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Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million Reward For Information Leading to the “Impeachment And Removal” Of Donald Trump

Hustler magazine founder and First Amendment hero Larry Flynt will run a full-page ad in the Washington Post offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the “impeachment and removal for office of “Donald J. Trump.”


The REAL Behind The Candelabra – Liberace’s Las Vegas Entrance 1981 w/ Scott Thorson – Video

The REAL Behind The Candelabra

Now that everyone is hopefully recovered from viewing Behind the Candelabra last night on HBO.  Here is a Liberace “Music Video” which includes his entrance to one of his Vegas Shows from 1981 which includes Scott Thorson.

The REAL Scott Thorson met Liberace in 1976, when he was 17, (not 40 like Matt Damon) through his friendship with Hollywood film producer Ray Arnett but Scott’s story gets even stranger after Liberace dies.

Last night when Liberace was watching the porn movie starring John Holmes it was actually a nod to Thorson’s future.

In In 1989, Thorson emerged as a pivotal witness in the prosecution of gangster Eddie Nash in the 1981 quadruple murders of the Wonderland Gang which was retaliation for a robbery of Nash’s home perpetrated two days earlier by three to five men. A key player in the incident, porn performer John C. Holmes,   Thorson was at Nash’s house the day before murders occurred and heard Nash threaten to kill  the Wonderland gang while beating the shit out of Holmes for helping them with the robbery.

For his testimony, he was placed in the federal witness protection program but n 1990, he was shot five times when drug dealers broke into his hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida.

Oh and for the end card when it states that the now 54 year old Thorson currently resides in Reno, Nevada.

He does indeed, at Washoe County Jail.


Hustler Icon Larry Flynt To EXPOSE Gay Republican Senator Within The Nex Few Months, Renews Offer Of 1 Million Dollars For Dirt On Other Politicians (Video)

Larry Flynt: who the original “free speech” and “expose the hypocritcal asshole politicans” has renewed the call offering 1 Million Dollars for dirt and eveidence on Republican politicans.  “We know we’ve got a gay senator. We just like to see him come out of the closet. And I think we’ll be exposing that in the next few months if he doesn’t.”  Flynt said in an interview today on CNN.

High ranking Pennsylvania Republican who talks about family values on TV but doesn’t believe in it probably is the former Congressman & current Senate andidate Pat Toomey.

Hell Larry, if I had concrete proof I’d give it to you for free!  But the rest of you ouyt there. 

If you have the DIRT send it to LARRY FLYNT!

Saudi National Gay Hustler Acquitted In NYC Gay Sex Assault Trial

27-year-old Saudi national Naief Al-mateiry has been acquitted after a trial during which prosecutors alleged he sexually assaulted a 69-year-old man he met outside the Townhouse, a gay bar on East 58th Street.

Al-mateiry was aquitted of kidnapping and rape brought by a 79 year-old freelance consultant who says he was beaten, held captive and repeatedly sodomized in his own west 90s apartment during a gay-date rape from hell 14 months ago. “Al-mateiry didn’t testify but his lawyer claimed he was just a gigolo and the case amounted to ‘rough sex for money between two consenting adults.'”

Both sides agree the two men met at the upscale, east side piano bar Townhouse on a winter night in 2009. The Townhouse, owned by gay nightlife mogul Bob DeBenedictis, describes itself “as a gay bar that appreciates older gentlemen of exquisite taste along with those who admire them.” (It’s a upscale hustler bar.)