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OHIO - Man Arrested After Threatening LGBT High School Students.

OHIO – Man Arrested After Threatening LGBT High School Students.

Brandon Moore, 42, was arrested on Wednesday evening after threatening LGBT students at a public high school south of Dayton. Ohio.

At 9:00am last Wednesday Moore called Kettering Fairmont High School to threaten LGBT students, a Kettering Police Department Public Information Officer said. School officials said the threat was not specific to anyone but broad in scope. “Following district safety protocols, Fairmont’s on-site School Resource Officer was made aware of the phone call,” the district said.

Kettering Police identified the caller around noon as Brandon Moore of Beavercreek, and his home and place of employment were identified.

Police said Moore had been arrested and charged with telecommunications and disturbing the peace violations. The was no mention of any future hate crime charges being filed.

Kettering Fairmont High School has been the focus of attention in the wake of two LGBTQ+ students being crowned king and queen at last month’s prom.

Republican Ohio House Speaker Rejects LGBT Anti-Discrimination Protections for Staff

Republican Ohio House Speaker Rejects LGBT Anti-Discrimination Protections for Staff

Rabidly anti-LGBT Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder rejected a Democratic Minority Leaders request to add LGBT protections to the House’s anti-discrimination policy on Tuesday.

Householder’s decision means that Ohio House staff are the ONLY employees across all three branches of Ohio state government that are not protected by an anti-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.

Minority Leader Emilia Sykes’ of Akron who made the request asked Householder why he decided not to include LGBT protections in the policy. He insanely told her it was because Ohio’s anti-discrimination law doesn’t include LGBT individuals.

The Ohio Senate’s anti-discrimination policy covers sexual orientation, and Gov. Mike DeWine issued an executive order upon taking office continuing his predecessor and fellow Republican John Kasich’s ban on employment discrimination in state agencies based on “gender identity or expression.”

The Ohio Supreme Court and the offices of the Ohio secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, and state auditor – all controlled by Republicans – each also have anti-discrimination policies based on sexual orientation, according to spokespeople from the respective offices.

Gail Crawley, he spokeswoman for Householder replied with an email Tuesday about his decision stating:.

“The Ohio House of Representatives values its staff and is committed to an inclusive, professional work environment,” Crawley said in a statement. “It is the ongoing practice of the Ohio House to evaluate employees based on their knowledge, skills and abilities.”

Householder is a notoriously known anti-immigration, anti-choice and anti-LGBT bigot known for most recently using his clout to shut down a Drag Queen Story-hour and PRIDE event at the Delaware County library.

#ByeFelicia! – Phil Burress Head Of Ohio’s AFA and FRC Affiliated Hate Group the Citizen for Community Values Calls It Quits.

CCV Phill Burress Retires

Phil Burress the head the Ohio-based, right wing extremist LGBT hate group the Citizens for Community Values, says he plans to “retire” following the November elections.

Phil Burress, a good friend of Brian Fischer told The Columbus Dispatch he plans to spend time with his family after leaving his position as president of the CCV, based in the Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville. 

The CCV proudly boasts that its affiliated with the known anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and Fischer’s American Family Association

“It’s time to move on,” Burress said. “I’m 74 and in great health. About a year and half ago, after praying about it, my wife and I decided this was the right thing to do.”

Burress spearheaded a campaign in 2004 to ban same-sex marriage in Ohio. The constitutional amendment was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015.

Burress said his retiring is “not about the fact I lost the fight” over same-sex marriage.

Burress — who has admitted that he was “once” addicted to pornography — began volunteering with the group more than three decades ago. He joined its board of directors and became president in 1991.

For 25 years, he says, his waking hours were dominated by the need to view pornography. It destroyed his ability to be a loving husband, cost him financially and kept him emotionally estranged from people who should have been close.

He said the group has helped pornography addicts and some involved in human trafficking. It also has helped people “walk away from homosexuality,” Burress said.

