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Celebrity Assests – Madonna’s Flash, Snooki’s Raise and Magic Mike’s Coming Out!

Back2Stonewall.com buddy, lust object and finance expert “Handsome” Gerrard Panahon and fitness fanatic Jason Layden discuss Madonna using sex… again; that Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi, DJ Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio and Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino will each make $2.5 million for season six of MTV’s Jersey Shore; and that Magic Mike aka” Coyote Ugly 2 – The Guys Electric Boogaloo”(loosely based on Channing Tatum’s stripper past) hits theatres soon!

Gerrard and Jatson end with Abercrombie & Fitch’s rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, which recently took the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart!

Former Jersey Shore Cast Member: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Is "In the Closet"

“I didn’t have sex with him but to be honest with you, to get a girl riled up to the point where you want to have sex, he doesn’t even know how to do that.  And you know what, I honestly feel like he’s in the closet right now, he doesn’t want to come out.” Does that make him gay? “Who knows? You never know these days. More power to him if he’s gay.”  –  Former Jersey Shore cast member Angelina Pivarnick

Next stop gay porn!

Not “good’ gay porn but still… gay porn.

56 Year Old Dennis Quaid Shirtless and Rocking The Jersey Shore Look On Halloween

Dennis Quaid is 56 years old. and looks better than theyounger cast of the MTV show. 

C’mon admit it. Despite the fright wig and the orange pancake make-up you have to admit Quaid has a rocking body for a man his age and you gotta dig that treasure trail

Meg Ryan gave THIS up for a fling with Russell Crowe.  Stupid Bitch.

Looking good Daddy Guido Dennis

Whats "Too Gay" Weekend Edition – Paris Hilton BUSTED Again, Jersey Shore Guys Tagged As GAY, San Francisco Gay Bath House To Become Doggy Day Care, BID On Ben Cohen’s Used Autographed Jockstrap!, Bernadette Peters, and Rufus Wainwright Likes Dick! (Big Shocker There, Huh?)

Paris Hilton has been BUSTED for the 3rd time!  This time Paris was arrested Friday night (August 27) for possession of cocaine.  Paris was taken to the Clark County Detention Center where she was charged with possession of an illegal substance and was released.  Paris and Lindsey BBF’s!

*  Vinny Gaudagnino and The Situation of Jersey Shore found that someone had taped a sign on the back that said  Gay Men On Board – Gay Rights Thats All We Ask!”  Not amused they took the sign off the SUV. but  fellow skank member cast member Jenni thought it was funny and when they weren’t looking she put it back on.  (Consider the salami hidden!)

*   The Club Turk Baths at  130 Turk Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District was one of the first gay bath house in San Francisco and also one of the last to close when the City cracked down on gay bathhouses amid the 1980s AIDS epidemic is to be turned into a doggy day care center that will be called The Bulldog Baths . A porno cinema at 80 Turk St. is set to be replaced by a family-focused theater space where circus, ventriloquism, pantomime and similarly retro-themed performances are planned and . A glass-facade mall is planned to sprawl over three lots opposite Turk Street’s nearby junction with Market Street,  Goodbye Gay History.

*  Hot, Hunky, Gay Suppotive Rugby player Ben Cohen is auctioning items to benefit Gay Sports Day in England, including a framed T-shirt … and a signed jockstrapWOOF!,  The annual event is organised by GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, and the RVT (Royal Vauxhall Tavern), and takes place in Spring Gardens in Vauxhall on August 30th.  Now Cohen knows exactly what to donate to rasie money now , doesn’t he?

*  Bernadette Peters and Kim Catrall are set to star at The Kennedy Center production of Follies May 7th to June 5th – It’s going to be very vary hard to “out gay” that bit of news.

*  Rufus Wainwright stopped by the “The Queen of Grey Goose Vodka” and 1000 percent gay friendly Chelsea Lately show hosted by Chelsea Handler, and talked about about him demanding complete silence from his audience on tour (that had Chelsea looking at him in awe.), The welcomiong of 50 Cent into the “Gay Family”,  and his Kardashian show phase and the hots he has for Kourtney’s boyfriend from Hell and hot badboyScott Disick.  Oh and Rufus also admited to liking “dick” but we all know that don’t we?

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Julianne Moore and Gay Porn, Gavin Henson All Greased Up, Sarah Palin, The Jersey Shore Cast Hillary Clinton Disses Us Gays and MORE!

*  Julianne Moore and Annette Bening’s family dramedy “The Kids Are Alright” jumped from a $505,000 opening weekend (or $72,143 per screen) to a two-week take of $1,813,866 which really is REALLY fantastic considering it’s only playing in 7 movie theatres.  Think it’s the gay porn scene?

* UK Rugby star Gavin Henson strips down and greases up.  What a dirty boy. (Is it REALLY hot in here?) 

