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CBO Predicts 24 Million Americans Could Lose Coverage Under TrumpCare aka “The Cheaper To Die Act”


Business Insider reports:

The Congressional Budget Office on Monday released a much-anticipated report detailing the possible effects of the American Health Care Act, the GOP leadership’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The CBO projected that as many as 14 million Americans could lose their coverage due to the AHCA in 2018. As the Medicaid changes went into effect, the CBO projects this could rise to 24 million by 2026.

Critics of the law had been pointing to the CBO score as a way to fully understand the potential impact of the AHCA on the federal budget and the US healthcare system. The White House and proponents of the AHCA have spent much of the past week casting doubts on the CBO score, in an attempt to blunt the expected blow from the report.

In a press conference last week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said, “If you’re looking at the CBO for accuracy, you’re looking in the wrong place.” Other White House surrogates like National Economic Council chair Gary Cohn and Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney criticized the CBO’s accuracy in interviews on Sunday.

And as an added Death Bonus it guts Medicare and puts our elders at serious risk.

In the past Donald Trump and the GOP have used past CBO estimates to attack President Obama and Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act.

Caitlyn “Quisling” Jenner Tries Explains Why She’s a Republican and No One Gives A Damn [Video]


Caitlyn "Quisling" Jenner Tries Explains Why She’s a Republican and No One Gives A Damn [Video]


Caitlyn “Quisling”  Jenner appeared on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons and said she’s a Republican because she thinks the government has too much power, she believes in the Constitution, and ees herself as a change maker within the Republican Party for LGBT people *snort*

Said Jenner:

“I think that the Republican side, although I’ve been very disappointed with them even over the last 10, 20 years, has a better opportunity to bring this country back as close as you can to what it was.”

“I am here to help the entire Republican Party do a better job when it comes to LBGT issues. For that reason I stay on the conservative side. Now, the Republican Party obviously is – they are not, have not, been as good as it comes to LBGT issues and social issues. And so I have kind of positioned myself with the Republican Party, of trying to help these people kind of understand what the issues are for the LBGT community. And obviously, in my case, the ‘T’ portion.”

“We have a lot of issues. We have a nine times higher suicide rate than the general public. Young kids especially. Very prone to bullying. Not fitting in. The murder rate is way way too high of trans individuals. Hate crimes towards trans people. Maybe I can help the Republican Party do a better job when it comes to these types of issues.”

Of course Ms. Jenner left out the REAL reason she is a Republican is because she is a greedy, self-absorbed multi-millionaire who doesn’t want to pay any taxes.

Oh well.

Caitlyn.  #DeleteYourAccount and SHUT THE FUCK UP!


GLAAD Conveniently Forgets DOMA and DADT, To Give Bill Clinton “Advocate for Change” Award


As if giving Anderson Cooper the Vito Russo Award and Brett “Rehearsals are for fags” Ratner the Ally of the Year Award wasn’t enough to make you think that someone is spiking GLAAD’s watercooler with LSD.  Today GLAAD announced today that they will honor Bill Clinton later this month at their Media Awards in Los Angeles.

Via press release:

Bill Clinton will receive GLAAD’s first Advocate for Change Award during the event. In 2011, Clinton advocated for marriage equality in New York, stating that “for more than a century, our Statue of Liberty has welcomed all kinds of people from all over the world yearning to be free. In the 21st century, I believe New York’s welcome must include marriage equality.” In 2012, he joined the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families in working against North Carolina’s proposed Amendment One to ban marriage and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. Most recently, he called for the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

During his administration, Clinton became the first U.S. President to appoint out gay and lesbian people to all levels of government. He appointed more than 150 including James Hormel as America’s first openly gay ambassador. During the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis, his administration convened the first White House Conference on the epidemic, created the national AIDS Policy Coordinator post, and expanded funding for research.  In 2002, his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) began as the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in the developing world.

Who’s going to present him the award?  Ken Mehlman?

Really now have they forgotten that Bubba signed DOMA and DADT into law?

Look I know that was a long time ago and he’s changed and has now jumped on the bandwagon after he threw us under the bus (although he’s still NEVER apologized for it)  and I’m kinda okay with Bill now (mostly because of Hillary), but giving him an award?  REALLY?

This is just one more example GLAAD’s  zero accountability and its own lack of sensitivity.  And once again provesits incessant need to ass-kiss and star fuck with celebrities and former presidents whose images need a makeover all for themselves and the almighty dollar and NOT for the greater good of the LGBT community.




