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"WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" Goes Two Kentucky - Scenario: Gay Fathers Raising A Child [Video]

“WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” Goes Two Kentucky – Scenario: Gay Fathers Raising A Child [Video]

The televisions show “What Would You Do?” was recently in  New York, had a set up of two gay men who are outwardly criticized for raising their daughter without a “mother.”

Now they try the same scenario in the middle of the blue grass, very red state of Kentucky.

How will people react?


Gay Male Vulture Couple Become Proud Parents at Amsterdam Zoo

Gay Male Vulture Couple Become Proud Parents at Amsterdam Zoo


While everyone was distracted by Kathy Griffin and her failed anti-Trump performance art you all might have missed some REAL news.

A Dutch zoo says two male vultures (No, not Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass the former GOP gay loving former owners of the OUT hotel in NYC) in a long-standing relationship have become parents after successfully hatching an egg.

Staff gave the gay griffon vultures an abandoned egg, which they cared for in their nest for two months.

Zoo keeper Job van Tol said the two fathers are “a very tight couple” and are doing the job perfectly.

“We have had them for some years. They always build a nest together, bond and mate together.”

“But, as two males, the one thing they could not do was lay an egg.”

So when staff discovered a lone egg that none of the other vultures would adopt, they first cared for it in an incubator, and then decided to place in the male couple’s nest.

“It was a bit of risk as we had no guarantees of success, but we thought, finally, this is their chance,” said Mr Van Tol.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo said the new parents are very protective of their fast-growing chick, which is now 20 days old, and they have been breaking up its food to make it manageable to eat.

“As in some penguin species, vultures do everything the same, they alternate all the jobs. Females lay the eggs, but they breed together, they forage for food together. Males are programmed to have that duty of care,” said Mr Van Tol.

Source:  BBC.com

Gay Rugby Star Keegan Hirst Is Opposed To The Outing Of Gay Athletes

Keegan Hirst naked 1

Keegan Hirst, the hunky 27 year old British Rugby League player who came out last August in an interview with GuysLikeU.com, has said that he is opposed to the outing gay athletes.

“I don’t think it’s fair to try and force it. A person, whoever they are, can only come out when they want to. They’ll feel the same as anybody else does before they come out. But if a regular guy has 100 people to come out to, to be possibly rejected by, footballers have 50,000 people who they feel may reject them. I think only when they’re totally comfortable with their situation will you get a footballer who publicly comes out,” he said.

Hirst, a father of two, in the interview also talked about being a gay father of two and how his love life comes second to being a dad.

“She’s aware,” Hirst said of his 7-year-old daughter’s knowledge of his sexuality. “It doesn’t really affect the kids, so I don’t need to bang on about it to them. But yes, they’re aware. My son is too young to understand so I guess he’ll just grow up and not know any different.”


Keegan Hirst naked 2


WTF?! – Dolce & Gabbana Disgustingly Compare Themselves to Charlie Hebdo – “Je Suiss D&G”



After trying to weedle their way out of their anti-gay comments on Sunday by releasing a statement reading: “It was never our intention to judge other people’s choices. We do believe in freedom and love.” and that Dolce was expressing his personal views “without judging other people’s choices.”  Stefano Gabbana seeing it was not working took to Instagram not much later to compare their situation to that of Charlie Hebdo magazine which was the victim  of a gun attack o, which left 12 people dead.

The unmitigated gall  of comparing and playing victim to tragedy where people are physically attacked and killed for satire is very different from people choosing to  not to buy D&G’s overpriced crap because they offended millions of people. It is not only insane but offensive beyond words.  How dare they exploit other people’s deaths and compare it to them losing profits and reputation.

If their original remarks were not enough to drive you to #BoycottDolceGabbana this is.


Let Us Prey: This Week in “Christian” Crimes Against the Innocent – #NotADragQueen

Vatican’s Colloqium On Marriage Proves Catholic Church As Anti-Gay As Ever (With Videos By Mark Regnerus!)

Evil Prayers


Monday began the Vatican’s  three-day “Complementarity of Man and Woman” –  Humanum conference included global faith leaders including t U.S. evangelical pastors Rick Warren and Russell Moore, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom Jonathan Sacks and Anglican, Muslim, Pentecostal and Hindu leaders. In addition for the first time, a top Mormon leader – Henry Eyring – was also in official attendance at a Vatican conference.

But , what many major news outlets aren’t reporting is that anti-gay hate group leaders like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher were also invited and in attendance.  And if that’s not enough to tip you off at how anti-gay this Vatican Confrence was set up to be even before it began Mark Regnerus of the infamously shoddy  anti-gay parenting study that has been discredited and openly mocked every legal proceeding against anti-gay marriage  was actually hired to film anti-gay videos that were shown at the Vatican conference that has been going on for the past three days!

