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Hawaii Govenor Who Vetoed Gay Civil Unions Adds Insult To Injury By Likening Gay Marriage To Incest

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, who vetoed a bill last Thursday that would granted Hawaii’s gays and lesbians the right to enter into civil unions.  (No marriage mind you civil unions) said the legislation had “touched the hearts and minds of our citizens as no other social issue of our day,” and she hoped “that the citizens on both sides of this issue have felt that I’ve treated them with respect and dignity throughout this process,”

Well that was on Thursday, on Friday all “dignity and respect” flew out the window when Lingle, interviewed on a radio program defending her decision linkend gay marriage to incest. Lingle rejected the idea that legal recognition of gay unions is a civil rights issue.

“For those people who want to make this into a civil rights issue, and of course those in favor of the bill, they see it as a civil rights issue,” she said. “And I understand them drawing that conclusion. But people on the other side would point out, well, we don’t allow other people to marry even – it’s not a civil right for them. First cousins couldn’t marry, or a brother and a sister and that sort of thing. It really can’t be a civil right if we are restricting it in other cases, and it’s been found to be legal in those other cases, that the restrictions.”

Lingle should also have mentioned the Religious Right is on the march in the Aloha State, and that may have influenced her and helped strengthen her homophobic and bigoted personal arttituded

Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingo VETOS Civil Unions Bill – Let Her Homophobic Legacy Of Hate Begin

Hawaii’s (Republican) Govenor Linda Lingle has vetoed Hawaii’s Civil Union Bill stating that she  is “comfortable” with her decision. She wants the people of Hawaii to vote on the civil rights of the state’s gay citizens. She said she did her very best to reach a “reasoned decision.”

During Q & A, Lingle said that she gave her decision “the dignity it deserves.” but she hopes it doesn’t define her. (Too late there bitch!)

Lingle is one nasty piece of homophobic republican work.  Allowing the people to vote on whether or not gays should have the right to marry is the typical cop out and excuse they all use.. If they’d left it up to “the people” back in the 60’s, down here in the white trash south, the african americans would still be sitting at the back of the bus. But apparently it’s still perfectly alright to screw over the gay community.

Hawaii should be boycotted immediately and totally.  Remember The Aloha State has been a battleground in the gay rights movement since the early 1990s. A 1993 Hawaii Supreme Court ruling nearly made Hawaii the first state to legalize same-sex marriage before voters overwhelmingly approved the nation’s first “defense of marriage” constitutional amendment in 1998.

And for those of you who say it was Lingle not the people of Hawaii thats total bullshit.  Who voted for her to begin with?  You have to hit them where it hurts, and that is in their wallets. Stop as much tourism as possible to the islands. Be assured that once yourism takes a hit and business suffers and they begin to exert pressure how easily a new civil unions bill or even a gay marriage bill will fly through Hawaii’s House and be signed by the Govenor.

I hear the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean is a perfect alternative for Hawaii.

Today Is Hawaii’s BIG Decision Day. Will Governor Linda Lingle Sign Or Veto Hawaii’s Civil Union Bill?

Today is the day that Hawaii’s Govenor Linda Lingle will announce whether she’s going to veto the Hawaii’s recently passed civil union bill or sign it into law.

Lingle marched in Monday’s July Fourth celebration parade in Kailua, but she wouldn’t tell reporters what she plans to do about civil unions…only that it has been a very difficult decision.

“I really thought about this more than I have thought about any other piece of legislation,” said Lingle. “It is a subject that has really touched the hearts and minds of everyone in Hawaii.”

Actually Lingle its about fairness, equality, and whats right. Lingle who is not running for re-election has nothing to lose if she sign’s the bill.  But if she decides to VETO something as simple as a civil unions bill may her legacy haunt as a hater and homophobe be written in the history books

Hawaii Govenor Linda Lingle To Put Gay Civil Unions Bill On "Potential "Veto List

Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona annouced on Thursday Gov. Linda Lingle will put the civil unions bill on the veto list Monday when she informs lawmakers about bills she might veto.  (And considering that this Bill has been sitting on her desk since April and that Lingle is a homophobic republiocan bitch its probably a done Veto deal.)

Aiona said that does not mean the governor will veto the bill that would give all the rights of marriage under Hawaii law to same sex and heterosexual couples.”It will be a potential veto and the governor right now is crafting her decision as to whether of not she will or will not veto that bill. Some, we will find out. The deadline for that is July 6,” Aiona said

Considering that Lingle’s term expires this year and not running again she will have nothin g to lose by vetoing it. . But ine thing is for sure Lingle will go down in and unabashed homophobe and should alwats be treated as such.