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Indonesian Police Arrest 141 Men At ‘Gay Sex Party’ In Jakarta

Indonesian Police Arrest 141 Men At 'Gay Sex Party' In Jakarta

Indonesian police have arrested 141 men attending what they called a “gay sex party” at a sauna in the capital Jakarta late on Sunday.

Police said attendees, including a Briton and a Singaporean, paid 185,000 rupiahs ($14; £10) to attend.

Homosexuality is not illegal under Indonesian law, except in conservative Aceh province.

But Jakarta police spokesman Raden Argo Yuwono said some of those detained could be charged under Indonesia’s harsh anti-pornography laws.

“There were gay people who were caught strip-teasing and masturbating in the scene,” he told BBC Indonesian.

Under the ambiguously-worded laws, putting on a live strip show for the enjoyment of the public could be construed as “pornography”.

Indonesia has witnessed increasing hostility towards its small and low-profile LGBT community.

Earlier this month, Indonesian police arrested 14 people in the city of Surabaya for allegedly holding a gay party. They could also face charges under anti-pornography laws.

The recent swiftness and intensity of the attacks against Indonesia’s lesbian, gay, community has taken its members by surprise.

Defence Minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu has described the movement for gay rights in Indonesia as a form of a modern warfare – an attempt by Western nations to undermine the country’s sovereignty. Then former communications minister Tifatul Sembiring made a call on Twitter, where he has more than one million followers, for the public to kill any gay people that they find.

Protesters Take To The Streets Of India To Protest Re-Criminalization Of Gay Sex – Video

India protest gay

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Mumbai, New Delhi and other major cities in India to protest the high court’s decision Wednesday to uphold a colonial era law that criminalizes same-sex relations.

Al Jazeera reports:

It’s my fundamental right to decide who I should love,” said Rohan Mehta, a New Delhi-based businessman who was among the demonstrators on Sunday. “I will not let the court deprive me of my rights.”

Activists on Sunday said the ruling had evoked anger and dismay across the country, and said they were in the process of taking legal steps to undo the court’s decision.

India’s federal government is also reportedly considering passing quick legislation to overturn the Supreme Court verdict.

Top ministers of India’s Congress-led Progressive Alliance (UPA) indicated on Friday that the government may negate the court’s judgement through an ordinance, a shortcut way to pass a law without parliamentary discussion.

Many protesters wore black arm bands and carried rainbow-colored flags and banners that read “No going back!”

Bryan Fischer: India’s Ruling Proves the Gay Rights ‘Culture Trend’ Can be Stopped – Video

You knew it was coming……….

After this weeks shocking news that the Supreme Court of India reinstated a colonial era law that made gay sex illegal again since it had been ruled unconstitutional back in 2009.  Not missing a beat  American Family Association spokesdouche Bryan Fisher jump on the news like a rabid dog stating that India’s decision could be a model for other countries to stop the march of LGBT equality

Said Fischer:

“This shows, ladies and gentlemen, that it can be done. It shows that this cultural trend that we’re dealing with can be reversed, because for four years it was open season for homosexuals in India and now that drift away from cultural norms and moral norms, that’s been reversed in the country of India…Good law in India upheld by the Supreme Court.

Damn those activist judges… oh, wait.

So Fischer thinks that America should follow in the steps of a NON-CHRISTIAN 3rd. world country that legally allows men to rape women.

Yeah India is really something to aspire to becoming.

Queer India Youth Shut Down Mumbai With Bollywood Style Flashmob For Gay Rights – Video

A queer India youth advocacy group called Yaariyan shut down a major Mumbai plaza during rush hour with an intricate Bollywood-style dance routine to support LGBT rights

Very very awesome.

H/T to Lester Brathwaite of Queerty

Hundreds Gather and March In The 4th Annual Delhi, India Queer Pride Parade

A crowd estimated at over 500 people clad in multicoloured robes, turbans and flags – came together to demand equality for the LGBT community marching in the the Fourth Annual Delhi Queer Pride Parade.

Although Article 377 was removed the Delhi High Court  which decriminalised homosexual intercourse between consenting adults, homosexuality is generally considered a taboo subject by both Indian civil society and the government.

“On behalf of the LGBT community and the eunuchs of Delhi, we are all here to ask society to accept us as we are. We do not want to cause any trouble, and all we want to show is that we all stand together. Most of us are treated differently, but we want to tell people that there is no difference at all,” said Paritosh Mittal, a representative of the Sakhi Foundation.

The Delhi Queer Pride Community put forth several demands, including ending violence against LGBT community members doled out by the police and families, an anti-discrimination law to address gender identity issues and the end of discrimination against the community in educational institutes, hospitals and work places

"Great Soul" Author Joseph Lelyveld Faces Backlash After Supposedly Outing Ghandi As "Bisexual"

Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Lelyveld’s new book “Great Soul” a biography about Mahatma Gandhi is causing quite a stir.  The book about Gandhi’s struggle for social justice and the evolution of his social values, was banned in the western state Gujarat, India  in March when reviewers talked about a specific part of the book where Lelyveld talks about Gandhi’s relationship with a German man named Hermann Kallenbach, including a letter to Kallenbach that read, “How completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance.”  The book in itself never specifically alleges that Ghandi was gay or bisexual but that’s not stopping some from over-reacting and showing the stigma and intolerance that India’s culture has with homosexuality and bisexuality even here in the United States.

In India,  homosexuality was illegal until 2009 and still carries heavy social stigmas.

