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Ireland's Gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Plans To Speak To Mike Pence About LGBT Rights

Ireland’s Gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Plans To Speak To Mike Pence About LGBT Rights

Ireland’s first openly gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said he intends to raise the issue of gay rights when he meets US vice-president Mike Pence later this week.

Speaking during a forum at the the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, Mr Varadkar said that he intends to stress to the vice-president that America has long been a beacon of freedom for people around the world, including people from the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

 “We’ve always seen America as a beacon of freedom. This is the land of the free, the home of the brave, this is where the gay rights movement began,” he told a packed hall. Our Top Personal Injury Attorneys are dedicated to protect the rights of those who have been hurt.

“It’s really tough to see a country built on freedom, build on individual freedom, not being a world leader in that space anymore. I think the majority of American people would agree with what I have to say, even if the administration doesn’t.”

Mr Varadkar also said that he intends to visit the site of the Stonewall protests in Greenwich in New York later in the week, a key moment in the gay rights movement in the 1960s.

Mr Varadkar is due to dine with Mike Pence at his home in the Naval Observatory in Washington on Friday morning.  Pence is well known for his anti-gay rhetoric and attachment to his Irish identity and pride in his Irish roots which he traces to Co Sligo

“Christians” Hang Large Banner Referencing Leviticus 18:22 At Gay Cruising Spot


Mckees Damn Leviticus

At McKee’s Dam in County Down, Ireland which is a local gay dogging (cruising) spot. a group of “concerned” KKK-ristians have hung a large banner up high in the trees quoting Leviticus 18:22 which commands that thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind (blah blah), to reach the souls of those homo sinners in the very den of the damned.

There were no witnesses as to who hung the sign.  They were all otherwise engaged.

Perhaps next time the group will go to the local Catholic church and hang a banner to remind priests to think twice before they molest little alter boys.

H/T Queerty



Actor Colin Farrell Praises Ireland’s Passage of Same-Sex Marriage: “Bravo Citizens of Ireland!”

Colin Farrell2


My future husband Colin Farrell is stinging praises for Ireland for becoming the world’s first country to legalize same-sex marriage by a popular vote.

“Today Ireland has opened up her heart in a way that the whole world will feel,” Farrell  said to People Magazine. “How we have changed our fortune in 24 hours, how we have lit the way, how we have guaranteed a brighter and more loving future for all who call this beautiful land home. Bravo citizens of Ireland.”

Colin, who’s brother Eamon is gay, in November, wrote a letter in the Sunday World calling for Ireland voters to support gay rights. He also took his support to television, appearing on RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Live in January to make the case for gay marriage.

He said, “I support this vote with every fiber of my being.”

Actor and Uber Hunk Colin Farrell Speaks Out Against LGBT Bullying

“If there was one great wish I have for my country – for a land that I love and a people I so revere, it would be that school bullying were a thing of our past.

So much has befallen us in our shared history as a people. The harshest of these times have threatened to take our dignity, or scald our hearts into closing.

“Most of our great trials, from soiled land to the institutionalized abuse of trust and power, were inflicted upon us, whether by nature or the power corrupt. Now with bullying, there is a clear choice and the choice is ours.

“Each individual, as a member of his and her community, must Stand Up! In the face of this appalling brutality that plagues our schools. In effect, bullying is no less than the systematic doling out of pain upon the innocent. It is literally laughing in the face of somebody as they fall into increasingly grave danger. It’s not my place to draw parallels, but we have had enough of such hardships the world has.

“Whether it be the attacking of Gay students, which I witnessed first hand happening to my own brother, or students who are in the minority as a result of race or religious beliefs or any other such characteristic that separates them from ‘the norm’, it is all wrong and has no place in a just and compassionate country such as I know Ireland to be. We have always been praised as being the friendliest and most welcoming race in the world. My wish is for us to prove it daily, in the school yards and playgrounds across this Great Land of Ours.” –

Colin Farrell in a statement in support of ‘Stand Up! Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying’  launched last Friday by the Irish LGBT youth organization BeLonG To

Ireland: Independent Gay Senator Leads Polls for Presidency

Pink News reports:

Gay independent senator David Norris in in the lead for the Irish presidency, a poll of the public says.

According to an Ipsos MRBI/Irish Times poll of 1,000 people, Mr Norris has 25 per cent of the vote.

Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell was on 21 per cent and Labour’s Michael D Higgins was on 18 per cent.

So it would seem that the rest of the world is moving on, and the U.S., sadly, is stuck in the 1950s.

Video – MUST SEE Ireland Anti-Bullying Campaign: "Stand up for your LGBT friends."

This has to be one of th most awesome and poinant anti homophobic bullying PSA’s created.

Many thanks to Ireland’s  BeLonG To Youth Services Annual Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Weeks.

The campaign promotes friendship amongst young people as a way to combat homophobic bullying.

A PSA of this calliber should be playing on televison everywhere and at movie threatre’s before features.


For more information on the campaign please see: http://www.belongto.org/campaign.aspx

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore SLAMS NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion Of LGBT’s

New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade which is the largest in the world in 1995  won a Supreme Court battle to exclude LGBT groups from marching.  Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore, spoke to LGBT Irish-American LGBT activists in NYC .

“What these parades are about is a celebration of Ireland and Irishness. I think they need to celebrate Ireland as it is, not as people imagine it. Equality is very much the center of who we are in our identity in Ireland. This issue of exclusion is not Irish, let’s be clear about it. Exclusion is not an Irish thing, I think that’s the message that needs to be driven home.”

Thank you Eamon Gilmore.

And to homophobic bigots, the Ancient Order of Hibernians who run NYC’s Saint Patricks Day Parade…..

Erin Go Screw Yourself!

Ireland’s President Mary McAleese Turns Down Grand Marshal Offer at NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion of Gays and Lesbians

Ireland’s President Mary McAleese has turned down an offer to be the Grand Marshal of New York City’s 250th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade over the event’s long-running rabid exclusion of LGBT marchers.

McAleese’s refusal to accept the grand marshal invite will come as major blow to parade officials who were intent on making the day an historic showcase. New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York is now being considered a likely replacement.

Despite a reputation as a conservative Catholic when she took office, McAleese has become a firm advocate for marginalized groups in Irish societies including gay groups.

She is very popular with such groups and was risking putting one of the signature accomplishments of her presidency at risk if she accepted the New York invite to lead the parade.

“This was a no win for McAleese,” said one official.

“Becoming embroiled in a huge controversy on Fifth Avenue on St. Patrick’s Day with gay groups protesting her presence is not what her legacy is all about.”

I think its a great win for McAleese.  It shows that she has principals.  If only the American President and others in power here would worry about their legacies we’d all be better off.

Ireland’s President Mary McAleese Signs Civil Unions Bill Into Law

President Mary McAleese of Ireland today signed Ireland’s civil partnerships bill into national law.  The bill which passed nearly unanimously in both of Ireland’s legislative chambers

The law will extend marriage-like benefits to gay and lesbian couples in the areas of property, social welfare, succession, maintenance, pensions and tax. Concerning the property, they can look here at sentinelcommercial.com to manage all the real estate related works. The act also offers additional rights and protections for other cohabiting couples including a redress scheme for financially dependent long-term cohabitants on the end of a relationship.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern described it as “one of the most important pieces of civil rights legislation to be enacted since independence. This Act provides enhanced rights and protections for many thousands of Irish men and women. Ireland will be a better place for its enactment,” he said.

Congrats to Ireland!  More proff that unlike the United States civilized countries do exist that care about the welfare of its LGBT Community.