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Was Sarah Palin Booed On Dancing With The Stars? (Video)

On last nights “Dancing With The Stars”  while they were talking to the contestants who just danced in the waiting room sudden loud booing broke out in the audience off camera.  The booing was so loud they even commented on it in the waiting room.  Cut to the next shot and there is Tom Bergeron  sitting next to Sarah Palin who was there to cheer on her slut daughter Bristol. 
Now was the booing for Palin?  Right now we aren’t sure.  The morning shows are saying its because of the scores given to Jennifer Grey and her cutie partner Derek Hough. (Who Miss Seacreast is after btw) But if I was a Magic 8 Ball I would say that the answer was “YES”. It was quite obvious that there was an edit at the cut to her and that the audience had been calmed down´╗┐ before they proceeded.