*  The British Conservative Party was going to reach out to gay voters by televising ads showing two guys in the shower, but David Cameron’s camp scrapped the expensive idea at the last minute. Gotta love it.

Sarah Palin has compared herself to Shakespear!  (I think I just threw up in my mouth) After being called out for using the non-word “refudiate,” Palin tried to compare herself to Shakespeare, scolding us and saying we should all celebrate the expansion of the English language.  What a bitchiodt.

*  TMZ is reporting that tensions are rising between MTV and the unruly and money-hungry cast of The Jersey Shore which is now refusing  to shoot scenes for the upcoming third season until they get a better deal .  Oh MTV it’s your MONSTER on line one.

*Hillary Clinton  talked about each American should have the right to marry whomever they please in a discussion of daughter Chelsea’s wedding: “”It says a lot about this wonderful experiment known as America, where we recognize the right that every single person has to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and over the years so many of the barriers that prevented people from getting married — crossing lines of faith or color or ethnicity — have just disappeared.” –Please note that “same sex” is missing.

*  Openly Gay Menudo member Angelo Garcia: says that openly gay Ricky Martin taught me to swim. This one’s just too too easy.

"Jersey Shore" Guido’s Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino ‘Tricked’ Into Posing for The Village Voice "Queer Issue"

MTV’s resident guidos Ronnie, The Situation, and Vinnie appear on the cover of the Village Voice shirtless this week. No big deal, right? Well apparently the “boys” didn’t know it was for the “Queer Issue.” Is Ronnie gonna call somebody a faggot over the bait-and-switch? (Oh, and can we finally all agree that Ronnie aka The Jersey doughboy is FAT? I mean really. It ooks like Ronnie spent all his earnings from last season at Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut. Or maybe its just the puffy stage of the steroid cycle)

You have to admit Jersey Shore is kinda queer, even though no one in the cast has thier heels tp the ceiling—at least on camera. But there is still something gay about them. The story The Situation and company’s photoshoot illustrates is about guidos secretly having sex with men. But there is something that the article only touches on that makes the cast of Jersey Shore gay: it’s their look. The bloated muscles, the flat abs, the assistance of steroid, a maniacal devotion to the gym, the love of house music, the tribal tattoos, the designer sunglasses, the fake tans, the heavily groomed hair, the waxed eybrows, the designer jeans. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re watching Jersey Shore or walking up Eighth Avenue in gay old Chelsea in the ’90s.!

The Village Voice cover story is about gay Jersey Shore fellas, many of them closeted, cruising the “Guido Riviera” in search of ass just like their heterosexual counterparts.

At least one of [hot tub party thrower Craig Austin’s] regulars is testing the waters of Asbury Park: “Dino,” a self-described “horny 25-year-old,” could have been ordered straight from Jersey Shore Central Casting. A grad student who lives in the Bronx, he is out to his second-generation Italian family, with whom he summers with in Seaside, but “nobody talks about it,” he says. “It’s never mentioned. That’s the mentality still for Italian families—homosexuality isn’t OK.”

Dino is very much in the closet with his Seaside volleyball buddies, and although he does troll Asbury at night, he doesn’t care for that scene. If complicated, Dino doesn’t seem particularly tortured. He’s more bifurcated, right down to his wardrobe. “I would never wear this on the boardwalk in Seaside,” he says of the neon-green American Eagle polo that hugs his tight physique. “It’s too gay. And I don’t see any reason to flaunt being gay in a place where it’s not accepted.”

Now I don’t think The Situation, Ronnie, or Vinny suck dick, (Well maybe after 2 six-packs and a joint) And we do need to give KUDOS to The VV for a trick well played.  But these boys should have known.  After all isn’t EVERY issue of the Village Voiice a QUEER ISSUE?

Jersey Shore’s Gay Porn Parody "Jersey Score" Has It All! Guidos, Hair Gel, Six Pack Abs, And The Famous Punch In The Face! (Trailer)

You knew it was cumming!  Jersey Score, the inevitable gay porn spoof to come from the producers who didn’t bring you MTV’s Jersey Shore. It’s stars Dean Coxx as The Stimulation, who explains what happens when a couple of friends get together at the shore to gym, tan, and laundry. 

This project is so exciting it’s even piqued Joy Behars interest!

New Jersey Makes Last-Minute Bid For Gay Marriage

Senate President Richard Codey announced today that legislation that would legalize gay marriage in New Jersey will go up for a vote in the full N.J. Senate on Thursday.

The N.J, Assembly was expected to take up the measure before a full Senate vote, but Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts last week said his house would not vote on it until the upper chamber approved the bill.

C’mon new Jersey! – I mean if you’ll let those MTV Jersey Shore kids marry get married and *gasp* procreat you should AT LEAST allow Gay Marriage

Gay New Jersey couples seek marriage rights