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Season 9 AI Contestant Todrick Hall Presents: Cinderfella, A Gay Equality Fairy Tale Musical – VIDEO

American Idol  Season 9 contestant Todrick Hall with the help of some very special friends have  put together a re-telling of the classic Cinderella fairy tale with a very gay musical twist.

Said Hall: “This story speaks volumes and I think that love is as classic as this fairy  tale. It’s time for us to legalize love in all shapes and colors.”

The mini-musical features a talented cast of characters including Lance Bass as Prince Charming, Shangela and Willam Belli as  the stepsisters, Glozell as the Fairy Godmother, Kimberly Cole as Jasmine,  and Aubrey O’Day as Alice.

And as a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS……  Janice Dickinson as the evil stepmother!

What casting!  –  Check it out below!

Lance Bass Pulls A “NPH” On TV And Says The Word “Trannies” – Ooopsie!

During a guest host appearance on Access Hollywood this morning openly gay Lance Bass interviewed openly gay comedian Billy Eichner, star of the Fuse series Billy on the Street on which Eicher offers money to New Yorkers to answer stupid questions when THIS happened.

Via The Advocate:

“So you need to go to Christopher and Hudson and get those trannies on the corner there — that would be perfect,” Bass suggests to Eichner. Eichner agrees, saying “I love a tranny” before realizing his error and correcting himself.

“We’re not supposed to call them trannies anymore,” Eichner says. “Did you see that Neil Patrick Harris called them a tranny [sic] on Twitter?” Bass replies, “Oh, no? Great, now I’m going to get in trouble.”

Cue the “outraged” trans-activist and GLAAD’s inevitable “reach out” (and probable asking for a donation)

I understand how some people are sensitive.   But if I had a quarter for every time someone in my community of friends called me “girl”, “faggot”, “fag” or “homo” I’d be rich.   He didn’t have any malice behind it. It’s not like using the word “gay” in place of “bad”.  There are SO many gays (including transvestites/transgender/transsexuals) who use the term frequently. 

There’s much worse things to worry about like ENDA maybe?

Cat Cora, Lance Bass and Green Day Help Gay and Lesbian Teens Have A Prom

Openly lesbian celebrity chef Cat Cora, gay former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass  and members of Green Day will be sponsoring a gay-friendly prom in Mississippi after a lesbian teen Constance McMillian was duped into attending a “fake prom” earlier this month.

The Tupelo, Miss. event, scheduled for May 8, is being organized by the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition and is open to all students, regardless of sexual orientation. The group’s spokesman, Matthew Sheffield, told the Associated Press that Lance Bass will also be in attendance

The American Humanist Association also will contribute $20,000 for the May 8 event in Tupelo

And it’s going to be FABULASH!