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UPDATE: Amazon.com Follows B&N, Pulls “I’m Not Gay Just A Sissy” Calendar From It’s Website – BOOYAH!

Oh Boo Hoo Hoo.

Poor Joe King. the hateful, tasteless, KKKhristan cartoonist’s hate calendar was looked at for its talent and class (or lack of ) and wasn’t able to hide behind the lame ass “Religion and First Admendent” argument that its okay to talk and spread hate to make a buck off it.  And he got BUSTED for violating Amazon.com’s and Barnes & Noble’s Terms of Service against the selling and spreading of hate speech.

Kicked off Barnes & Nobles
Kicked off Amazon.com
And….The Calendar also seems to be gone from his CafePress Store.

GREAT WORK ALL!  Okay. So who’s next?

Tony Perkins!?