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Delaware GOP Chairman Forced To Resign After Posting Gay Slur on Facebook

Delaware GOP Chairman Forced To Resign After Posting Gay Slur on Facebook

Chris Rowe, the chair of the New Castle County Republican Committee in Delaware is being forced to resign his position after using a derogatory term for a gay man in a Facebook post. Rowe agreed to resign after GOP chairwoman Jane Brady called him Wednesday and asked him to step down from the appointed position.

Rowe has said that he making the decision “begrudgingly and only under duress.”

Rowe’s Facebook homophobic post about last Sunday’s Texas church shooting has been removed from his page.

“Faggots cannot handle reality,’’ Rowe had posted in response to a friend’s comment on his page.

After the post was discovered Rowe told the Delaware News Journal earlier that he wouldn’t apologize for using the slur. He called it “locker room talk” with a close friend and said he isn’t homophobic.

But after being told to resign he changed his story:

“I just got frustrated and used an improper word,’’ said Rowe “I made a mistake. God doesn’t create perfect people and I can verify that because I ain’t one.”

He said he never intended to offend gay people or anyone else.

“If the use of this word in any manner, injured or upset or really hit hard at the emotions of an individual and hurt them, really hurt them inside, I’m heartfully sorry,’’ Rowe said.

Regardless state GOP chair Jane Brady, a former Superior Court judge and attorney general who appointed Rowe, reiterated Friday that he had to step down.

Brady said she had spoken to many people within the party who were alarmed by the statement, and some who were not, before deciding her course of action.

“One of the people that called me said that they felt that this was a word that was used when they were in boot camp all the time, and I said, Well, what was the connotation then? It’s the same as the connotation now. It’s offensive.’ ”

Portland, Oregon Apple Store Customer Finds Gay Slur Written On His Sales Receipt

Apple @Fag


BetaBeat, is reporting that Portland, Oregon resident Adam Catanzarite found an anti-gay slur typed onto an Apple Store receipt for some headphones he purchased. Under his name, where his email address should have been it read “f@g.com.”

According to a Facebook post by Catanzarite, “The store manager did not do what he said he would to rectify the situation.” (Catanzarite’s request is unknown.)

Catanzarite went on to condemn the slur:

“Being queer and having worked with queer youth, I know first-hand that this is an example of the type of #homophobic beliefs and actions that lead young people to harm themselves. This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBT inclusive and welcoming.”

In a separate Facebook post he explained: ‘Historically, my communities have faced a history that is filled with extreme violence by individuals who are victims of their own homophobia and the society that says homophobic behavior is okay.

‘The employee who entered f@g.com should not be fired (take a minute to let that settle in if you need to), but should be given an opportunity to learn about the impact of the use of the word and how these words impact the individuals who have been oppressed by them.

The incident doesn’t align with Apple’s general image as a champion of gay rights. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently marched with employees in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, and the company recently released a video celebrating its “commitment to equality and diversity” in the lead-up to the parade.

The employees name who ran the receipt has not been given to the public.

According to BetaBeat, Apple’s Cupertino headquarters had learned of the incident but had not yet commented.

Toronto Blue Jays Player Yunel Escobar Plays Game With Anti-Gay Slur Written Under His Eyes

Toronto Blue Jay shortstop in  stunning display of homophobia and insensitivity played Saturday’s game against the Boston Red Sox with the Spanish words “TU ERE MARICON” written on an eyeblack sticker, a black patch baseball players wear under their eyes to reduce the sun’s glare which translates into  “You are a faggot.”

The Blue Jays released a statement late Monday night saying they do not support discrimination “nor condone the message displayed by Yunel Escobar during Saturday’s game.”

“The club takes this situation seriously and is investigating the matter.”

Escobar, who has a history of wearing eyeblack with phrases written on top, did not play in Sunday’s game after the incident due to “flu-like symptoms.”

* P credit – Tom Szczerbowski

UPDATE: Security Guard Who Called Gay Veteran “Faggot” At Occupy Wall Street FIRED!

Last night we reported that Joey Boots, a LGBT activist and 6 year military veteran was called a “faggot “ by a Brookfield Security Guard guarding Zuccotti Park at  Occupy Wall Street

News has just come down that Brookfield Properties finally has done at least one decent thing and has  just fired the homophobic low-life neanderthal.

John Del Signore with Gothamist reports:

Matthew Cherry, a spokesman for Brookfield, tells us, “His comment was offensive and inexcusable, and we have a policy of zero tolerance for such behavior. In accordance with our code of conduct he’s been terminated from his work with Brookfield.” Cherry clarified that the unidentified man was a security subcontractor; when asked what company was doing the subcontracting and whether it was still under contract with Brookfield, Cherry declined further comment.

I hope yopu enjoy the unemployment line homophobe and may the video of you calling a gay military veteran “faggot” on camera haunt you the rest of your life.

Video – Security Guard At Zuccotti Park Calls Gay Veteran “Faggot” During Occupy Wall Street

Can you identify this homophobic douchebag?

This afternoon a well known gay veteran activist was videotaping the newly added security at Zuccotti Park in New York City after the Occupy Wall Street encampment was brutally destroyed by the NYPD earlier  this morning.  When trying to get any information from the stone faced Brookfield Properties guards one of them looked into the camera and called  gay six year army veteran  and LGBT activist Joey Boot’s a “faggot.”

“Your flys open faggot” the guard said in reply to one of Joey’s questions with a straight face and a mocking tone.  And when Joey called this rent-a-cop who has probably never seen one day in the military out he shut up and with just the smalled hint of a smirk turned and walked away.

CONTACT Melissa Coley Vice President, Investor Relations & Communications Brookfield Office Properties Tel: 212-417-7215 Email: melissa.coley@brookfield.com and Bryan Davis Chief Financial Officer Phone: 212-417-7166 E-mail: bryan.davis@brookfield.com and DEMAND that this security guard be fired IMMEDIATELY!

Brett Ratner To Step Down As Oscar Producer Over “Rehearsal’s for fags” Comment.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Bret Ratner is going to “step down” (or be “pushed down” and have it be said he “stepped down” as this years Oscar producer:

Director Brett Ratner is planning to step down as Oscar producer, a source close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tells The Hollywood Reporter. The source says a decision has been made and the Academy will make an announcement shortly.

Calls to the Academy were not returned.

All this is coming after Ratners half-hearted apology yesterday over offending audience members at a screening of his new movie “The Heist” when during a question and answer session when asked what rehearsals are like, Ratner declared “rehearsal’s for fags”.

Bye Bye Brett!