HomoCON Group Log Cabin Republicans Praises Romney’s NAACP Speech For Its “Inclusiveness”

With his opening remarks to the NAACP today, Governor Romney sent a message that he recognizes the importance of an inclusive Republican vision for victory in November. He deserves credit for taking the step to include sexual orientation by name. That said, it is unfortunate that he countered his outreach to gay and lesbian Americans with a gratuitous attack on the freedom to marry. If Governor Romney truly desires to represent all Americans, Log Cabin Republicans encourages him to avoid divisive social issues and focus on jobs and the economy.” – Log Cabin Republicans head R. Clarke Cooper.

With  GOProud’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney and the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest “gay Republican group” looking poised to also sell out the LGBT community (once again) by endorsing Romney who would be devastating to the fight for LGBT equality and who has unequivocally and repeatedly stated his opposition to almost every form of LGBT equality we seek  its time to call these two group into accountability.

What is the point of a “gay political group” like Log Cabin Republicans even existing if LGBT issues are LAST on their list? When you’re specifically identifying yourselves as representing LGBT interests, shouldn’t those interests be at the forefront of your work?

For them to release a statement that states that Romney should  “avoid divisive social issues and focus on jobs and the economy.” proves that they can more about their wallets than their community and they are simply pinkwashing the bigotry of the GOP for partisan gain

The vast majority of LGBT voters aren’t single-issue voters, but we also aren’t self-loathing enough support candidates or a party that is actively trying to harm us like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are.  .

Romney is against ENDA, has signed NOM’s same-sex marriage pledge and supports DOMA.  But yet these two groups of greedy self loathing elitist queers support him.

It is well past time that every LGBT blogger, journalist, and individual call them out and hold them accountable for their statements, actions, and the harms way that they are trying to put us in while they masquerade that its for the good of the LGBT community but in reality its for the good of thier bank accounts.

Both the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud are nothing more than greedy, self-serving traitors to the LGBT community and they should be recognized and treated as such by everyone.

End of rant.

UPDATE – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia: Gay People Without Health Insurance, SCREW EM!

“At the end of the day, we don’t think gay Americans should have to rely on a benevolent corporation or government to provide a plan that meets their needs. We want a system where individuals and couples can make their own health-care decisions. Health-care needs are too important to be left to the discriminatory whims of a third party. When the left does identity politics, they simply craft special policies that benefit particular groups. We’re about explaining how limited government and policies that treat everyone equally might benefit some people in unique ways.” –  HonoCon-man and GOProud president Jimmy LaSalvia, in the Wall Street Journal. (WTF is up with the Wall Street Journal?)

C’mon LaSalvia when you say ” MIGHT benefit SOME people in UNIQUE ways” what you mean it will benefit you and your wallet.

Someone needs to point out to Mr. LaSalvia that its much more hateful to want to deny lifesaving HIV drugs to members of our community who can’t afford them and be part of a movement that wants to revok a health care plan that could potentially save hundreds of thousand of American lives a year without a better plan to replace it.

102 Things NOT TO DO If You Are A GOP/Teatard Who Doesn’t Want To Pay Taxes

Here’s a handy dandy guide that Republicans and Tea Party Member’ s should”t do since they don’t want to pay taxes.To check on the other 92 things that these wanna be greedy freeloaders should keep their hands off of head on over to AddicitingInfo.org

Hat Tip to Joe My God

GLAAD Chooses Money Over Integrity – Supports AT&T/T-Mobile Merger After TN Anti-Gay Involvement

One of the biggest problems that the LGBT community has as a community is the lack of integrity with our major “advocate” organizations. HRC, The Task Force and GLAAD all worship the almighty dollar over the whats right and whats wrong when it comes to advancement that they not only tarnish themselves, but also tarnish us because there are those of us out there who give them a free pass just because they “gay”.

No further proof is needed than today’s news that  GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ) has used it and the LGBT communities name in a strongly worded letter to the FCC in support of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger trying to justify it somehow with an off the wall “social justice” argument coming just ONE WEEK AFTER the State of Tennessee put into law a harmful piece of anti-LGBT legislation  that not only repeals what little LGBT protections that are on the books in Tennessee towns and cities, but also STOPS any city to put any anti-LGBT discrimination laws on the book.  And who exactly helped get this law through legislature?  A representative of AT&T.

But here one week later we have GLAAD not only supporting AT&T but stepping way beyond it’s bounds in doing so.   And the reason…..


AT&T is not only a MAJOR Donor to GLAAD, but one of’ AT&T’s past Vice President, External Affairs Los Angeles also sits on the GLAAD Board of Directors.

AT&T in the past has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to GLAAD in money over the years, so GLAAD honors AT&T with the “Corporate Leader Award” at one of its many wasteful GLAAD Media Awards (Which AT&T underwrites btw) , turns a blind eye to the damage that it caused many LGBT brothers and sisters in Tennessee, and then then continues to pander to AT&T so they keep giving GLAAD the money to pay Jarrett Barrio’s ridiculous $350,000.00 a year salary , and only exceeds in throwing parties and damaging the integrity of our community as a whole.

