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Obama Bars U.S. Entry For Violators Of LGBT Human Rights Abroad

Well all I can say is that it’s about time! President Obama today issued a proclamation (full text after the break) barring entry to the United States for anyone who “participate[s] in serious human rights and humanitarian law violations and other abuses.” From the Washington Blade:

Specific language in the proclamation explicitly states that those who persecute people based on their “sexual orientation and gender identity” are among the categories of those who won’t be able to enter the United States.

This is especially important where homophobic African countries (e.g. Uganda and Ghana) are concerned. President Obama is finally catching up to where most European Union countries have been for a while.

While this is a great first step, more needs to be done. All U.S. aid to countries who tollerate and allow human rights violations and unfettered violence against the LGBT community need to have any and all U.S. aid withdrawn. The simple fact is “Money talks.” I do, however, want to applaud President Obama for taking this step. Better late then never.

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Vancouver Catholic School "The Little Flower Academy" Tells Lesbian Teacher To Stay Home

Vancouver, Canada’s Catholic all- girl school “The Little Flower Academy”, (I’m not even going to make the joke that I can at this) told Lisa Reimer, a music teacher who in Decemeber disclosed her sexual orientation when she asked for leave because her partner was having a baby has been told to “to start working from home”.

“The principal told Reimer the administration had no concerns about her ability to teach but that many parents were worried about her potential influence on students, the Pride Network said. Reimer does not expect to have her contract renewed, the group said. In a news release late Wednesday, Little Flower Academy’s chair, Celso Boscariol, said he “was quite surprised” by Reimer’s statements…”Little Flower Academy is a publicly funded religious school,” said Steve LeBel of the Pride Education Network in a statement released by the group on Wednesday morning. ‘They are clearly discriminating against Ms. Reimer on the basis of her family status and sexual orientation. In 2010, it is absolutely unfathomable that any school would insinuate that students could be led into homosexuality by having a lesbian teacher, and then fire that teacher.'”

So here we go proving yet again how stupid and bigoted rich catholics are no matter what country they reside in.  At least now they will they have to shell out for the human rights violations and possible loss of public financing and their precious pampered daughters are learning firsthand how religious bigots treat LGBT people.