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Jeb-thro Bush Backs LGBT Workplace & Housing Protections (But Only On A State-By-State Basis)

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Speaking to employees at San Francisco tech startup Thumbtack,  Jeb Bush declared that workplace and housing discrimination protections for LGBT Americans should be enacted, but only on a state-by-state basis.

An employee who identified himself to Bush as being gay asked about Bush’s position on legislation to ban discrimination of LGBT Americans. “I don’t think you should be discriminated because of your sexual orientation. Period. Over and out,” he replied.

Bush continued: “The fact that there wasn’t a law doesn’t necessarily mean you would have been discriminated against.” He added that in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, the country must work to carefully balance the rights of those seeking to marry and the religious beliefs of those who oppose those unions.

Citing the frequently-used example by religious freedom advocates, Bush said that in the case of a florist approached by a gay couple, “you should be obligated to sell them flowers, doing otherwise would be discriminatory.” But he said that the objecting florist should not be required to participate in the wedding, a fine line that he hopes will appeal to all sides of the debate.

When the employee followed up to ask specifically whether he would support anti-discrimination laws for LGBT Americans for their housing and employment—the next target for gay rights marriage advocates—Bush said he would at the state level. “I think this should be done state-by-state, I totally agree with that,” he said.

As of this writing on 31 of the 50 states DO NOT offer LGBT protections. 

States Rights, nullification. How very confederate of him.

Lincoln weeps

Jeb Bush Doubles Down On Anti-Gay Bigotry: Businesses Should Have The Right To Discriminate Against Gays

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Coming right on the heels of Jeb Bush’s most recent Christo-fascist pandering saying that he doesn’t believe that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right and that traditional marriage is central to Catholicism. Now it comes to life that Jeb-thro Bro-dine in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, has said that he believes that Christian business owners should have the right to refuse service to gay people based on their religious beliefs.

“This is more about the vendor issue as it relates to do they want to provide a service for same-sex weddings. Are you OK if they don’t provide those types of services? Is that OK?”.

“A big country, a tolerant country ought to be able to figure out the difference between discriminating someone because of their sexual orientation and not forcing someone to participate in a wedding that they find goes against their moral beliefs,”

It’s too bad those very high and Catholic Bush morals didn’t stop his brother from invading Iraq that resulted in the deaths of over 123.000 innocent Iraqi men, women. and children

Jeb Bush Comes Out In Favor Of Religious Liberty (Right To Discriminate) Bills

Jeb Bush at CPAC:  Don't Be Ridiculous, I Am Not Gay Friendly And Do Not Support Same-Sex Marriage


Speaking on the steps of the Georgia Statehouse on Thursday,  2016 GOP presidential candidate hopeful Jeb Bush  came out in support of anti-LGBT bills like the state’s proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act – legislation that would allow people to use their religion to discriminate against LGBT individuals.

The Washington Blade reports:

“I don’t know about the law, but religious freedom is a serious issue, and it’s increasingly so, and I think people that act on their conscience shouldn’t be discriminated against, for sure,” Bush said. “There should be protections, and so, as it relates to marriage equality — and that may change, the Supreme Court may change that. That automatically then shifts the focus to people of conscience, and, I don’t know, have their faith make — they want to act on their faith, and may not be able to be employed for example.” […]

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bush added, “People have a right to do that, just as we need to be respectful for people who are in long-term committed relationships. Sorting that out is important.” 

Same shit, different Bush.


Jeb Bush at CPAC: Don’t Be Ridiculous. I Am Not Gay Friendly And Do Not Support Same-Sex Marriage.

Jeb Bush CPAC


Via: the Washington Blade:

Despite a perception that he’s the most LGBT-friendly Republican in the field of potential presidential candidates, Jeb Bush said Friday he remains opposed to same-sex marriage. Onstage at the second day of the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Bush was asked if his views had changed on same-sex marriage by conservative commentator Sean Hannity. The former Florida governor was succinct in his reply: “No. I believe in traditional marriage.” The potential candidate — who once backed the efforts of his brother, former President George W. Bush, to pass a U.S. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage throughout the country — made the comments before a conservative audience as he tried to play down his support for immigration reform and federal education standards under Common Core.

