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More Advocates We Love: The Smoking HOT Alexander Skarsgard

It’s rainy. Cold. Damp. Kinda gloomy. Despite the perfect pre-Halloween weather I thought a nice distraction would be another advocates we love post. And what better way to do this than by having this beautiful golden haired Swedish Adonis True Blood star known as Alexander Skarsgard to pass the gloomy times?

Skarsgard has a very non nonchalant demeanor to go along with that tall toned physique and somewhat reserved nature has to be one of the many reasons he stands up against bullying.

Along with several castmates from True Blood, Skarsgard gives a very emotional PSA for the “It Gets Better Foundation for those LGBT affected by bullying. Skarsgard makes sure to address the problems associated with bullying from multiple angles:

“I believe it gets better when parents start to lead by example”

“We have to teach our children that, not only through our words but also through our actions, that every single human being has equal value, And to bully someone or for society to discriminate against someone because they have a different sexual orientation, it’s unacceptable.”

“I don’t have any children yet but the day I do, I will make sure that before they walk, before they can even crawl, know how important that is and I hope you do the same. It gets better.”

I love how in this statement, Skarsgard addresses the parents as well, letting them know that it is their responsibility to stand up for their children as well. This is what makes him an advocate.


And this is what makes him HOT