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LGBT News Roundup 9/28/2011 – Gay Coffee, Prop 8, Catholic Bigots Lose $$$’s, 131,729 Gay Married Couples and DOMA.

*  9th Circuit Court Halts Order to Unseal the Prop 8 Trial Videotapes.  – Because like Prop 8 itself this will drag on for years and years and no judicial body will have to take responsibility – via Towleroad

*  President Obama Says: Courts Will Most Likely Repeal DOMA Very Soon – So the courts can take responsibilty and he doesn;t have to. (See a pattern here?)  – via Queerty
*  Bigoted Catholic Charities Loses Bid To Keep Adoption Contract With State – No gay adoptions. No state money.  END OF STORYvia Joe My God 
*  The US Census Reports That Over   131,729  Gay Couples Say They Are Married – AND NOT ONE DAMN ONE OF THEM ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT!  – via TIME Newsfeed   
*  Mike Signorile Rips To Shreds And Throws To The Dogs Bigoted Senator James Forrester – Now THATS what I’m talking about! – via Pam’s House Blend
And speaking of Blend.  Gay Coffee Debuts at Castro Street Fair 2011 – It brought a new mwaning of being”UP” at the Castro Street Fair – via Market Watch
*  Stonewall Inn Gay Basher Gets Only Two Years in Prison‎ – Disgusting!  via Just Out

The Big Gay News Round-Up: Obama FINALLY Supports DOMA Repeal, Homeless In Frisco, Badash + Savage + Santorum Threeway? , Chris Barron Gets His Ass Waxed, and MORE!

*  President Obama Supports Defense Of Marriage Act Repeal.   It’s about time! –  Christian Science Monitor

*  The Gay and Lesbian Task Force aka The Task Force hosts thier  4th Annual Summerfest in Miami.  Could someone out there please remind me what Task Forces Task actuaslly is again please? – SFGN.com

*  Go homeless in San Francisco, the gayest city in America for only $100 dollars a day!  DanNation

*  Kevin Keller, Acrhie comics first gay character to have his own comic book. I wonder if he’ll find out if Moose is aptly named? –    New York Times

*  Bob Vander Plaats, the President of The Family Leader enjoys a good fag joke with a few close friends – Towleroad
*  Looks like David Badash of The New Civil Rights blog will be joing Rick Santorum and Dan Savage in that “hate fuck” as Badash slams Savage over having an “open relationship” and that it might portray the community badly and Dan Savage slams back.  Get a grip girls you can’t all be on top. – Queerty

*  Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith who were refused an accurate birth certificate for their Louisiana-born adopted son  case makes it way to the Supreme Court – Couthouse News Service

*  The federal government helped fund a study that examined what effect a gay man’s penis size has on his sex life and general well-being.  Marcus Bachmann volunteered to take the measurements –  Pink News UK

*  The BBC cuts out gay Torchwood sex scene which sets Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) enjoying snog with a hunky barman  because the channel feared a viewer’s backlash.  Since when is the BBC in America? –  Metro.uk

*  GOProud’s Chris Barron gets his ass waxed by CNN’s Ali Velshi when says he won’t question Michele Bachmann about her “ex-gay” clinic .