Zach Ford of Think Progress reports on the Humanum

The messages of Humanum have sounded mostly like excerpts from Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, asserting various archaic gender stereotypes as evidence that men and women are uniquely designed to be together — and that no other relationship should ever be considered a marriage. For example, Russell Moore, media-savvy head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, told the conference that spouses are not interchangeable. “We are not created as ‘spouse A’ and ‘spouse B,’” he insisted, “but as man and as woman, and in marriage as husband and as wife, in parenting as mother and as father.Masculinity and femininity are not aspects of the fallen order to be overcome, but are instead part of what God declared from the beginning to be ‘very good.’”

Even in his remarks opening the conference, Pope Francis alluded to the “unique” way that men and women define marriage when he prayed that the colloquium “will be an inspiration to all who seek to support and strengthen the union of man and woman in marriage as a unique, natural, fundamental and beautiful good for persons, communities, and whole societies.” [snip] The colloquium has been fairly lacking in substance, which was particularly evident when Pastor Rick Warren spoke. He spent the first few minutes of his remarks “not kidding” about how all of the points he originally intended to make had already been made by other speakers. Warren still found plenty to say, including the idea that the sexual revolution, including same-sex marriage, is merely “in style” and all styles go out of style.”Every lie eventually crumbles under its own deception,” he said, “but the Word of God and the Church of God continues.”

So there you have it.  The new Pope is not any less anti-gay than the last Pope, perhaps even more so for inviting such an evil group of anti-gay bigots to the Vatican to discuss marriage.

If you are gay or a lesbian and still a practicing Catholic the question you must ask yourself is: Why?  The outlook of the Catholic Church’s opinions and attitudes on gay and lesbians are never going to change.  Why belong to and enable a religion that wants to harm you and your friends.  Take a stand and make a point.  Lever the Catholic Church, publicly denounce them.  The loss of members and money is the only thing that will ever cause the Vatican to change on this issue.


Maggie Gallagher Trashes Positive Gay Parenting Study While NOM Pushes The Debunked Regnerus One

Maggie Gallagher  of the National Organization for Marriage (and lets be truthful she does work for them and has never stopped) took to the pages of the National Review trash an An Australian study” from the University of Melbourne which found that  the children of same-sex parents scored higher on measures of health, happiness and family cohesion than the of those in the “traditional family” general population that was reported by the New York Times:

Wrote Gallagher:

The New York Times  study and the media are widely reporting the results of a new study of 500 children raised by same-sex couples. Researchers are aghast that such a shoddy piece of work, which is based on a convenience sample of parents who volunteered to be surveyed, and which relies solely on these parents’ reports to determine child well-being, should have been published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. The author is facing a petition and statement signed by hundreds of reputable academics, questioning his moral character and scientific integrity, and the editor of the journal who published such a thing faces similar attacks and enquiries about whether the peer-review process was compromised. Oh wait, the study shows children of same-sex parents do better than the average child, after adjusting for income. Never mind.” – National Organization for Marriage’s Minister of Propaganda Maggie Gallagher

Actually Gallagher is lying in her statement the “authors” of the survey are not “facing a petition and statement signed by hundreds of reputable academics, questioning his moral character and scientific integrity”.

But speaking of those who have been called out on “moral character and scientific integrity”;  Mark Regnerus whose bought and paid for anti-gay parenting study which has been laughed at, debunked, ridiculed and even eviscerated by a Michigan judge back in March, is still being used and cited  this time by theLiberty Counsel’s in one of it’s  amicus brief’s in a Florida’s marriage cases.

And of course NOM took the opportunity to continue to continue pushing Regnerus’ discredited study:

The study (Regnerus’s) showed that there are “consistent differences among young adults who reported maternal lesbian behavior (and to a lesser extent, paternal gay behavior) prior to age 18.” Compared with children raised by their married biological parents, children raised in same-sex households are much more likely to have received welfare growing up, have lower educational attainment, report less safety and security in their family of origin, report more ongoing “negative impact” from their family of origin, are more likely to suffer from depression, and have been arrested more often. The study also showed that children of lesbian mothers are almost 4 times more likely to be currently on public assistance than children raised by their biological parents. Regnerus’s study shows clearly that the ideal home for a child is with his or her mother and father.

Well, they paid for the study. It’s not surprising they try to use it till its in total shreds.

Honey Maid Pushes Back At The “Wholesome” Commercial Haters – BEST RESPONSE EVER! – Video

Honey Maid won’t back down to the hater who say that Satan runs their company after they filed a gay family inclusive commercial. While most companies  try to ignore or downplay the negative reactions NOT Honey Maid not only did they go full steam ahead they made one of the best and boldest messages you’ve ever seen in reply.

