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#NoCarolina: Google Ventures Stops Funding North Carolina Startups Because Of Anti-LGBT Law

Google Ventures Boycotts North Carolina

Google Ventures will not invest in say North Carolina startups as long as the new anti-gay law that allows discrimination  against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people remains in place. “I am not comfortable deploying dollars into startups there until the voters there fix this,” Google Ventures CEO Bill Maris wrote in a note to the company’s partners, according to tech website Recode.

It’s a personal issue for Maris, who lived in the state as a neuroscience researcher at Duke University. “I have great faith in the people there and a lot of affinity for the state and its people,” he wrote in an email. “I am hopeful this will be repealed quickly.”

Google Ventures, which manages $2.4 billion, has a history of backing enterprises in biotech and life sciences, fields from which many North Carolina companies are emerging.