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Anna Paquin Comes Out As Bisexual: "I’m Bisexual and I Give a Damn" (Video)

In a new PSA for the True Colors Fund, Anna Paquin, who is engaged to True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, says she is bisexual.


“Our source tells us that people close to Paquin, who were at the shoot, did not know she was going to make the statement, and it was a surprise to them. ing they ‘Give A Damn’ about equality as they too publicly declare their sexuality, be it straight, gay or bisexual. The True Colors Fund is the non-profit arm of the True Colors Tour. Co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, the organization, according to it’s website, is dedicated ‘to inspire and engage everyone, particularly the straight community, to become active participants in the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) equality and ensure a strong and vibrant LGBT community.'”

Good going Sookie!

John Barrowman Was ROBBED! – Neil Patrick Harris Voted Gay/Bi Man of the Decade at AfterElton.com

WOW!  Colour me surprised!

Neil Patrick Harris is the winner of AfterElton..com’s “Gay/Bisexual Man of the Decade”.

Now no ofense to Doogie I mean I LOVE NPH, he’s cute and a great gay and all but c’mon he’s only been OUT since late 2006.  (And we was pushed out at that.)

John Barrowman on the other hand has been PUT and PROUD for far over a Decade and to this end, Barrowman is active in his community supporting the issues that matter to him most. He worked with Stonewall, a gay rights organization in the UK, on the “Education for All” campaign against homophobia in the schools. In April 2008, the group placed posters on 600 billboards that read, “Some people are gay. Get over it!” Barrowman contributed his support to the project asking people to join him and “Help exterminate homophobia. Be bold. Be brave. Be a buddy, not a bully.” In the same month, Barrowman spoke at the Oxford Union about his career, the entertainment industry, and gay rights issues; The event was filmed for the BBC programme The Making Of Me, in an episode exploring the science of homosexuality.

Whatever I suppose, AfterElton.com is a U.S. site with a much larger internet audience in the United States and where its really only a stupid website title John Barrowman really should have won his LGBT Activism alone over the past decade.

Oh well,  congrats anyway Doogie.

And John, if you are reading this.  You will ALWAYS be Back2Stonewall.com’s – “Gay Man of the Decade” regardless.

(P.S.  Call me……or post a message here.  LOL)