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VIDEO: Cindy McCain Stands Up For DADT Repeal And Against Anti-Gay Bullying.

Sen. John McCain’s wife Cindy appears in a new PSA ad denouncing DADT that the NoH8 campaign has just put out an anti-bullying and other LGBT issues.

The PSA highlights a range of topics contributing to the way gay and lesbian youth are perceived by their peers, including religion-based bigotry, the disciminatory ban on blood donation by gay men, marriage inequality, and bans on gay adoption.

Among the other celebrities who appear in the spot are Tom Bergeron, Gene Simmons, Antonio Cromartie, Denise Richards, Slash, Dave Navarro, Jeff Probst, Bridget Marquardt, Kat Von D, and Dr. Drew.

Cindy’s husband, John McCain  biggest block in the U.S. Senate to getting the ban lifted. McCain has threatened a filibuster if DADT is attached to the Defense authorization bill, and was recently reported to be trying to make a deal to strip the DADT provision from the bill

Personal note to John McCain:
John McCain, you are a self-declared homophobe and a disgrace to the uniform you wore. Retire, become the grumpy old man in one of your many mansions, and let the world of your wife and daughter run things. We simply have no use for you anymore. You should have retired after losing to Bush in 2000 when your reputation was high.