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Pro LGBT Apple Experiences An Anti-Gay Marriage Glitch, Defines Marriage as One Man + One Woman

Apple Marriage definition

Apple is known to be the second most gayfriendly company in the country.  And it tries, it really does try to be all-inclusive.

Apple was an early adopter of LGBT-friendly hiring practices and scored a  perfect 100 in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for  offering  their employees LGBT-protections, domestic partner benefits, and  diversity  training—also setting a strong example for other large  corporations and  only does Apple have no history of donating to anti-gay causes, they also  famously donated  $100,000 to help beat Proposition 8.

But this week Apple has been caught in two very non-pro LGBT glitch.

The first being that on Apple notebook, if you come across the word “marriage” in and do the little “right click > define” thingy. You’ll see that Apple’s built-in definition for “marriage” is that of a “union between a man and a women”.

While groups and religious extremist accuse us of trying to “redefine marriage,” the stark reality is that the definition of “marriage” has changed , not will. HAS.  And its done so thanks to the majority of Americans who support gay equality, and Apple has even helped fight for it.

So Apple, I’m sending in this ticket.  PLEASE FIX THIS.  You know that the definition of marriage has expanded to include gay and lesbian couples.

It’s not that big of a tweak after all despite what some non-techies say

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