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30 LGBTs Ambushed And Arrested At Private Party In Dubai Hotel

Bikyamas.com is reporting that as many as 30 30 people who are believed may be gay were arrested in private ‘after’ party  at 5 AM, last Friday (March 9) in the Shangri La Hotel, Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group has received reports that  the party was ambushed and all present were taken for questioning. Some of the men are reported to be from prominent Emirati families.

It is unclear at this point if the men are still in detention or have been freed, nor if any charges have been brought against them. Neither UAE LGBT nor Gay Middle East have not been able to verify the all details.

“The CID [police] don’t just bust private parties, either someone ratted the party out or some hotels guests or staff complained about the noise in the middle of the night, I am just shocked that this happened! We waited a few days “to see if it would get a note in the press. It didn’t as the authorities knew it would create uproar. We only knew that they were kept in detention for a few days, but have no idea if they are still locked up. Some of the boys are from prominent Emirati families, so something may have been arranged with the police and the press to silence this story, its very difficult to find out accurate details.”  said a member of UAE LGBT .

The United Arab Emirates has strict federal laws regarding homosexuality and each emirate has their own specific laws. While the Emirate of Dubai has technically severe laws they are usually not strictly enforced.

“As an activist This is disheartening, the government’s actions towards our community are horrid and deplorable especially at a time where the public has expressed willingness to engage in a debate about the issues our community faces, just for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender!”

UAE LGBT is appealing for information, if anyone has any further details please contact them via thier Facebook page.

Air New Zealand Pulls In Flight Safety Video Over Anti-Gay Charges – Watch the Video

Air New Zealand is pulling an almost gay kiss on the cheek  scene from its in-flight safety video after complaints of homophobia.

The  in-flight safety video “Crazy About Rugby,” which features New Zealands best and hottest rugby players at one point shows a rugby player, All Black Richard Kahui, rejecting a chance to kiss gay Air New Zealand flight attendant Will Coxhead on the cheek

“When we created this video and discussed the scene featuring a gay male flight attendant and a rugby player with key stakeholders, including a number of the gay community, we received none of the feedback we have in the past week,”  said David Morgan, the airline’s operations and safety manager.

Gay Member of Parliament Grant Robertson said he had viewed the video many times without being offended.  “I took it in the spirit of fun. But I can certainly understand some people might be concerned about it. Air New Zealand are behaving responsibly here,” he said.

Will Coxhead, the openly gay flight attendant who appears in the safty message said, “There are some people in the gay community that can be a little precious and need to lighten up.”  (Not just in NZ Will.  Have you ever heard of GLAAD?)

Air New Zealand has rufused to name who has made the complaints.

The “homophobia” starts at the 2:50 mark *chortle*

St. Petersburgh Russia’s First "Sanctioned" Gay Rights March Interuppted By Violence And Halted

Anti-gay protesters hurled eggs and shouted insults at participants in Russia’s first state-approved gay rights march, held today in St. Petersburg.

Skinheads, radicals, Orthodox Christians and even elderly women are being accused of attacking about a dozen marchers. The marchers held signs calling for greater tolerance of gays and lesbians and for improved human rights in Russia.  “The fact that this demonstration was authorized is a step forward for us and for all of democratic Russia,” Maria Efremenkova, one of the organizers, told a reporter with AFP.

Police attempted to protect the marchers, who were outnumbered by the counter-protesters. About 100 people converged on 10 gay rights activists, according to radio broadcaster Echo Moskvy. The anti-gay protesters shouted slogans slurring homosexuals and tore up pro-gay posters and banners.

The gay rights march was halted after 40 minutes because of safety concerns.

Moscow Russia’s Anti-Gay Mayor Yuri Luzhkov FIRED!

Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow, Russia who has called gay rights activists “satanic” – and vehemently blocked any  their attempts to rally for rights has been FIRED by Russia’s President Dmitri A. Medvedev thus ending an 18 year reign of anti-gay terror.

Where I would love to tell you that Luzhkov, was fired for his anti-gay hatred, unfortunately that is not true.  It seems that other than being a hateful bigoted asshole Luzhkov is also an idiot who became increasingly vocal in his criticism of  President Medvedev and, attempted to create a rift between the President and Vladimir Putin, the former President and current Prime Minister whom many say still controls the country.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin will fill in as acting mayor. Let’s hope the city’s next permanent leader doesn’t think, as Luzhkov does, that gay people are “satanic.”

До свидания Вы злая небольшая жаба. Можете Вы гнить в аду.

Bollywood Gay Themed Film "Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun" Faces Censors as Family of Actor Yuvraaj Parasher Disowns Him – Watch The Teaser Trailer For ""Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun" (Video)

Indian authorities are deciding weather or not to censor “Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun”, an Indian gay romance movie directed by Sanjay Sharma and compared by critics to Brokeback Mountain,  because of two gay kisses and a gay sex scene between stars Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj Parasher.

“Why should the censors be scandalised if two men are kissing and making love? Said Sanjay Sharma.  “The ones in my film are very aesthetic. And so what if it’s two men making love? Love is love regardless of gender.”