Enough is enough.

I don’t want myself, my rights, or my equality represented by any organization that cares more about money than it does the members of its own community.

I call for not only Jarret Barrios to resign, but for the entire Board of Directors to resign and the organization to either cease to exist or be overhauled to such an extent that we can once again put our faith into them.

GLAAD and Gay Inc. you are hearby put on notice.

EXCLUSIVE: LeAnn Rhimes Responds To Anger Over Playing At GOP Dinner After Saying She Supports Gay Rights

This morning I posted about singer LeeAnn Rhimes who in December appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert and at one point in the faced the crowd, in tears, and spoke about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives and her support for the LGBT Community and then just yesterday performed at an exclusive fundraiser in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans who are as anti-gay as it gets and support hate groups and anti-gay measures that push LGBT teens to suicide and victimize the LGBT Community by denying us our equal rights.

So doing what any good cyberhomo would do I headed over to Twitter and sent Miss Two Faced Rhimes the link to my post and asked for a response.  And I got one!

You see her performance last night had nothing to do with politics.  It was because she’s an entertainer. Or in real speak the paycheck was BIG. After a few tweets back to Ms. Rhimes congratulating her for the fact that she’d probably play at a KKK rally for the right amount of money because she’s an entertainer she blocked me from Retweeting her tweets and hastily started deleting the.  But thanks to my handy dandy snipping tool I was able to capture them.

Turns out that Leanne Rhimes supports gay rights and LGBT equality so much that she will do special performances for those who are responsible for harming us for a nice fat paycheck.  I mean wouldn’t any performer who supported the LGBT community?  Bette Midler?  Kathy Griffin?, Cher?, Cyndy Lauper?, Margeret Cho?, shall I keep going on?  Well maybe I shouldn’t the people I mentioned actually have talent.

So Leanne here I am calling you out because if it wasn’t for politics thank you are nothing more than a two faced greedy money grubbing fame whore.  If it was politics you are still a greedy money grubbing fame whore and a two faced bitch on top of it.  Because if you did care about us and all those poor LGBT teenagers who have tragically lost their lives and gay rights and equality you wouldn;t be entertaining the ones who are killing us.

The Two Faces Of LeAnn – Rimes Performs For Anti-Gay GOP’s After Singing With Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

LeAnn Rimes who recently appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert  who at one point in the evening faced the crowd, in tears, and spoke about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives because they can’t be themselves.  Well it seems Ms. Rhimes cares more about money than LGBT teen lives or adults for that matter and performed last night in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans who are anti-gay rights. And vote against things like Anti- Bully laws, Hate Crime Laws, DADT, ENDA, and anything else that furthers gay rights.

The party was  hosted by California’s incoming Rep. Jeff Denham, who, while a state senator, did things like repeatedly vote against the recognition of gay marriages from other states

Way to go there LeAnne.  Unless you donate every cent of that GOP gay blood money fee to a pro-gay your words at the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles fall flat and prove that you are nothing more than a greedy fame whore and that your convictions to the LGBT Community and gay at risk teens are as weak as your vocals.

Watch Joe Solmonese and The Human Rights Campaign Embrace Ken Mehlman and The Republicans (Video)

Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese appeared on “Hardball With Chris Matthews” last night where he actually embraced the sham that’s happening of Republicans now beginning to say that they favor gay marriage and gay rights.

Now I have said A LOT about both Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign in the past but I’ve never called them “idiotic greedy morons” until now.  (Well maybe I have, but for good reason)

The year’s and most probably decades premiere closet case comes out.  A man who did more to destroy gay rights then probably Ronald Regan and what does the nation’s “premiere gay civil rights organization” says what…that he’s welcomed at the table!

Here is what Solmonsleaze had to say.  “The past is the past. We certainly don’t have the luxury at this point in our movement to turn away any offer of help.”  (And knowing Solmonsleaze and the HRC by help he means MONEY.)

Perhaps Little Joe and the HRC needs a refresher course on what Mehlman who is the Roy Cohen of our generation actually did to harm MILLIONS of LGBT people in the United States. 

And to actually believe that the so called “change” happening within the Republican Party tn favor of LGBT rights and gay marriage  is REAL and not just an attempt at the Republicans aimed at getting a few independent votes when the midterm elections are held in about nine weeks is just mind blowing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  SOLMONESE MUST GO and the HRC must either be overhauled DRAMATICALLY or REPLACED with another LGBT Rights Organization that reality based instead of money based/

It kind of figures though that the MOST HATED Gay Leader and Organization  in the LGBT Community would stand up for and embrace one of the MOST HATED men  in politics who caused us so much harm to us..