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Hispanic Comedian George Lopez Pisses Off GOProud. Jimmy LaSalvia Channels Jessica Simpson

Hispanic comedian George Lopez pissed of GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia on his  HBO comedy, It’s Not Me, It’s You,  when Lopez went off on Mitt Romney, joking that the GOP  presidential candidate is really Latino but won’t admit it. “If you want our  vote, puto,” Lopez said, “come out of the closet!”

Well LaSalvia was so mad that she could spit and seized the opportunity to get some publicity by playing the “victim” )once again) and crying to  Laughspin, that “It’s just another in a long line of examples of when liberals  can use homophobic slurs and not face any consequences.”

But it turns out that the real crying from this comes from the hilarity that ensures over the fact that obviously Spanish is not Jimmy’s second language. (which is most probably German)  Or he just really is stupid.

In Spanish puto” translates into “whore” or “slut”.  It’s actually the word  “pato” (meaning “duck” in its proper term) in Spanish that translates to the anti-gay slur “faggot” or “queer”

Maybe Jimmy LaSalvia is a natural blonde after all.  I wonder if  she’d like some Chicken of the Sea?

What a HomoCON!

H/T to Dan Avery of Queerty