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AZ Govemor Jan Brewer’s Attempt To Cut Gay Employee Partner Benefits BACKFIRES – STR8 Couples Lose Benefits, Gays Okay!

In a backhanded attempt to eliminate health care benefits to adult children and gay partners of state employees, AZ Govenor Jan Brewer and her demonic underlings created a plan to eliminate health benefits for all domestic partners gay and straight but her plan backfired and now only about 600 heterosexual, unmarried domestic partners of state workers will wind up ;osing the benefit while gay domestic partners and adult children can keep them.

The state was prevented from taking benefits away from gay couples because of the new federal health care law and a court ruling forcing the state to continue covering those groups, leaving opposite-sex partners the only class impacted by the cuts.

While “Death Panel” Brewer was on record saying that the cuts were a way to help balance Arizona’s budget.  But other AZ lawmakers onviously had other reasons in mind.

“It’s my belief that the state should not sanction heterosexual or homosexual relationships out of marriage,” said Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills. “It’s morally wrong, costly to the state and prone to abuse.”

The state provides insurance to employees, their children and their wives or husbands. “If you’re not in one of those categories, then you shouldn’t get the state benefit,” Kavanagh said

Gays 1 – Homophobic Bigots 0