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Chris Kluwe Becomes First Professional Athlete Ambassador For Hudson Taylor’s Athlete Ally

Despite the fact that Minnesota Vikings assistant coach Mike Priefer hopes that Chris Kluwe would “lay off the attention-getting proclamations”, as he calls them which have included LGBT and marriage equality.  Chris has stepped forward and has become the first professional athlete Ambassador for Hudson Taylor’s Athlete Ally.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to announce that the NFL’s Chris Kluwe has joined our Athlete Ally Ambassador Program. In doing so, he’ll represent the first professional athlete in a program that already includes a long list of committed college athletes across the country who encourage other athletes, coaches, and fans to challenge homophobia in sports. Kluwe has been an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights in the sporting arena and beyond for some time now, and I am truly excited to welcome him to the team.

Kluwe, the punter for the Minnesota Vikings, took it upon himself to stand up as an advocate earlier this year, writing op-ed pieces in defense of equal rights and those who fervently support them. His efforts have already done a lot of good in American football and sporting culture, and I’m confident that his work with Athlete Ally will allow this trend to continue.”

When I founded Athlete Ally, the vision was for straight athletes to stand up for and respect gay athletes, because it’s the right thing to do. Chris Kluwe epitomizes this vision and will help us take our efforts to more people.

As our first pro Athlete Ally Ambassador, Kluwe will be a liaison between the organization and the NFL, help promote Athlete Ally’s mission to end homophobia in sports by speaking out to his team, league, and fan base, and will encourage his colleagues to join in the effort. –  24 year old college wrestler and founder of Athlete Ally – Hudson Taylor

 Chris Kluwe Trivia:  In the 1oth grade Chris Kluwe took the SAT’s and recieved a perfect store.

Video – Hunky NCAA Straight Ally Hudson Taylor Spotlighted In The Buick Human Highlight Reel

Hudson Taylor is in the latest athlete featured in the Buick Human Highlight Reel.  The HHR series features former NCAA student athletes who are doers, leaders, and game-changers in their communities

Hudson Taylor believes that sports should be for everyone. He created Athlete Ally—a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering athletes to consider their status as role models and be conscious of the words they choose, eliminating the homophobic language that is all too prevalent in sports.

A great athlete and a great human being.