Bollywood has rarely mentioned homosexuality in the past and even heterosexual kisses are still unusual.  But since the Indian capital Delhi legalised homosexuality last year, homosexuality is very slowly becoming more accepted in culture.

One of “Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun”‘s stars, Yuvraaj Parasher has been disowned by his family and thrown of of the family home in Agra because of his role in the film. His father Satish Parasher told the newspaper:

“I feel what he has done is against the culture and tradition of our country and it challenges the purity of the relationship between a man and a woman. He kept us in the dark right from when he signed the film and told us that he is acting with a girl. When we heard about the poster and the things he has done in the film, we were shocked, hurt and humiliated. People will make fun of us and we won’t be able to live peacefully ever again.” and added.   All the dreams and hopes we had built around him are over. For just a film role, he has lost out on his blood ties. We don’t want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying.” The family claim that no woman will consider marrying him after playing a gay man on-screen.

A recent film, Dostana, showed two men pretending to be gay in order to win over a female love interest, but Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun is the first big release to tackle the issue of homosexuality seriously.  And is having a serious impact within the Bollywood film industry.

Deputy President of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination (PSAL) Krzysztof Śmiszek Outed On Television By Poland’s "Equality Minister", Elżbieta Radziszewska

Krzysztof Śmiszek (pictured left), deputy president of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law, was appearing alongside Elżbieta Radziszewska, Poland’s “equality minister”, who was giving an interview in which she declared her belief that Catholic schools should be allowed to terminate gay and lesbian teachers.  (Only in Poland could you have a homophobic Equality Minister) 

As Krzysztof Śmiszek and Elżbieta Radziszewska exchange became more heated about her remarks on gay teachers Radziszewska, used Mr Śmiszek as an example of why cases should be treated individually.

According to the Warsaw Business Journal, she said: “If, for example, Mr Śmiszek, in a situation when we know that he is a member of the homosexual society and an activist for the Campaign Against Homophobia and it’s no secret who his partner is…”

Ms Radziszewska was asked by the programme’s presenters whether she should be on the other side of the argument but she apparently said that was the way she saw it. She later apologised but said Mr Mr Śmiszek’s sexual orientation could easily be discovered on the internet.

Mr Śmiszek has reacted furiously to her comments and intends to sue. “This is pure homophobia,” he told daily Gazeta Wyborcza on Tuesday. “In no other EU country would such a person still hold their post. I do not hide my sexual orientation, but it’s my private business. My personal rights have been violated.” – Pink News

And once again these attitudes are mostky to blame on the Catholic Church/.

Poland is not growing in its tolernce of it’s LGBT Community and  it is remains stagnant because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and weak politicians who are too frightened to stand up and be counted, spend their days arguing about a cross in Warsaw with the Polish Law and Order party, or suing each other which is a regular occurance

Equality minister argues that Catholic schools should have the right terminate gay and lesbian teachers. where is the “Equality” in that ?

Perversity in all its glory

Ireland’s President Mary McAleese Turns Down Grand Marshal Offer at NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion of Gays and Lesbians

Ireland’s President Mary McAleese has turned down an offer to be the Grand Marshal of New York City’s 250th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade over the event’s long-running rabid exclusion of LGBT marchers.

McAleese’s refusal to accept the grand marshal invite will come as major blow to parade officials who were intent on making the day an historic showcase. New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York is now being considered a likely replacement.

Despite a reputation as a conservative Catholic when she took office, McAleese has become a firm advocate for marginalized groups in Irish societies including gay groups.

She is very popular with such groups and was risking putting one of the signature accomplishments of her presidency at risk if she accepted the New York invite to lead the parade.

“This was a no win for McAleese,” said one official.

“Becoming embroiled in a huge controversy on Fifth Avenue on St. Patrick’s Day with gay groups protesting her presence is not what her legacy is all about.”

I think its a great win for McAleese.  It shows that she has principals.  If only the American President and others in power here would worry about their legacies we’d all be better off.

Video of The Arrest of Russian Gay Activist Nikolai Alekseev In Moscow Yesterday

Yesterday while many of our eyes were turned to the our nations capitol to watch bigotry and hatred rule the United States,  Nikolai Alekseev Russia’s highest profile gay activist, was among eleven who were arrested outside Moscow City Hall. Alekseev just last week returned to Moscow after a horrific72-hour ordeal which started when he was kidnapped and drugged by Russian police at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport as he was about to board a Swiss Air Lines flight to Geneva..

“Today it was like a VIP service at the police station, I have never seen any such service from this police station in the last five years that I have been regularly taken there when conducting our actions,” he said.

The activists were taking part in a demonstration against the homophobic mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, and his “faggots” remark which a Moscow court ruled recently was not hate speech. All but one of those arrested were said to have chained themselves to the railings outside City Hall.

Also arrested was a reporter from Agence France Presse.  She was seen by activists being hauled into a police van.  But Mr. Alekseev told UK Gay News later that she was not taken to the police station and was presumably released without charge.  He also confirmed his and ten others’ arrest

Maybe its time we take a cue from Nicholai and stop writing and making phone calls that that thoise in power obviously refuse to listen to and do what is morally right and start standing up.

Watch the video of Nikolai Alekseev arrest below.