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Gay Man Convicted Of Sodomy And Executed In Iran’s Marvdasht, Fars Province

Reports via The Jerusalem Post are stating that a gay man was sentenced and hung last week for committing the crime of “sodomy” with another man in Iran.

According to JP via Pink News Iran’s judiciary imposed the death penalty on a man only identified as Ch. M. in  Marvdasht, Fars province, on April 19 “for allegedly engaging in ‘sodomy’ with  another man

Gholamhossein Chamansara, the attorney-general of Marvdasht, told  the government-controlled Iranian Fars News Agency that a man (Ch. M.)  was sentenced to death because of his “despicable/heinous act that contradicted  Shari’a Muslim laws.”

The Iranian Human Rights  Activists News Agency (HRAN) stated that the reference to ‘despicable/ heinous  act’ indicates that the death penalty was carried due to same-sex acts. However  the judiciary regulatory office in Fars Province was unwilling to give more  precise information about the case and the type of sexual activities of the  executed man.

The British Guardian earlier this month translated remarks from Grand Ayatollah Abdollah  Javadi-Amoli, who said, “Even animals… dogs and pigs don’t engage in this  disgusting act [homosexuality], but yet they [Western politicians] pass laws in  favor of them in their parliaments.”

In an interview last week with the Die Welt am Sonntag,  Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu commented on Iran’s human rights  record.  “After all they stone women, they hang gays – this is a backward,  dark medieval regime that imposes its tyranny on its own people. Shoots them on  the sidewalk, goes into their homes, culls the Internet, takes people away at  night,” he said.

LGBT human rights activists have been loudly critical in recent months of the  Human Rights Watch for failing to focus on the rise of  persecution of gays in the Islamic Republic and elsewhere in more “civilized” sections of the Middle East like Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and Eqypt where homosexuality is punished by long prison terms and possibly death.

Polish Gay Rights Activist Robert Biedroń Brutally Beaten By Police In Warsaw

Robert Biedroń (pictured left) a member of the board of the Polish gay rights group Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) was arrested and beaten by police officers in Warsaw on Thursday afternoon, the group has revealed. 

Biedroń was observing, on behalf of KPH, the ‘Independence March’ organised by radical right wing nationalist groups National Radical Camp (ONR) and the All-Polish Youth (MW). When antifascist groups tried to block the march. “I went there as an observer for the Campaign Against Homophobia,” Mr Biedroń told a press conference at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights on Friday

“They took out individual people, including me, from the crowd,” Mr Biedroń said. “But the worst thing happened in the police car. There, I was left alone with an officer. And, in simple words, I was brutally beaten.  “I’ve dealt with human rights protection for many years now and I’m devastated by what happened.”

Tomasz Szypuła, president of KPH issued this statement on Sunday:

“Robert Biedroń, member of the KPH Board and its former President, accidentally fell victim to this violent behaviour.  He was apprehended and beaten, not only at the moment of arrest, but also later, when he was handcuffed in a police car. For over 20 hours he was not advised of the grounds of the apprehension, the police did not provide him with the record of apprehension and denied him contact with his lawyer and his next of kin.

We are appalled and saddened by the conduct of the police. We fail to understand how such situations can still take place in a democratic state. For many years now, KPH has worked with the police to further improve the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms. On 11 November our trust in the police was abused. We demand that the misconduct of the officers be investigated and the perpetrators be punished.”