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More About Anderson Coopers Coming Out

Anderson Cooper. Need I say more? Instead of boring you with filler I’ll just let you all read the entire article of this impeccable human being expressing that being gay is a blessing:

The award-winning CNN anchor, 45, joined Signorile’s SiriusXM OutQ programfrom Rome, where he is covering the Vatican conclave. In what was deemed as Cooper’s only full-length interview ahead of his scheduled appearance at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 16, the CNN anchor spoke at length about coming out both personally and professionally, being honored with the prestigious Vito Russo Award and the pain of his brother’s suicide. (Scroll down to listen to the full interview)

I’ve always known I was gay from the time I was a little kid,” Cooper, who came out in an email to Andrew Sullivan last summer, recalled. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of it, even before I knew what it was or the name of it.”

Of receiving the Vito Russo Award, Cooper noted the honor has “tremendous meaning,” adding, “I certainly don’t think I’m worthy of it, but if it helps GLAAD and if it helps have more people know who Vito Russo is, then I think it is certainly worthwhile.”

After touching on a number of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) relevant stories he’s covered throughout his career, Cooper also opened up about his brother Carter’s 1988 suicide, saying it influenced his own decision to pursue journalism as a profession.

“If you feel like an outsider, you tend to observe things a lot more,” he said. “Early on I felt very much like an observer, because I knew I was gay, I knew I was somehow different.”

He continued, “If you learn the language of loss early, I think you seek out others who have experienced the same thing, who speak that same language of loss.”

See? you didn’t want to hear a lot of fluff from me. I will say that it does help when people of this stature not only embrace their sexuality but to an extent cite it as a source of strength. It does help. So whenever possible willing to share need to vocalize those stories after we come out. And look at this baby sloth pick!!!! Ugh, this man is with my favorite animal. Told you he’s perfect.

Matt Damon On Gay Rumors And Upcoming Liberace Film Role

There are a multitude of rumors everyday about the scandals and secrets behind Hollywood’s golden doors. But Matt Damon, star of The Talented Mr. Ripley The Borne Trilogy and Good Will Hunting feels that he lives his life as authentically as possible. That’s why he’s so passionate about his role in the upcoming bipoic of Liberace in the HBO film”Behind the Candelabra

First Damon addressed why he’s never addressed the rumors that he may be gay:

I never denied those rumors,Because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay, as if being gay were some kind of fucking disease. It put me in a weird position in that sense.” 

When discussing the relationship portrayed in the film, Damon felt that the relationship is real and honest storytelling:

“These two men were deeply in love and in a real relationship – a marriage – long before there was gay marriage. That’s not an insignificant thing,Their conversations when they’re dressing or undressing or having a spat or getting ready for bed? That’s every marriage.” 

“It feels like you’re witnessing something really intimate you would normally see with a man and a woman, but instead it’s two men, which was thrilling. There’s stuff I think will make people uncomfortable. Great. It’s HBO – they can change the channel.” 

Damon is also sure to give his costar Michael Douglas praise for his performance and noted that both actors have many gay friends so they did not want to mess up their intimate scenes or “bullshit it”:

“Michael was a wonderful kisser. Normally I’d say no to nudity, but I just did a lot of it. … I mean, it’s tastefully done,. But this movie’s not going to be for everyone.” 

The release date for the upcoming biopic is still tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2013.

Silver Fox Anderson Cooper Sets The Record Straight About Coming Out

Today, reporter, journalist and tv talkshow host (and silver Anderson Cooper cleared the air on his show Anderson Live. During the discussion segment of the program, Cooper, along with guest host Andy Cohen, talked about his open letter to Andrew Sullivan in which Cooper confirmed that he is gay.

First, Cooper reflected on how coming out should not have negative connotations or implications on one’s future success:

“I was really pleased with the response–it’s nice. I think it’s important to send a message to, especially young people, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and you can be successful and you can have a life and you can have many interests and this is one part of your life.

Cooper also took this opportunity to clear the air from the recent reports he heard from celebrity muckraker Star Jones, who claimed that Cooper only came out to help boost his daytime talkshow ratings (with a dash of snark):

“I haven’t thought about Star Jones in I don’t know how long. I was unaware she was even on TV still but she apparently shows up on a morning show . . .out of the blue Star Jones said after I sent this email Star Jones said this was a ratings ploy by me to boost ratings,”

Cooper makes note that his coming out WAS NOT on the air and IF that had been the avenue he wanted to take, he would’ve done so on his show. Cooper also explained that he had previously invited the show but declined. Jokingly, Cooper and Cohen state that if she were to come on, Cohen, a Bravo tv personality and host, could be the host.

*Sigh* I could stare at those eyes of his forever…oh and good for you Anderson standing up for yourself!