And as for Tim Miller the openly gay traitor. quisling, and homo-COM that Bush hired as a communications director for his 2016 campaign.

Spin that and choke on your 30 pieces of silver Judas.

Ken Melhman 2: Electric Bugaloo – Jeb Bush Hires Gay Man As His Communications Director

Tim Miller self loathing homo


Jeb Bush, who has lately been pushing the meme that “he is his own man” has hired an openly gay man as his top communications aide as a precursor to his a presumed 2016 Republican presidential hopeful run .

The chosen quisling in question, Tim Miller, (pictured above right) is currently executive director of the America Rising Political Action Committee (PAC) and wrote on Twitter Friday (20 February): ‘Thrilled and honored to work for a great person with the right message.

Miller was deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee, worked on Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and was national press secretary of Jon Huntsman’s 2012 presidential campaign

Via Politico:

Jeb Bush plans to name Tim Miller, executive director of America Rising PAC, as his top communications aide, Republican sources told POLITICO on Friday. Miller initially will be a senior adviser to Bush’s Right to Rise PAC, and is expected to become communications director if Bush launches his campaign. Kristy Campbell, who has been the PAC’s chief spokesperson, likely will be national press secretary of the campaign, or have some senior communications adviser role. Miller is an aggressive, younger operative who can be expected to inject a pugilistic style into Bush’s high command. America Rising – based in Arlington, Va. — is the two-year-old GOP opposition-research group that relentlessly spattered Democratic Senate candidates during the last cycle.

Being a self loathing quisling sure must pay well.

*Many thanks to Fritz Liess for the awesome headline

Back2Stonewall’s Gay-ly News Round-up 1/11/2015



*  Rolling Stone tales on TLC’s “My Husband’s Not Gay” even though he really is but misses the fact that some the self -laothing Mormons involved are linked to the very dangerous and Evergreen/Northstar reperative therapy programs that were accused of torture.

* Tea Dance at Tiffany’s – Tiffany Jewelers features a gay couple  male couple in wedding ring ad.

* Virginia jumps on anti-gay hate wagon and introduces heinous “right to discriminate” law hiding behind “religious liberty.  Lets face it.  Virginia is for HATERS.

* Jeb Bush’s unseen anti-gay marriage emails exposed. Will Fred Sainz of the HRC still praise him?

* Evangelical Pastor and grifter Larry Tomczak:  “Taylor Swift will turn your children gay.” Hmmmm, I thought that was pro wrestling?

Nicole Kidman Thought Jimmy Fallon Was Gay.  Who hasn’t? 

* Gay wedding stalled in Mexico after haters claim the grooms are mentally ill and “suffer from madness”

* Queen’s guards rocked by complaint of gay soldier that he was bullied over period of years by senior colleague as Ministry of Defense launches investigation


The Democratic National Convention (DNC) Slams Jeb Bush Over Gay Marriage Statement

DNC Waffle


“It took Jeb Bush 69 words to say absolutely nothing – 69 words not to say, ‘I support marriage equality.’ Nothing’s changed. At the end of Bush’s statement, he still had the same position: he opposes the right of gay and lesbian Floridians – and all LGBT Americans – to get married and adopt children. If he wants to tell us he’s changed his position, great. But this was not that statement. It was typical Jeb Bush.” – The Democratic National Committee on yesterdays  statement by Jeb Bush about gay marriage in Florida.

Now we all know that Democrats are much better on LGBT issues than Republicans.  BUT lets remember that the DNC  did nothing to pass ENDA when they had the votes and never even considered repealing DOMA and constantly supports Blue Dog Democrats.