University Of Texas at Austin FINALLY Denounces Anti-Gay Researcher Mark Regnerus

Mark Regnerus

The University of Texas at Austin has finally come to their senses and yesterday published a public statement denouncing their own employee, Mark Regnerus, who’s past anti-gay slanted research has been exposed as bought and paid for by ultra right wing religious groups and who is presently testifying against same-sex marriage in Michigan.

Like all faculty, Dr. Regnerus has the right to pursue his areas of research and express his point of view.  However, Dr. Regnerus’ opinions are his own. They do not reflect the views of the Sociology Department of The University of Texas at Austin.  Nor do they reflect the views of the American Sociological Association, which takes the position that the conclusions he draws from his study of gay parenting are fundamentally flawed on conceptual and methodological grounds and that findings from Dr. Regnerus’ work have been cited inappropriately in efforts to diminish the civil rights and legitimacy of LBGTQ partners and their families.  We encourage society as a whole to evaluate his claims.
The Sociology Department at The University of Texas at Austin aspires to achieve academic excellence in research, teaching, and public service at the highest level in our discipline. We strive to do so in a context that is based on the highest ethical standards of our discipline and in a context that actively promotes and supports diversity among our faculty and student populations.”

The above statement from U of T at Austin was read today in court to rightfully discredit Regnerus as an “expert” witness.



Florida Children’s Museum Plays Victim, Demands Apology After Being Busted As Anti-Gay Bigots

hands on childrens museum

The Hands On Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, Florida is on the defensive after getting caught telling Karen Lee-Duffell and her family that they have to pay extra after noticing  “Mom and Mom” on their membership form renewal:  “She said ‘oh wait no, you’re going to have pay an extra ten dollars to add this  other mom, you can’t have two moms’ and she points up at the sign, a family  membership consists of one mom and one dad,” said Lee-Duffell.

Well now after an outcry from the public the children’s museum is now playing the victim saying it is being slandered with false accusations and is overwhelmed with the  amount of online and over the phone complaints and add that it couldn’t possible  discriminate against anyone because its policies are not discriminatory:

“The  Jacksonville “Hands On” Children’s Museum has never discriminated  against  anyone. But in fact the “Hands On” Children’s Museum , it’s  employees, the  board members, the donators and sponsors, the director,  the directors family  and her husbands church are being discriminated  against, attacked and  threatened. The director was yelled at and  screamed at and feels the Hands On  Children’s Museum deserves an apology for how the museum is being treated. This  is a children’s museum.

Yeah, yeah.

‘This is a children’s museum.’  In the most bigoted cities in the country run by bigots.

The Hands On Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, Florida phone number is 904-642-2688 if anyone is interested.

FRC’s Tony Perkins Pushes The Idea Of Kidnapping Of Children From Their Gay Parents

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

“Faced with losing her seven-year-old daughter to her former lesbian partner, Lisa Miller made the only choice a new Christian could: she sought her minister’s help. After two courts ordered Lisa to transfer custody of her biological daughter to a woman with no adoptive rights, she felt she had no choice but to flee the country. Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor from Vermont, helped her escape–and will now be paying for it with a 27-month prison sentence.

“Last summer, a jury found him guilty of helping Lisa and her daughter, Isabella, travel from Virginia to the Canadian border and then to Central America via the Toronto airport. During the two-hour sentencing, Miller told the judge he ‘couldn’t promise’ that he would never again help a parent smuggle a son or daughter out of the country. He saw, as so many of us do, a vulnerable child–and a government bent on redefining family law to the exclusion of the actual parents. ‘I give myself unto you to do with me as you see fit,’ an emotional Miller told the court. To many of us, the pastor’s predicament seems extreme–but a day may come when we all have to make a similar choice.

“Obviously, there are things we can do between now and then to protect ourselves, like electing strong conservative leaders and resisting the ever-growing reach of the federal government. But under an administration as hostile to faith as this one is, Christians may soon find themselves in the same position of breaking an unjust law. Will you have the courage to do what Kenneth Miller did? Don’t wait until the moment is upon you before contemplating this. Are you willing to accept the penalty instead of compromising your principles?” – Family Research Council – Hate Group President and known white supremacist Tony Perkins, pushing the agenda of the kidnapping of children from their gay parents.

Soooooooooooooo Tony, are you saying that (AND I PUT THIS OUT THERE AS PURELY HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION)  that if I stalk you, kidnap you, and take you to the roughest leather S&M club in America then strip you down, tie you up, blindfold and gag you and chain your ass into a sling with a barrel of Crisco besides you with a sign reading “NASTY PIG BOTTOM – The more I struggle the HARDER I want it – ALL WELCUM!” and later I insist it was because God told me to do it, I shouldn’t be punished for it then.  Right?

Like I said.  It’s hypothetical and no thought has gone into it at all.