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ANONYMOUS Hacks 50 Ugandan Goverment Websites In Retaliation For Persecution Of LGBT Community

GSec (Grey Security), a hacking crew associated with the international hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is claiming responsibility for hacking and defacing multiple Ugandan websites, including websites belonging to the Ugandan parliament in retaliation for governement intimidation and harassment of the LGBT community in Uganda.

In a Pastebin release dated June 25, Anonymous released the following message to the Ugandan government:

Message to the Government of Uganda:

So… What now?

We have full access to at least 50 of your websites, and even more are being hacked and (D)DOS’d. This is becoming much bigger than we expected, and this is exactly what we were aiming for. This operation is going world-wide, and everyone is helping out. You want to put people to death, only because they have different likings than you do… Your stereo-types are pathetic, and so are you and your security.

This will continue, until you change your ways and beliefs of LGTB. There is no need to put people to death for this, and we will not tolerate it.

We have access to your official Bank, to your official news websites, to your department of defence.

Put this to a stop now, or else it all goes right here… On pastebin.

Anonymous explains in  a second message via Pastebin, also released on June 25th:,  “The reasoning behind these multiple defaced and DOS’d websites is simple.  We do not and will not ever stand for gay/lesbian discrimination.” The announcement goes on to warn all Ugandan officials “to prepare for a war you can not and will not withstand.”


Source:  National Anonymous Examiner




NOM Hacked AGAIN! – Brian Brown’s Twitter Account Hacked!

What a wonderful way to start a morning!

To the ANONYMOUS person doing this. @tperkins and @PeterLaBarbera could use a good spanking also.

Just saying…..