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SCREWED AGAIN! – The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Is OFF The Table This Senate Session And Until After November’s Midterm Elections

Senate Democrats agreed on Tuesday to a three-bill agenda that they believe will strengthen their party for November’s midterm elections and OF COURSE The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is NOT one of them.

Democrats agreed to send the Wall Street reform conference report, an extension of unemployment benefits and legislation bolstering credit for small businesses to Obama’s desk in the next two weeks and the Senate will take up energy legislation before the August recess, but it is far from clear whether that bill will reach Obama’s desk. Senators acknowledge that once members return from recess on Sept. 13, little legislating will be possible before the election. That leaves Senate Democrats with four crucial weeks to build a legislative message to voters.

Oh and believe me they have sent me and the LGBT Community a message loud and clear.  We don’t matter to them.  Lets be realistic about this now.  The Dems will lose control of at least one House, maybe both.  If EDNA is not pushed through before the November re-election it will be 100 times harder and longer a battle than it would be otherwise. And then they won’t want to pass any pro LGBT legislature AFTER the 2010 elections because Obama will have to sign it and they will be worried aboiut the 2012 Presidential election.

The Republicans suck.  The Democrats suck.  We’d all be better off just packing our bags and leaving this god forsaken uncivilized country. 

Canada anyone?   Eh?