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Josh Hawley Attacks "Woke" Corporations. Promises To Win The "Culture Wars".

MISSOURI: Dem Lucas Kunce Launches Bid To Unseat “Coward and Faker” Josh Hawley

Just months after a losing bid for U.S. Senate in Missouri, former Marine Lucas Kunce is launching another campaign — this time in an attempt to take down Republican Senator and seditionist. Josh Hee Hawley.

Kunce announced his new campaign Jan. 6, two years after Hawley objected to the certification of the 2020 presidential election amid an insurrection which he helped whip up and then ran away from.

Kunce, a self-described “populist” who lost in the primary in an unsuccessful run for the Senate last year, announced his plans on Friday morning. In the first interview about his launch, he bashed Hawley as a “coward and a faker.”.

When he thought it was going to bring him power, he’s there raising his fist,” Kunce told POLITICO. “Then when it got real, he skittered out of there as quick as he could and ran for the exit. And if I ran like that in Iraq or Afghanistan — or anybody else there did — the Marine Corps would have court-martialed us.”

Hawley advisor Kyle Plotkin added: “We welcome this desperate woke activist to yet another political race. He just barely finished losing his last one. Maybe he’s running in the wrong state.”

WATCH: Sen Brian Schatz’s (D) Brutal Takedown of Fist Pumping Insurrectionist Sen Josh (Hee) Hawley (R)

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz tells Republican Senator Josh Hawley to basically go fuck himself.

Now if only more Democrats would do the same.

It’s worth the watch.