The President of the CCV’s  sister organization in California was one of the leaders for “Yes on 8”. The CCV itself has most Republican politicians in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky regions in their pockets and have fought to repeal anti-gay discrimination laws and human rights ordinances throughout the state of Ohio.

Burress and the CCV seem to be able to fly under the radar in the rest of the county outside the Midwest because the group hiding behind their “anti-pornography campaign” and they localize their anti-gay hate movement to the Midwest.  But one trip to their website spells out bluntly where they stand on LGBT individuals. (All in the name of Christ, of course)

The CCV takes part as members of The National Pro-Family Forum on Homosexuality – This group includes representatives from most of the national pro-family organizations and meets every three months, usually in Washington, D.C. The group’s first organized effort was the National Campaign to Protect Marriage that mobilized national and local pro-family leaders in all 50 states to work together to defend traditional “one man-one woman” marriage. However, their major achievement has been The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other similar laws that were passed in 36 states since 1996. Another major achievement of this forum was the “Truth in Love” full-page ad and campaign printed in many major newspapers and on TV

Even more alarming than the destructive effect upon the individual is the threat that the activists’ agenda poses upon society as a whole. Again we repeat, the traditional family-one father, one mother, and their natural or adopted children-is the basic building block of society. Not just our society, but society as a whole. The history of civilization proves that when a particular society strays from this norm, that society deteriorates.

Homosexual activists are not simply seeking acceptance of individuals who engage in homosexual behavior. Rather, the primary, clearly stated focus of their agenda is normalization, complete social acceptance, of homosexual relationships and the undermining of the traditional family. Just as we cannot stand by silently and watch individuals lured into a destructive lifestyle, we also cannot stand by silently and watch militant activists chip away at the very foundation of our cultural heritage and our Judeo-Christian belief system.

One very important part of the homosexual activists’ agenda is to raise the awareness of homosexuality, or simply stated, to talk about homosexuality frequently and loudly. In virtually every area of our lives, the homosexual activists have been successful in raising the homosexual issue. Every one of us has been forced to be a part of the argument regarding homosexuality and marriage; homosexuality and adoption; homosexuality and civil rights; homosexuality and minority status; homosexuality and the armed forces.

Burress will be replaced by Aaron Baer, a policy adviser to Arizona’s attorney general. And was a staunch defender of Arizona’s infamous SB 1062, the anti-LGBT state law that Jan Brewer vetoed.


Ohio GOP State Senator Working To Introduce Anti-Trans “Bathroom Bill” in the Buckeye State

John Becker To Introduce Anti Trans Bathroom Bill In Ohio

Notoriously anti-gay Ohio state representative John Becker wants a North Carolina-style anti-trans “bathroom law” introduced in the Buckeye State and his doing his best to make it happen.

Cincinnati.com reports:

Becker, R-Union Township, is floating a proposal that he says would protect Ohioans from sexual predators posing as transgender people to gain access to women’s bathrooms, possibly by requiring transgender people to use unisex or single-stall bathrooms.

He cited a Seattle case where a man, apparently making a point about the city’s nondiscrimination laws, undressed in a women’s locker room. The conservative American Family Association raised similar concerns while protesting Target’s transgender bathroom policy, which allows customers and employees to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. “It sounds like it’s a concern for John. It’s not much of a concern for those who live in the real world.”

“My concern is sexual predators posing as transgender people to gain access to women’s facilities,” said Becker, who represents northwestern Clermont County. “I’m not suggesting that transgender people are sexual predators. I’m sure the vast majority are honest citizens going about their daily business.”

Becker somehow managed to get elected into Ohio’s State House of Representatives in 2012. As it turns out, the myriad of wacky “letters to the editor” he wrote to the Cleveland Dispatch over those two decades seem to not be too much of a fluke, as since he’s found his way into the Ohio State Legislature, he’s continued to suggest ideas that aren’t as much partisan and conservative as they are flat out insane.

His key issue abortion, has Becker’s forte for two decades. In June of 2014, he was openly mocked after he pitched HB 351 in Ohio, which would ban insurance companies from covering abortion.  By “abortion” Becker’s  includes the most effective form of birth control, the IUD when it was explained to Becker what an IUD actually was he said, “Well, I’m not a medical doctor.”

