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Louisiana Family Values GOP Politician Who Admitted to Sexting Gay Teen: I’m Not Gay – Video


Recently we reported on Mike Yenni, a “family values”Republican politician who represents Louisiana’s largest parish, who is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly having sexted a 17-year-old male.

Yenni who  is 40, married and has a three-year-old daughter  reportedly met the teen at a function at the teen’s Catholic high school when he was mayor of Kenner, Louisiana in 2015.

In a lengthy sit-down interview with Louisianna’s channel WVUE, Yenni insists there was no sex involved and that he is definitely, totally and emphatically not gay.

“We had some off color texts,” said Yenni in the interview.

“Did you mean what you wrote?”, asked the interviewer Lee Zurik.

Replied Yenni: “Probably not, because nothing was acted upon. You know, there was… there was no sex, you know? Everybody thinks, oh, something sexual happened. But there was no sex. They think these things… they think things were acted upon. They think there was, you know…. this was over a period, you know, the total time frame, probably less than two weeks.”

“So, if you’re not going to act out on it, why do it?”, asked Zurik.

“Exactly what I ask myself every day,” said Yenni.

Yenni insisted that the teen he sexted with made up parts of the story involving gifted underwear and kissing:

“I think what they’ve done is a not-so-veiled attempt at gay bashing. That’s my opinion of all of this. I really believe that, the way they’ve thrown these words out there, and the way… the way they’ve tried allude to certain things… by trying to define me as a person I’m not. By his pleadings….Like, in other words, what he’s trying to say in his pleadings, ‘He is a pedophile, he is an admitted homosexual. And that is not true. I’ve never admitted that. It doesn’t define me either. ..To simply say, I’m not gay.