted Parents Pull 650 Kids From School District To Protest LGBT History Curriculum

Bigoted parents pulled about 650 children from the Rocklin Unified School District in California on May 1st. for one day, protesting a new state mandated LGBT-inclusive curriculum.

California is the first state to do so in the public-school system.

On May 1, the Rocklin Unified School District approved a history and social science curriculum to include the work of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. By doing so, the district is obeying the FAIR Education Act, passed in 2011 and requiring schools to educate children about people of all sexual orientations and racial ethnicities, both in history and social science.

A small group of opponents of the new curriculum led by Rachel Crutchfield of the Informed Parents of Rocklin attended the meeting.

Said Crutchfield:

We believe that anyone who has made a significant contribution to society should, of course, be included in our history textbooks. However, the concept of sexual orientation is far too complex of a topic for elementary-aged children to be introduced to at school. Children in second grade simply do not have the tools to comprehend sexuality, nor do we want them to. Let’s let kids be kids. We can connect a person’s sexual orientation to their accomplishments in later grades when kids are more ready to fully comprehend these complex sexual topics.”

A representative for the bigoted group, which called for the May 3rd sit-out, which pulled about 650 of the children from school for the day would not comment on the action. The school district serves almost 14,000 children.

The school district released the statement, “On May 1, 2019 the Rocklin Unified School District Board of Trustees voted 3-2 to adopt a high quality History Social-Science curriculum designed to meet the needs of our most gifted and struggling students. It is recommended by our committee of teachers who did a tremendous amount of work and reviewed and piloted the curriculum. The curriculum addresses the state mandated Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful) FAIR Act. This means History Social-Science learning materials will include the contributions of various groups, including people with disabilities, ethnic groups and those who identify as LGBT. We respect all our families opinions and feedback and moving forward we will take extra care in developing the best course of action to ensure our families’ values are respected. We will also continue to engage our families regarding the implementation of this curriculum.”

Illinois House Approves Bill That LGBT History Be Taught In Schools

Illinois House Approves Bill That LGBT History Be Taught In Schools

The Illinois state House of Representatives voted Wednesday to approve a bill to includes historical figures in the LGBT civil rights movement in K-12 history textbooks and requires schools to include “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State” in official textbooks.

The educational method is intended to reduce anti-LGBT bullying in schools by teaching students about the historical place of LGBT figures in American society.

“We think all students are better off when we teach them the full breadth of history,” Brian Johnson, the CEO of the LGBT organization Equality Illinois, said of the bill last year. “It makes them more likely to understand that a diverse cast has contributed to our society.”

Anti-LGBT “Christian” groups like Concerned Christian Americans and the Illinois Family Institute, which has been declared an LGBT hate group cited their own “religious objections” and those of some unnamed students families.

“It is well known that the controversies of the transgender and homosexual movements are in direct contradiction to the clear Judeo-Christian beliefs of many in Illinois,” said Illinois Family Institute lobbyist Ralph Rivera, in a memo to legislators. “Schools should teach that we should be respectful of each student and each person. This is what we all agree on. However, schools should not be used to advocate for lifestyles that are against the religious values of the students and parents.”

The measure now heads to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s (D) desk where he is expected to sign it.