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Gay News Week In Review: Pope OKs Condoms For His Boys, STR8 Pride = Homophobia in IIllinois, Kevin Pravia’s Murderer Found GUILTY, Rainbow Lounge Patron Charges Dropped, Prop 8 Trail To Be Televised, and The Mile High Gay Marriage,

*  Writing in his new book Light of the World:  Pope Benedict XVI , the Church and the Signs of the Times, to be released Tuesday, the pope maintains his opposition to condoms as a contraceptive, but approves of them if gay hookers slip ’em on to prevent the spread of HIV.  It’s nice to know that Benny cares about his Priests

*  A week after students at St. Charles North High School in Illinois caused an uproar by wearing “Straight Pride” tees (adorned with kill-the-gays Biblical messages) to class, the Jr. Nazi’s have started a new bout of homophobia by spray painting anti-gay messages on the high school building.

*  Jeromie Cancel has been found guilty in the murder of Manhattan college student Kevin Pravia, who was strangled to death in his apartment by Cancel. The defense had implied “gay panic” as a reason for the murder.  Cancel faces 25 years to life in prison at his sentencing next month.  LIFE PLEASE!

*  Former GLAAD president Neil Giuliano has been hired to head the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.   I wish that AIDS charities directors didn’t have to make six figure salaries from organizations that depend on private donations. The problem is that the pay siphons away a disproportionate percentage of the institutes annual budget.  Making big bucks off AIDS and Human Rights is so low.

*  More than a year after a controversial bar raid on the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, TX which sent protesters to the streets and vaulted the city into the national spotlight, city officials have dropped charges against four bar patrons including one who was critically injured by police.  Thats mighty big of them.  Now how about apologizing and firing the police officers involved.

*  The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said it will permit cameras in the courtroom when it hears a challenge to Proposition 8, which eliminated marriage rights for millions of gay Californians.  So FUCK YOU Brian Brown and NOM!

Virgin America Flight 28 on Thursday took a bit of sidetrip on Thursday so two gay men could get married. When the passengers of the flight were alerted to the happy event afterward by a flight attendant’s announcement that the pilot had wed the couple while in Canadian airspace (where gay marriage is legal), the plane burst into a round of applause.  Well done!