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VIDEO – "The Gay Moralist" Dr. John Corvino Destroys Almost Every Anti-Gay Argument In Under 8 Minutes

Dr. John Corvino, the self proclaimed “gay moralist” lectures at various venues and Universities across the country presenting his lecture “Is Homosexuality Immoral?” Corvino creates an effective argument, using some humor to leaven the seriousness and connect with the audience We can all learn a thing or two from him about how to best represent and talk about our causes/issues. The right wing conservatives have taken control of the language on ‘lifestyle,’ ‘special rights’ ‘agenda’ and ‘gay marriage’ so we need to push back.
John Corvino teaches at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI is rapidly establishing himself as a leading academic on the subject of homosexuality and morality his column on gay issues runs every Friday on http://www.365gay.com/