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FRC’s Tony Perkins HEARTS Traitor HI Rep. Jo Jordan The Dumb Dyke Who Voted AGAINST Gay Marriage

Tony Perkins and Jo Jordan

“Until this morning, one signature was all that stood in the way of Hawaii and same-sex ‘marriage.’ That all changed at a private ceremony, when Governor Neil Abercrombie (D) made the law redefining marriage official. While some in the state cheered the move, still more are bitterly disappointed — including lesbian state representative Jo Jordan (D). During the hearings, when she hadn’t stated her position, Jordan says that she expected ‘to get blasted by the religious community.’ Instead, pastors and faith leaders stunned her with their outpouring of thanks just for listening. The people who were truly hostile, Jordan says, were her own LGBT community. It doesn’t matter who you are, homosexual activists will harass anyone who isn’t one hundred percent sold out to their radical agenda to remake society. Unfortunately, Jo Jordan found that out the hard way. Hopefully, her story will help dissuade others from trying to appease the extreme Left on marriage.” – KKK-affiliated and Kard Karrying Konservative Family Research Council hate group leader Tony Perkins.

As for Jo Jordon.  THIS is your legacy you piece of shit. Tony Perkin’s Pin-Up Dyke and its well deserved after you turned on your own community.  Live with the disgrace Jordan.  Hopefully the LGBT community on the big isalnd shuns you.