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Watch Oprah and Gayle King Joke About Those Pesky Lesbian Rumors. (Video)

Oprah and her best friend Gayle King joked about those pesky lesbian rumors while camping at Yosemite National Park.

As they called it a night and retreated into their (shared) camper, Gayle cracked, “Let’s just add to that lesbian rumor.”

“Lesbian rumors!” Oprah said in her trademark exaggerated voice

Believe it or not.  (That its “rumors” of course)

Bradley Cooper LOVES Nude Beaches And Gay Rumours! (Video)

Bradley Cooper has admitted that he finds Internet rumours suggesting that he is gay ‘fantastic.’ and is totally into and happy with his current girlfriend Rene Beardweger, I mean Zellweger.

Whatever you say, Brad. Whatever you say.

Recently Bradley rehashed some of his pre-fame gigs, which included serving as a hotel doorman and hosting a little-watched Discovery Channel show called Globe Trekkers. “The idea was that you were not an expert and they loved that and they wanted to watch you suffer,” said Cooper, who was sent by the show to cycle the Viking trail and kayak with orca whales. However, one delicious bit of Globe Trekkers-induced suffering was conspicuously absent from Cooper’s anecdote: The time the show forced the then-25-year-old to go to a nude beach in Croatia and take his clothes off!

You can watch that segment below!

Peyton Manning Gay? Probably Not But A Can Can Dream.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning won a record fourth NFL MVP award in a landslide. When the news was posted on Pro Football Talk, there were the predictable comments praising Manning or decrying the choice.

But one comment really stood out— Manning was chosen because he’s gay:

……..this is crap and not only that is there is a very good chance the NFL is rigging awards towards someone who might be a homosexual! and I sure as hell don’t want a gay role model for my children, nothing wrong with gays but I sure as heck ain;t want no gay children running around my hood popping bones when taking snaps…….

Does this guy know something that we don’t?

If not we can always dream. 

But Peyton he would be a great catch for some nice young man and a great addition to our team.