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Gay Republican Group GOProud To Shut Down Immediately. And away go Homocons down the drain……

Chris Baron

Andrew Markle of The Bilerico Project is reporting that those fun loving, jackboot wearing, self loathing Republican Auntie Toms who called themselves GOProud are disbanding and will be shutting down IMMEDIATELY.The organization may rebrand and regroup later, but for now, the organization will no longer be functioning. Co-director Matthew Bechstein stated in an interview that the “brand is broken” and a rebrand is necessary. GOProud which was originally founded by Chris “Shirtless Selfie” Barron and Jimmy “Cry Hate Crime”  LaSalvia  both left the organization over the past two years , and its been reported that GOProud has had some major scandals with its board and has bled its donors dry.  Which leads one to wonder which one of the Koch brothers turned off the money spigot.   So as GOProud gets thrown into the trash heap like a used condom.

Back2Stonewall would just like to say thank you for all the hysterical material that you have given us over the years.  And for one last time say……..


(Ann Coulter could not be reached for comment. She was running in the 5th race at Churchill Downs.)

Homo-CONS Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron Step Down From GOProud’s Sinking Ship

Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron

The two biggest traitors to the LGBT community GOProud’s co-founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron are stepping down as heads of their Auntie Tom organization they announced yesterday.

From BuzzFeed:

“It’s time. We don’t want it to get stale,” LaSalvia said, who along with Barron founded GOProud four years ago as a more conservative, grassroots alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans.

“The reason why GOProud has been so successful is because we have brought new ideas and new energy to the arena. At some point, what was the outside-the-box thinking all of the sudden becomes the box, and so now, that’s the way that GOProud does things. It’s our box. It seems crazy to everyone else, but, for us, it’s like standard operating procedure. It’s time for someone else to come in and shake things up,” Barron added.

GOProud was successful? At what? Being douchebags?

Both LaSalvia and Barron will remain on GOProud’s board of directors. The group is seeking a new executive director.

It’s going to be hard for GOProud to find a new self-loathing homosexual lunatic to man its sinking ship that can get to top Jimmy LaSalvia’s accusations of fake anti-gay hate crimes and Chris Barron’s exhibitionism and psychological meltdowns.

I wonder if Reichen Lehmkuhl available?

OMFG! – GOProud Pimps Out Twinkies In A Recent Self Loathing HomoCON Money Beg

That giggly gaggle of deluded, self loathing Republican HomoCON’s otherwise known as GOFUCKYOURSELF GOProud has sent out a fundraising letter blaming those communist unions for the death of the Twinkie and of Hostess Brands, despite the fact the CEO of Hostess was awarded a 300 percent raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) and at least nine other top executives of the company received massive pay raises while asking workers to take a benefits and pay cut.

So GOProud is offering to send donors a Twinkie in return for a $50 contribution.

You know that our staff at GOProud works every day free market principles and freedom for everyone. You may not know about our special emergency response squad. This morning when the news broke, they sprung into action and secured a supply of the coveted snack cakes. We now have a stash of Twinkies in the GOProud vault. You have a chance to take advantage of our quick response to this crisis. We will share our limited supply of Hostess Twinkies with GOProud donors who contribute at least $50 between now and the end of November

For a $50 donation you get a Twinkie that’s been “stashed” in the GOProud “vault?

” I don’t give a damn how much preservative those things have in them or what kind of kink you’re into, there’s no way one of those things could possibly be safe to eat after Jimy LaSalvia or Chris Barron’s touched them.

And we all know they are talking about the snack cake right?  I mean neither Jimmy LaSalvia or Chris Barron couldn’t get a REAL Twinkie if they were the last John’s left in D.C. and they were waving a fist full of 100 dollar bills.

H/T to Joe My God




Fox News Takes Advantage Of The Mentally Ill, GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Pimps Support for Romney

Jimmy “Frosty Bangs” LaSalvia, co-founder GOFuckYourself GOProud (Inc.) dragged her rough-looking ass over to Fox Studios this morning to have a sit down with  Gretchen Carlson on FOX & Friends  to talk about his  lack of surprise that no questions about LGBT rights at the Presidential Debates and to pimp his self loathing Homo-CON group and to further prove their disrespect of the LGBT Community at large and LGBT Equality by pushing further their support for anti-gay Mitt Romney.

This is obviously Fox News’ interpretation of “courting” the gay vote. And LaSalvia is such a media whore and KAPO he goes right along with it..

What a pathetic old queen.

Oh and bitch.  MOISTURIZE!

Barney Frank vs The Log Cabin Republicans – ROUND 2: They Are Still Uncle Toms

Last week I posted about how during the Democratic National Convention’s Lesbian and Gay Caucus Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) laid it all out on the table and stated quite frankly in my opinion and may others the Log Cabin Republicans is bunch of “Uncle Tom’s” for backing the GOP, a party that despises the LGBT community.

Well that sent Gay Inc into a politically correct tizzy.  With GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Human Rights Campaign releasing statements DEFENDING the Log Cabin Republicans including this little bon mot by the new and seemingly ineffectual President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin The Log Cabin Republicans are good people doing good work.”  (Way NOT to go there Chad.  I see you are filling Solmonese’s overpaid shoes nicely)

To make a long story short the head of the LCR, R. Clark Cooper responded to Frank by saying in part:  “We understand that Barney has earned his protected place within the Democrat Party by being their attack dog on gay rights issues, demonizing Republicans …blah, blah, blah …..We expect this kind of bile from Barney, especially when it plays into the Obama campaign’s efforts to divide, distract and deceive the American people.”