Early this month, an educational organization in Santa Clara, Calif., the Foundation for Excellence, canceled an appearance by Lelyveld,citing a desire to avoid controversy. The foundation provides scholarships for students in India. And The chairman of the Indian Americans of Lexington, Massachusettes has also cancelled a planned April 29 visit by Lelyveld.  Puran Dang said his group wanted to avoid any controversy for the historical society and decided to cancel the event in a decision relayed Thursday to Lelyveld’s publisher, Alfred A. Knopf.

Dang said his group met recently amid the tumult caused by the reviews and made the decision to call off Lelyveld’s appearance.  The email from the historical society to Knopf cited the Indian Americans of Lexington’s concerns about “the content of the Gandhi biography” in its decision to withdraw sponsorship. But Dang said it was all about avoiding any problems, though he said there had been no indication of any trouble at the Lexington event.

“We just took this innocent decision to make it smooth,” he said. “Nothing more.”

In response Lelyveld, a former executive editor of The New York Times sarcastically called  the group’s position as “a very courageous stand. It’s not a universal reaction,” he said. “I just think it created a small tempest and those who want to stay away can stay away.

In other less Pulitzer Prize winning type words……. Fuck em!

Sarah Palin Skips Medication: "I Would Have Won In 2008 If I’d Been The Top Of The Ticket"

Sarah Palin was in New Delhi, India March 19 for the annual India Today conclave, where she gave a speech on “My Vision for America.” The theme for this years conclave was “The Changing Balance of Power.” After her speech, Palin sat down for a Q and A session with India Today Editor-in-Chief and Session Chairman Aroon Purie, during which she blamed McCain for losing 2008, among other mildly amusing indications that she is running for President in 2012. When asked why she lost 2008, Palin snapped, “I wasn’t the top of the ticket!” Palin’s speech, by the way, was nothing new: Palin bashed green energy, called for more oil drilling, and made sure to blame Obama again for high gas prices (I suspect they know about the global market in India and might not be as prone to buying this jingle as Americans are). I have no idea how they translated her word salad; I couldn’t follow it in English. – Via Pam’s House Blend

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Bollywood Gay Themed Film "Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun" Faces Censors as Family of Actor Yuvraaj Parasher Disowns Him – Watch The Teaser Trailer For ""Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun" (Video)

Indian authorities are deciding weather or not to censor “Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun”, an Indian gay romance movie directed by Sanjay Sharma and compared by critics to Brokeback Mountain,  because of two gay kisses and a gay sex scene between stars Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj Parasher.

“Why should the censors be scandalised if two men are kissing and making love? Said Sanjay Sharma.  “The ones in my film are very aesthetic. And so what if it’s two men making love? Love is love regardless of gender.”

Bollywood has rarely mentioned homosexuality in the past and even heterosexual kisses are still unusual.  But since the Indian capital Delhi legalised homosexuality last year, homosexuality is very slowly becoming more accepted in culture.

One of “Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun”‘s stars, Yuvraaj Parasher has been disowned by his family and thrown of of the family home in Agra because of his role in the film. His father Satish Parasher told the newspaper:

“I feel what he has done is against the culture and tradition of our country and it challenges the purity of the relationship between a man and a woman. He kept us in the dark right from when he signed the film and told us that he is acting with a girl. When we heard about the poster and the things he has done in the film, we were shocked, hurt and humiliated. People will make fun of us and we won’t be able to live peacefully ever again.” and added.   All the dreams and hopes we had built around him are over. For just a film role, he has lost out on his blood ties. We don’t want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying.” The family claim that no woman will consider marrying him after playing a gay man on-screen.

A recent film, Dostana, showed two men pretending to be gay in order to win over a female love interest, but Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun is the first big release to tackle the issue of homosexuality seriously.  And is having a serious impact within the Bollywood film industry.

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Gerard Butler’s Bi (cepts), HRC’s 25 Million Dollar Facebook App, David Duchovny Would Do Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, Christian Bale’s Bulge Countdown, and Imran Khan Is The New Bollywood Studly Gay Icon

*  Gerard Butler (admitted Bisexual) buffed up his tree trunk arms while shooting his new movie, Coriolanus in in Belgrade, Serbia.  Coriolanus is actor Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut (he also stars in the movie) with William Hurt, Eddie Marsan, Jessica Chastain and Vanessa Redgrave also star.  Unfortunately Gerard WILL NOT be wearing small trunks and a cape.

* WOW, The Human Rights Campaign lunches an EDNA Facebook app!. 25+ Million a year in Donations and this is the best that they can do.

* David Duchovny wants to be on Team Jacob and Edward!:  “If I were gay, you know. I think Woody Allen is one of a long list of men I might go gay for…Garry Shandling is someone I’ve publicly gone gay for, for jokes. Oh and anyone in the Twilight movies.  I don’t know any of their names, but all of them. The wolves, the vampires? They’re all fantastic.””  I want to see the Duchovney/Lautner/Pattinson sex tape!  Go David!

*  Only 2 more years until we get to see Christian Bale’s bulge when the new Batman movie comes out!

*  Imran Khan recently posed for a series of shirtless pictures and  the results have his gay fans in India pushing to make him an icon.  According to The Times of India, the production company producing his next film has made the following claim: “For three days now, we have been getting weird calls from various people who seem to have been so impressed by Imran’s shirtless pictures that they insist he’s the next gay icon. Some of them said he’s turning out to be the sex symbol they’ve been waiting for.”   I’d do him.