After Ohio was asked by a federal judge to recognize gay marriages on death certificates to honor same sex couples’ benefits for the widowed spouse, Becker repeatedly calling for the impeachment of the judge who gave the ruling comparing gay marriage to polygamy and bestiality. Which comes as no  shock, considering when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage, he wrote another “letter to the editor” where he called for the entire state of Massachusetts to be kicked out of the United States. (he also advocated that they be kicked out of the United States.)

Feel free to peruse this anti-LGBT GOP right-wing  extremists voting record by clicking HERE.

Mission: America Hatefrau Linda Harvey and CCV’s Phil Burress: We Endorse Ted Cruz He’s Anti-Gay and Dreamy

Linda Harvey slime

Columbus, Ohio Hatefrau Linda Harvey of Mission: America who recently complained about  how she and other anti-gay activists are running out of places to shop. Today “officially” endorsed Ted Cruz for President alongside two other D-list haters Phil Burress ex-porn addict and now President of Cincinnati’s anti-gay hate group the Citizens for Community Values and Whack-a-doodle Molly Smith of Cleveland Right to Life a joint press release issued Monday. The release directs supporters to the website of Keep The Promise, a pro-Cruz Super PAC led by Religious Right activist David Barton, but the endorsements have not been promoted by the PAC or the Cruz campaign, at least not yet.

Buress is a close friend of Brian “Grampa’s off his meds again” Fischer of the American Family Association and his organization the CCV is fully embroiled in Ohio politics brags about being officially affiliated with the unholy trinity of anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council, the AFA and Focus on the Family.

Harvey who runs the one woman hate group Mission: America and somehow manages to have a weekly radio show has claimed that efforts to combat bullying of LGBT young people amount to “sexual abuse.”

Said that gays “were not born this way, but created through sexual indoctrination” and now want to recruit kids in turn.

Worried that LGBT youth are possessed by “demonic spirits.”

Said that gay pride parades are signs of God’s impending judgment on America and “ought to be banned.”

Backed Jamaica’s law criminalizing homosexuality. 

And has actually loves gay people, but supporting gay rights is “the least compassionate, the meanest and most hateful thing you can do” because that will “accelerate and confirm this behavior in more and more people in our country.”

Welcome to Ohio.

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Ohio hell

Ohio State Rep Steps Up To Introduce Bill To Help Fight Against LGBT‏ Discrimination



Ohio State Rep. Michael Stinziano (D) has picked up the gauntlet and plans to introduce legislation to help small cities protect their LGBT residents from housing and employment discrimination over the next three weeks.

The LGBT community is not a protected under Ohio law, but the bill would permit the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to investigate complaints.

Currently the civil-rights commission already has been doing something similar to what Stinziano is proposing but they have no power to do anything.

“Technically, they (Ohio Civil Rights Commission ) can review the cases,” said Bexley, Ohio Councilwoman Deneese Owen who is lead sponsor of ordinance to include LGBT as a protected class in housing and employment in her city. “But they get dropped for lack of jurisdiction if they don’t pertain to gender stereotyping (which the commission can handle).”

Gender stereotyping occurs when a woman is considered to be too manly or a man too feminine, said Keith McNeil, director of regional operations for the commission. In some cases, including two in Ohio involving transsexuals, federal courts have ruled that gender stereotyping is discrimination.

Currently less than a dozen Ohio cities provide protection for some in the LGBT community regarding housing and employment.

“It’s all in bits and pieces in this state,” said Back2Stonewall.com editor Will Kohler. Its very hard to get protections for our community passed in many cities in Ohio. Some try but the resolutions to protect members of the LGBT community are either killed in committee or gutted so in the end that they offer little or no real protections at all.”

Columbus is the only central Ohio city on the list with an ordinance listing all LGBT’s as a protected class

Owen said the state should adopt a uniform code that protects all groups so the protection doesn’t differ from city to city