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Supergirl (Vol.4) #79 – Superman Exposed To PINK Kryptonite Turns GAY!

Superman Goes Gay

No, I’m not talking about Brandon Routh

In the 2003 issue of Supergirl Vol. 4 #79 which takes place on an alternate Earth One timeline (don’t ask) where Superman is exposed to Pink Kryptonite that makes him “flamboyantly gay.”Superman is seen hitting on Jimmy Olsen because he’s the first man he sees.

“You know, Superman’s been acting awfully strange since being exposed to pink kryptonite. What do you think’s wrong with him’ Lois Lane asks in the issue.

Supergirl responds by saying: ‘Lois, you so don’t want to know,’ as Superman speaks to the young photographer Jimmy Olson.

‘Did I ever tell you how smashing you look in bowties, Jimmy? By the way, that’s a fabulous window treatment you’ve put together.’

Jimmy gulps, and goes ‘Gee… thanks I guess.’

Offensive then.  Offensive now. But at least Jimmy Olsen almost finally got laid.

The storyline was written by Peter David who would go on to write for Aquaman and the Incredible Hulk.