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Tim Tebow Trademarks Teabagging. Correction I Mean TEBOWING

So far in the closet, christian wingnut and New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow has received a federal trademark for “tebowing,” the act of dropping to one knee for a brief prayer.

As of October 9, 2012, Tim Tebow now owns the trademark for “Tebowing.” Tebow  has stated that he did not acquire the trademark for financial gain  (Riiiight) and the trademark is not solely on the term to “Tebow”, but on the pose as well.

So in reality you won;t have to call it “Tebowing” to be subject to Tim’s approval. Drop to one  knee with your fist to your forehead, and if Tebow does not approve of the  context, you will pay!

So the NFL’s  most expensive novelty player has trademarked his silly pose.  What an idiot.

Well I’ve got a physical gesture for Tebow but I don’t think the Federal Trademark Office will allow me to trademark it.