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PSA: Everything You NEED To Know About the Alliance Defending Freedom Anti-LGBT Hate Group But Were Afraid To Ask – Video

 Alliance Defending Freedom Anti-LGBT Hate Group 101

Media Matters teaches a Hate Groups 101 class and fills you in on the Alliance Defending Freedom anti-LGBT hate group.

ADF is a right-wing legal powerhouse that’s been linked to nearly every recent attack on LGBT equality and women’s reproductive health care. The group has testified against Planned Parenthood and was a major player in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby case. Legislation like North Carolina’s bathroom law and Indiana’s “religious freedom” law are the products of ADF’s behind-the-scenes legal work. The group shops extreme model legislation to state lawmakers across the country, testifies in favor of those laws, and then defends them in local and national media.

But news networks that host ADF often identify them as a “Christian” or “conservative” legal organization, failing to mention the group’s history of smearing the LGBT community and working to criminalize homosexuality. ADF has helped defend laws in Belize and Jamaica that would put people in prison for engaging in gay sex. The group opposes anti-bullying efforts, which it believes will indoctrinate “impressionable” children into homosexuality. Alan Sears, the group’s current president, co-wrote a book which claims that homosexuality and pedophilia are “intrinsically linked.” At a recent conference, one ADF attorney claimed that the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard had been falsely depicted as an anti-gay hate crime in order to advance the “homosexual legal agenda.”

News networks that choose to give ADF airtime to defend rolling back LGBT and abortion rights should be honest with their audiences about who ADF is, rather than letting them get away with posing as a reasonable conservative legal group.

Please take a few minutes and watch the video below.  While many of you know about the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, the ADF is not only behind much of the anti-LGBT movement but they are also linked to and work with these other hate groups in tandem to try to destroy our lives in the name of “God”.