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Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Betty White Hoodies!, Jason Akermanis Whines, Director Don Roos Self Loathes, Enrique Iglesias Snaps His Junk and MORE!

Woman’s Wear Daily reports that Betty White “who has more street cred than people a quarter of her age” is launching her own line of T-shirts and hoodies that will hit stores in August.  Portions of sales for the will go to the Morris Animal Foundation, an animal health organization, for which White serves as a trustee.  Awwww We LOVE Betty!

*  Homophobic, bleached blond and butt ugly homophobe Australian Rules Football  player Jason Akermanis just won’t STFU!  Dude give it a REST!

* Openly gay movie  director Don Roos says that gay actors are distracting to homophobic audiences.  This comes from a hack homo director.  Self hate much Don?

*  Enrique Iglesias at a concert in Las Vegas took a camera from a fan pointed it down his pants and took a picture of his junk and gave the camera back. From what rumopurs we hear lets hope it had a telephoto lens/

*  Young and openly gay Kentucky House candidate Matthew Vanderpool, rejects contribution from Victory Fund: Saying that while he IS gay, he has no “gay agenda” and does not want to be in the groups back pocket.  Is this clever marketing to the haters in Kentucky? Because it’s really not tall hat clever.  Gay agenda or not they GOP and the Kentucky Redneks are ALWAYS going to hate and be against you.

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Spanxz For Men, Chris Coffer Was Bullied, Jason Akermanis’ Little Brother Rory Wants You To Forget His Bro Is A Homophobe, Jeremy Piven Waxes His…., and Britian’s Youngest Mayor Is A 24 Year Old Gay Man!

*  No need to worry about those love handels now that we have SPANXZ!  Who needs liposuction or abdominal sculpting when positive body images are just a compressing body-shaping garment away?  Not only is there Spanx For Men, but brands including Equmen and Sculptees actually exist. And they’re selling like hot cakes — at least how hot cakes sell to men who need squeeze-y tees that squish in their guts.

*  Jason Akermanis the Aussie Football League player who said gay athletes should stay closet is in a mess of trouble now First he stuck his foot in his mouth, then Akermanis said that his column had been edited to sound more homophobic (a lie, it turns out). A lot of guys in Ackermanis’ league started calling him out and some of his teammates said that all the press attention from the article effected their playing. And now after telling him to shut up, Akcermanis’ team The Western Bulldogs has demoted him. The only person in Akermanis’ corner? His little brother Rory:

“I know I’m biased, but every time he has an opinion people want to shoot him down. He wasn’t gay bashing. He was just saying the culture is not right to have a gay player come out. In my opinion, if a bloke does come out he would get hounded by opposition supporters. It would be sad, I think… what’s done is done… Whether he lied about the column or not, it doesn’t affect how he plays football. He just wants to get on with playing football … he wants to get his nerve right. I’m hoping they do nothing, just say that he needs a rest. I don’t know why they’d want to put him on suspension for writing an article.”

Isn’t that sweet?

*  Jeremy Piven waxes his NIPS!  Dude. PLEASE put it on!

*  Britain’s youngest mayor is a gay man: “Apart from their red robes and gold bling, mayors are known primarily for their venerable age. But Retford, in Nottinghamshire, has taken the radical step of appointing the youngest mayor in the country, 23-year-old Ian Campbell. Campbell was this month elected as a Labour district councillor for Bassetlaw, beating his Conservative rival by just 15 votes. Surprisingly, the Conservative-controlled council then nominated and voted Campbell to be mayor for the year…Campbell rose to prominence as a gay rights activist after being thrown out of his family home for coming out. In 2009, he was named Nottinghamshire’s young person of the year for his work visiting schools and colleges nationwide, and running workshops to counter homophobic bullying. His sexuality was not an issue during his campaign to be elected a councillor, which pleased him

*  Glee’s Chris Colfer discusses his beautiful voice (“It’s kind of a curse”) and how it inspired plenty of bullying when he was a kid on “The View”  (Dude we were ALL bullied as kids.)

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Evan Lysacek Wants A *cough" Girlfriend, Homophobe Aussie Footballer Jason Akermanis Egged, NYC Cuts 1 Mile Off Gay Pride March, Saddam Hussein Gay Sex Tape!, and "Liza With A OMG, WTF Are You Wearing?!"

*  Figure Skating Queen King Evan Lysacek says he’s in the market for a brand new girlfriend to keep him company and to “hang with”. (As in well hung?)  Poor Evan, a good Fag Hag is hard to find these days. (Oh come on.  Dude is so far back in the closet his mother tounge is Narnian.)

*  The home of Aussie Homophobe Footballer Jason Akermanis is receiving some feedback in the form of eggs:  The BIG BUTCH Fottballer who made headlines by telling gay soccer players to STAY IN the closet says “it was terrifying to have missiles thrown in the darkness at his house and car. ‘I’m not happy and I didn’t get a wink of sleep after it happened.”  Whaaaaaaaa,  whaaaaaa, whaaaaaaa.  Someone call this little terrified girl a Whaaaaambulace!

*  NYC’s Gay Pride March on June 27 will be nearly a mile shorter this year because the city is facing a budget shortfall and will step off at 36th Street and 5th Avenue rather than its usual starting point at 52nd and 5th.  A shorter route means denser, most festive crowds and a quicker finish. Instead of iot’s usual 6 hours.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

*  During planning for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA’s Iraq Operations Group kicked around a number of ideas for discrediting Saddam Hussein in the eyes of his people. One was to create a video purporting to show the Iraqi dictator having sex with a teenage boy.  Your country’s great bigoted military minds at work.

*  C’mon Liza..  First our ears and now our eyes?  We already defended you once this week with the “Put A Ring On It” cover.  We can’t afford to do it a second time.  PLEASE go get yourself a gay man to dress you.

Australian Footballer Jason Akermanis Defends His Homophobia

Jason Akermanis fought back against critics of his newspaper column, said that gay players should stay in the closet because they’re not welcome. Rugby player Ian Roberts and Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski were among those who slammed the remarks, and rightfully so.

Akermanis arrogantly tried to defend himself to MTR Radio:

“There’s articles everywhere written from these guys and all of them, of course, are gay so they think they know everything and they know more. They’re making it personal about me, which is a very dumb thing to do because all I wanted to do was debate the facts…Maybe I’ve got a problem with it. What am I supposed to do? Do you think I’m the only one? That is an uncomfortable situation to be in.”

Yeah, right Jason.  It’s hard being an ugly bigored asshole.  I feel so sorry for you.