Crickets from Gay Inc. of this of course.

Well yesterday Barney fired the next salvo.

The damaging aspect of the Log Cabin argument, to repeat the most important  point, is that they may mislead people who do not share their view that tax cuts  for the wealthy are more important than LGBT rights into thinking that they are  somehow helping the latter by supporting Mitt Romney and his Rick Santorum  platform. [snip]

The argument Mr. Cooper and the others in the Log Cabin Republicans have put  forward in their defense is that they have succeeded in getting the Republicans  to reduce the extent to which they denounce us, and, in Mr. Cooper’s phrase, the  fact that Paul Ryan is “willing to engage” with gay Republicans.  That is  where Uncle Tom comes to mind.  They are urging people to vote for the  anti-LGBT candidate over the most supportive LGBT candidate and platform  imaginable because the “antis” are calling us fewer names and are willing to  talk to some of us.  It is this willingness to acquiesce in a subordinate  status as long as the masters are kinder in tone, although in substance, that  emulates Uncle Tom. [snip]

Some have complained that in comparing the Log Cabin Republicans to Uncle Tom, I  was ignoring the fact that they are nice.  I accept the fact that many of  them are nice – so was Uncle Tom – but in both cases, they’ve been nice to the  wrong people.”

BAZINGA! +1000 points for Barney Frank. 

As for  GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force , the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBt activists who  and others in the LGBT Community who think that being “politically correct” and rushing  to defend the Log Cabin Republicans, GOProud and other HomoCONS and will work with them regardless of the fact that whatever they say and do now on a specific LGBT issues that in the end  will STILL vote for the anti-gay GOP politicians who wants to stop us on our path to full equality and take what few rights we do have away.  I honestly say to you that you prove that “INTEGRITY” in the LGBT civil rights movement died in the 1980’s along side so many of our original LGBT activist heroes and you all should be ashamed.

*You can read all of Barney Franks recent statement by CLICKING HERE

Tweet of the Gay – GOProud’s HomoCON Jimmy LaSalvia at the RNC: “I’m An Abomination!”

Jimmy LaSalvia is a co-founder and the executive director of the “Republican gay group” GOFuckYourself GOProud tweeted the below photo of himself posing near the anti-gay crackpots protesting outside the Republican convention.

His caption: “I’m an abomination!”

Yes you certainly are an abomination Jimmy but not for the reasons the bible thumpers are stating.

(I tell you kids sometimes these posts write themselves)

Twitter Blast From The Past – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Calls Rick Perry Campaign Director “Faggot”

While GOFuckYourself GOProud plays victim and the crazed GOP pundits crawl out of the woodwark to bitch, moan and play the faux scandal to the hilt about Dan Savage calling the GOProud Board of Directors a bunch of “GOP house faggots”.  Let us not forget that GOProud isn’t exactly innocent themselves by any means.

Last December both Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron became “unhinged” after learning that Rick Perry’s closet case strategist Tony Fabrizio was behind some pretty bad anti-gay ads condemning the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and calling for more religion in schools.

GOProud co-founder “Miss Frosty Bangs”  LaSalvia herself tweeted “I’ve just about had it with faggots who line their pockets with checks from antigay homophobes while throwing the rest of us under the bus.”

Oh the hypocritical irony!  Especially since they are upset and up in arms at Dan Savages remarks for them endorsing anti-gay Romney who’s against EVERYTHING pro-LGBT.

Where was Michele Malkin, Brietbart.com and the rest of the rightwing loons then?

The Young Turks Cenk Uygur Decimates GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia On Current TV – Video

Current TV’s Cenk Uygur took on GOFuckYourself GOProud’s Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia last night over the “gay” Republican’s group endorsement of Mitt Romney.

The entire interview/dismemberment is great.  But the highpoint comes at the 3:15 mark when Uygur states that LaSalvia proves that gay Americans can be as greedy as straight Americans to which LaSalvia cackles like puppet Madam from “Wayland Flowers and Madam” which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the GOP does indeed have their fist up Jimmy LaSalvia’s ass.

UPDATE – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia: Gay People Without Health Insurance, SCREW EM!

“At the end of the day, we don’t think gay Americans should have to rely on a benevolent corporation or government to provide a plan that meets their needs. We want a system where individuals and couples can make their own health-care decisions. Health-care needs are too important to be left to the discriminatory whims of a third party. When the left does identity politics, they simply craft special policies that benefit particular groups. We’re about explaining how limited government and policies that treat everyone equally might benefit some people in unique ways.” –  HonoCon-man and GOProud president Jimmy LaSalvia, in the Wall Street Journal. (WTF is up with the Wall Street Journal?)

C’mon LaSalvia when you say ” MIGHT benefit SOME people in UNIQUE ways” what you mean it will benefit you and your wallet.

Someone needs to point out to Mr. LaSalvia that its much more hateful to want to deny lifesaving HIV drugs to members of our community who can’t afford them and be part of a movement that wants to revok a health care plan that could potentially save hundreds of thousand of American lives a year without a better plan to replace it.