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House Panel Issues 30+ Subpoenas Over George Santos aka. 'Kitara Ravache' Investigation.

House Panel Issues 30+ Subpoenas Over George Santos aka. ‘Kitara Ravache’ Investigation.

When the Republican-led ethics committee don’t like a Republican’s ethics, you’re in deep doo-doo.

The Republican-led House Ethics Committee said Thursday that it has issued dozens of subpoenas and requests for information in connection with its investigation of Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., who was indicted last month on 13 counts, including making materially false statements to the House.

In a statement, the committee, which has been investigating Santos since early March, said that it was “actively working to resolve this matter in an expeditious timeframe” and that it had issued over 30 subpoenas and more than 40 voluntary requests for information.

It did not say who had been subpoenaed, nor did it provide any information on the nature of the subpoenas, citing House and Committee rules on the confidentiality of its work.

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I wonder if each separate George needs his/her/they own subpoena too?

House Republicans Block Resolution To Expel Santos, Communications Director Resigns Abruptly.

House Republicans Block Resolution To Expel Santos, Communications Director Resigns Abruptly.

Was there any doubt about the outcome? Santos is the party’s useful “only gay in the village” idiot. Or something.

Via CBS News:

House Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democratic resolution that would expel GOP Rep. George Santos from Congress, instead voting to refer the matter to a committee while several investigations into his conduct continue.
On Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California introduced a measure to expel Santos from the House as a “privileged” resolution, fast-tracking its consideration under House rules.
Republicans moved Wednesday to refer the bill to the House Ethics Committee, which opened a formal probe into Santos in March. That vote, which required a simple majority, succeeded along party lines by a margin of 221 to 204. Seven Democrats voted present.

In other Kitara Ravache news:

Santos communications director Naysa Woomer suddenly resigned on Wednesday, Scripps News has learned. The departure of Woomer, a prominent Republican communications adviser, this is the latest in a string of bad news for Santos, who was indicted on 13 counts, including fraud and money laundering. Woomer said of the departure — appearing to direct the comment toward Santos — “Unfortunately, you never took one point of professional advice given.”

The Republican Party is DEAD and beginning to reek of it.

Republican Leaders Refuse To Expel George Santos aka. Kitara Ravache.

Republican Leaders Refuse To Expel George Santos aka. Kitara Ravache.

The GOP just can’t seem to quit Kitara! And they said they don’t like drag queens.

Via The AP:

Protecting a narrow, four-vote majority, Republican leaders in the House are making clear that they intend to let the legal process play out with New York Rep. George Santos before they take steps to force his resignation or expel him.

Republican leaders, who for months have faced mounting questions about Santos after most of his campaign biography was exposed as a lie, were unmoved and brushed aside calls — including from some colleagues — that they take immediate action to push Santos out of Congress.

“In America, there’s a presumption of innocence. But they’re serious charges. He’s going to have to go through the legal process,” said House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Scalise was seconded by Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the No. 3 House Republican, who sidestepped the question of whether Santos should resign.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would not support lying Long Island Rep. George Santos in his re-election bid . McCarthy also implied in a interview with CNN that Santos should consider dropping out of the 2024 race while he deals with the court case and his tattered reputation.

“Santos has a lot going on. I think he has other things to focus on in his life other than running for re-election.” When asked if he would call on Santos to resign as NY-03’s representative if the House Ethics panel rules that he broke the law, McCarthy succinctly responded: “Yes.”

If Santos were a Democrat the GOP would be losing their minds and the Democratic Party would have ousted him a long time ago.

George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Can "Fuck Off".

NEW YORK – GOP Rep. George Santos aka Kitara Ravache To Be Arraigned In Brooklyn Today On Federal Charges.

Gurl, you better take those heels off or wear comfortable shoes for that perp walk!#NotARealDragQueen

Yesterday, Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against New York Rep. George Santos, the Republican lawmaker who has been trapped in a web of lies and suspicions since he took office.

The Guardian reports:

Santos is expected to turn himself in to authorities at the federal court in Brooklyn as soon as Wednesday morning, one of the people said. There, he will likely make an initial appearance at an arraignment, where the specific charges against him are expected to be released.
The news of the indictment appears to have come as a surprise to Santos, who was informed about the charges on Tuesday hours before they were widely reported, and neither a spokesperson in his congressional office nor his attorney responded to a request for comment.
For months, the US attorney’s office for the eastern district of New York and the FBI have been pursuing several lines of inquiry over Santos’s federal campaign filings as part of a criminal investigation into whether he unlawfully used funds for non-election-related purposes.

Santos has so far managed to evade any serious political repercussions for his extensive dishonesty to voters, scams, and grifts because Republicans hold a razor-thin majority in the House and Santos was a key vote for House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy to win the speakership.

House Leaser Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday that Santos is safe for now, but a conviction could change that: “Just like we had before with Jeff Fortenberry, he was found guilty and then I told him he needed to resign.”

Congressman George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: “My Conscience Is Clean”

Congressman George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: “My Conscience Is Clean”

Re-elect George Santos: Pure as the driven slush.

Santos appeared as a guest on the Wednesday night edition of Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax TV.

Via Mediate:

Embattled Congressman George Santos announced his reelection campaign this week and now insists, despite wild fabrications of his resume, his “conscience is clean.”
“Look, nobody’s immune to making mistakes in life. I’ve owned up to them. You know, I wish every politician would go on TV and admit when they lie, but they don’t. And with that, they continue to hurt Americans,” Santos said.
“I have my story. I am George Santos. I am the son of immigrants,” Santos said. “The kid who came from a basement apartment, worked my butt off to get to where I did. Honestly, I didn’t steal, cheat, kill or anything, right?”

The expression is “My conscience Is clear”. That’s clear, not “clean.”

Even when he’s lying about being “honest,” he’s still full of shit.

Oh and Santos did steal and cheat. 2 out of 3.

Not sure about the “kill” part yet. We will keep you updated.